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Oct 20th, 2008, 06:21 AM
So I will give a real example using one of my fav’s Flavia Pennetta.
Lets not make this about if she or won’t she but lets say Flavia ends up at no 11 in the rankings. She is ‘free’ to play outside the mandatory tournaments- Grand Slams, the 4 and the other Premium events,

So Flavia, who loves the clay enters the ‘International’ South and Central American clay events in Bogotá, Acapulco and Monterrey (I presume its clay??)

Flavia keeps up her excellent end of season form and for arguments sake, wins Brisbane and gets to the final of Sydney and then puts in a semi effort at the Oz Open.,
Radawanska- who has qrts points to defend at the OZ Open, looses early and Flavia becomes the first Italian to reach the top 10.

Would the WTA automatically withdraw her from the ‘International events’ ?
Would they then find her a place in Dubai?

To ad to complexity to this another little clay lover- Alice Cornet (who we will say for this exercise finishes at no 14) says, yep, I wanna play the ‘International’ South and Central American clay events in Bogotá, Acapulco and Monterrey.

Do the WTA say (initially, when Flavia is ranked 11) nup,. sorry luf, only 1 Top 15 player here? (maybe I am reading the rule wrong- is it only 1 Top 15 player for an international or at least 1?) Again- so Miss Cornet is not penalized- do they just find her a spot in Dubai or Memphis? And , indeed, if they do kick Flavia out when she gets into the Top 10- do they then call Alize up and say Luff- your back in?

IN the first scentraio0- can Radwanksa then go an play international events?

And what about injury(special ranks)?

Say in Memphis- Venus goes- I am playing here using my special International ½ year entry – and WTA says Ok you can play here. Again- only arguments sake cos I don’t know what is really is- but say Tatiana Golovin says- I love Memphis- will use SR here- and it is 15…again- is she forbidden to use it cos Venus is there?

And in regards to SR in general- are they considered the same as normal ranks? So people on the injury comeback can’t play in International events (I reckon that would be unfair)

Ok, well I hope my questions were clear- any info would be most appreciated


Oct 20th, 2008, 01:06 PM
who is top10 is based on the year end ranking, so unless Flavia is top10 in November 2008 following the YEC, she won't be considered top10 throughout all of 2009 no matter how well she does (when it comes to entering tournaments). The same for Radwanska. She will be considered top10 if she ends the year top10. She can go through a massive slump. Losing in R1 and drop in the ranking, she still has to fulfill the requirements of the top10.

Oct 20th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Thanks Christinawww.
Weird rule In say.......anyways, thanks for clearing up