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Oct 29th, 2008, 09:06 PM
Just for a bit of fun, I think it would be good for the PAW YEC Qualifiers and Alternates to tell us all a little bit about themselves on this thread:-

Qualifiers (As of 3rd November 2008)

SEED NAME___________________ NAT RACE RNK PTS

..1. Freakan________________ POL 2701
..2. ghosts_________________ BUL 2458
..3. Buitenzorg_____________ AUS 2440
..4. chaton_________________ GER 2319
..5. bgbgbg_________________ BUL 2162
..6. sd3300123______________ CHN 2097
..7. shuai.P________________ CUB 2012
..8. SloKid_________________ SLO 1959
..9. sdtoot_________________ GBR 1951
.10. hotel__________________ CHN 1912
.11. Hantu__________________ BEL 1904
.12. Chevina________________ RUS 1896
.13. LUXXXAS________________ POL 1886
.14. Archer16_______________ ISR 1808
.15. ~Eclipsed~_____________ USA 1753
.16. Avram Bakalina_________ BUL 1736


SEED NAME___________________ NAT RACE RNK PTS

.17. smokevec_______________ ITA 1717
.18. wateva_________________ SIN 1706
.19. HotSpot________________ INA 1668
.20. Cp6uja_________________ SRB 1667

Oct 29th, 2008, 09:09 PM
Feel free to use the format below (or use your own format if you wish):-

First Name:
Favourite Player:
Ideal YEC Final:
Highlight of PAW Season:
Lowlight of PAW Season:
Interesting Fact:
Embarassing Fact:
How I Qualified:

Oct 29th, 2008, 09:20 PM
OK I'll start this off:-

First Name: Shaun
Age: 41
Lives: Manchester, UK.
Favourite Player: Maria Sharapova (WTA), Andy Murray (ATP)
Ideal YEC Final: Jelana vs Serena
Highlight of PAW Season: Winning my first PAW tournament at Tier 1 Moscow
Lowlight of PAW Season: Finishing only 80th at the Australian Open
Interesting Fact: In 2006 I won the WTA Tour Fantasy Tennis Competition and an all expenses paid trip to the Madrid YEC's.
Embarassing Fact: At age 41, I'm probably the oldest PAW player on WTAWorld!!
How I Qualified: 1st Moscow (T1), 2nd Indian Wells (T1), 4th Budapest (T3) and 12th Roland Garros (GS) were my big points scores during the season.

Good Luck to all the other players.
sdtoot :wavey:

Oct 29th, 2008, 09:55 PM
My turn:

First Name: Milan
Age: 24
Lives: Slovenia
Favourite Player: Klara Zakopalova and Roger Federer
Ideal YEC Final: Elena vs. Dinara
Highlight of PAW Season: Defending my title at the Paris Indoors tourney
Lowlight of PAW Season: A lot of tournaments, where I just made picks for the sake of it without really paying attention to where I'll end up
Interesting Fact: I qualified for the PAW YEC both here and on mtf, I guess not many can claim that :p It'll also be my third YEC appearance meaning I qualified in all the season I played.
Embarassing Fact: Hmmm I don't know, nothing PAW related, maybe the fact that during the Slovenia Open last year Gisela Dulko perhaps felt I followed her around as I was cheering her on during all her matches, got an autograph and a pic, but on separate occassions. :o :lol:
How I Qualified: As I said I won Paris, other than that I don't really know where I did well, Zurich was pretty good if I remember correctly, but overall I had a pretty consistent season.

Good luck to all other qualifiers. :wavey:

Oct 29th, 2008, 09:59 PM
First Name: Rovel
Age: 31
Lives: Sydney Australia
Favourite Player: Hingis, Henin, Ivanovic, Clijsters [WTA] - Federer, Safin [ATP]
Ideal YEC Final: Ivanovic v Safina
Highlight of PAW Season: Winning my 1st Grand Slam Title [French Open], Back into TOP 3 in both ranking [single & race] after failing to #31 at February 2008 also the best player according to PAW Mandatory Tournaments pts collected.
Lowlight of PAW Season: only get 5pts in Bali and 7pts in Sydney

Interesting Fact: in 2006 as an Alternate Player to win YEC Title

Embarassing Fact: drop 14 places on the ranking [from 17 to 31]
How I Qualified: obviously by winning FO and Gold Coast titles and consistent at some of TI & TII events

Oct 30th, 2008, 07:15 AM

First Name: Alex
Age: 23
Lives: Germany
Favourite Player: Tsvetana Pironkova
Ideal YEC Final: Ivanovic vs. Williams
Highlight of PAW Season: US Open title
Lowlight of PAW Season: Quebec this week
Interesting Fact: won 10 PAW titles over 6 seasons
Embarassing Fact: my performance at Grand Slams (except the last one of course)
How I Qualified: winning the US Open, Indian Wells and Portoroz

Oct 30th, 2008, 07:58 AM
First Name: Xiaomei
Age: 23
Lives: Inner Mongolia, China.
Favourite Player: Martina Hingis
Ideal YEC Final: Venus vs Serena
Highlight of PAW Season: Winning in Berlin
Lowlight of PAW Season: from US OPEN to now,really did badly recently
Interesting Fact: In 2008 I have been No.1 both in PAW and TT in some weeks,really exciting to me
Embarassing Fact: After Berlin to US OPEN ,I was too busy and didn't attend many tournaments.
How I Qualified: I don't know,I only remember I am Berlin Championship

Oct 31st, 2008, 12:05 AM
First Name: Michael
Age: 33
Lives: Berlin (Germany)
Favourite Player: alltime: Martina Navratilova
pro: Sabine Lisicki
ATP: Roger Federer
Ideal YEC Final: Jankovic vs Serena Williams
Highlight of PAW Season: Titel Miami (first Tier I title, 4th title ever; Finale US Open - best Grand Slam result ever
Lowlight of PAW Season: Australian Open, Roland Garros
Interesting Fact: play tennis by myself in the legue in Berlin and at the GLTA-Tour
Embarassing Fact:had to leave out nearly the hole American Hard court season because i had no time...
How I Qualified:
Title Miami and Istanbul; Final US Open and strong finish in the Indoor season with semifinals in Zürich and Linz

Oct 31st, 2008, 07:06 AM
Name:Jin Xiao
Age: 23
Lives: Liaoning, China.
Favourite Player: Li Na and Zheng Jie
Ideal YEC Final: Jelena VS Serena
Highlight of PAW Season: RU in RG
Lowlight of PAW Season: Maybe in Olympics.
Interesting Fact: I only started playing this game since March,2008.I don`t even have AO points.But I am still in YEC.
Embarassing Fact: Because tennis is not popular in China,I don`t even know what tennis is before 2004.
How I Qualified: I think got 700 points in RG helped me most.

Oct 31st, 2008, 01:42 PM
Name: Ben
Age: 20
Lives: Liege, Belgium
Favourite Player: Clijsters and Hantuchova [WTA], Djokovic and Darcis [ATP]
Ideal YEC Final: Jankovic vs. Zvonareva
Highlight of PAW Season: Winning lower tiers this summer.
Lowlight of PAW Season: At the beginning of the year, I was a half-time player at best :lol:.
Interesting Fact: I'm the proof you can qualify for the YEC without playing all the big events :angel:.
Embarassing Fact: Umm... I haven't played tennis for like 2 years. I've become so bad.
How I Qualified: Playing lower tiers and doing well in most of them.

Congrats to all the qualifiers and good luck! :)

Oct 31st, 2008, 05:59 PM
First Name: Paweł
Age: 21
Lives: Poznan, Poland
Favourite Player: too hard to pick only one
Ideal YEC Final: Ivanovic d. Jankovic
Highlight of PAW Season: Reaching no.1 in race
Lowlight of PAW Season: can't think of anything ;)
Interesting Fact: I was inside Top2 of 6 different games (PAW, FITD, Suicide, CAD and both Predict the winner games)
Embarassing Fact: last year I was ranked about 80th despite playing full schedule
How I Qualified: By being consistent

Oct 31st, 2008, 07:27 PM
First Name: Yuri
Age: 22
Lives: Krasnodar, Russia
Favourite Player: Elena Dementieva
Ideal YEC Final: Dementieva vs. Zvonareva
Highlight of PAW Season: Silver medal in Olympics, Gold medal in the same game in Russia
Lowlight of PAW Season: 1-5 points in some tourneys where I just couldn't predict any match :o
Interesting Fact: Play great table tennis, can't say that about common tennis. But like to watch common one and dislike to watch table on TV. :)
Embarassing Fact: Just copied picks in some tourneys when I was too low in standings... :o
How I Qualified: Title in Rome (Tier I), Silver medal of Olympics... Very consistent in Grand Slams and High-tier tourneys, do not remember exatly my other results

Good luck to me and other qualifiers!!! :bounce::wavey:

Oct 31st, 2008, 11:19 PM
First Name: Sam
Age: 18
Lives: Australia but represent Russia
Favourite Player: Ivanovic
Ideal YEC Final: Dementieva vs. Ivanovic
Highlight of PAW Season: Winning my first career title in Amelia Island and reaching No.1
Lowlight of PAW Season: Bad performances at lower Tiers
Interesting Fact: Youngest top 50 player, got to No.1 with just 1 title - non-Grand Slam, Tier I
Embarrassing Fact: I always miss big pointers, having only won 1 title in 3 years
How I Qualified: Amelia Island Winner, Tokyo Finalist, Wimbledon Semi-finalist, consistent top 20 performances I guess

Oct 31st, 2008, 11:51 PM
First Name: Nikolai

Age: 31

Lives: Sofia, Bulgaria

Favourite Player: Roger Federer in ATP, too many in WTA
Ideal YEC Final: Safina vs. Zvonareva (in PAW YEC: bgbgbg vs. ghosts)http://ibox.bg/forum/img/bgflag.gifhttp://ibox.bg/forum/img/bgflag.gif :lol:

Highlight of PAW Season: Wimbledon title

Lowlight of PAW Season: Montreal - I withdrew "injured" after 2-8, finished 142 points after the winner :lol: Almost the same this week in Quebec...

Interesting Fact: In a career plagued by "injuries", this is now my third time in PAW :lol: I played from March 2004 to October 2004, then from January to May 2006 and now from the start of the season. I have one title in all three appearances.

Embarassing Fact: I count for myself two PAW Fed Cup titles although this year's final was not played

How I Qualified: Staying in Top 5 in the Race almost whole season after winning Wimbledon and reaching the semifinals (3rd or 4th place) in five more tournaments, including Australian Open.

Official profile in the PAW thread (regularly updated): http://www.tennisforum.com/showpost.php?p=6961641&postcount=32

Louis Cyphre
Nov 7th, 2008, 09:09 AM
First Name: Evgeni
Age: 27
Lives: Varna , Bulgaria
Favourite Player: Hmmm :scratch: These days I`m bored by WTA ... No favourite player. Lena D , Ivanovic , Kirilenko , Pennetta ... but not really big fan
Ideal YEC Final: Lena D vs Ivanovic
Highlight of PAW Season: I can`t remember...I`m not sure if I won something , it was really bad year
Lowlight of PAW Season: No titles (I think) , bad performance , missing key PAWs all the time
Interesting Fact: PAW is the only game that I play , the others can`t grab my attention. I think I try one or two other games but I get bored very quick
Embarassing Fact: The whole PAW season :lol:
How I Qualified: I have no idea , I check the final standing to see where I am and I was very :eek: when I saw that I`m 16th