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Sep 25th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Ivanovic vs Cornet 6-1, 7-6(1)

These days you just don't know which Ana will come out. Ana's main problem has been lack of confidence in her shot making and not knowing when to cool it on her f.h swing. I didn't see the first set but saw all of the second. Cornet is the right challenge for Ana she won't hit Ana off the court but she will get a lot of balls back and a great mover enough to cause Ana a few problems, can play balls in place Ana wouldn't want, like sweet slice drop shots, high into the corne pushing Ana back of the baseline. Cornet seemed slow and unsure of which shots to go for through out the 2nd set. Ana had every answer to Cornet's shots which drop short. Cornet's tennis was very patchy its not the best off that i've seen, being her first full year on tour she must be getting tired.

Cornet doesn't have a great second serve and Ana knew this she stepped in allowing her to take the ball early, only problem was she at times hit the return far to big and it went long, Ana just didn't recognise when to go for it and when not too.

Ana broke early in the 2nd set and the held serve to go up 3-1 having had chances to go up a double break and messing those chances up, which are telling of Ana's confidence, unsure of the measure she should go for. First she returned hard and deep forcing the ball just out back to deuce a double for Cornet ad Ana then she was passive and entered a rally only to hit the ball half way up the net deuce. Cornet went on the hold serve and break Ana in the next game, this was a great time for Cornet to sneak a set and put some doubt in Ana's tennis.

Many times Ana was up 30-love, playing great not going for the lines and just getting that ball far enough away from Cornet to get a good return, up 30-love she thought i can now go for and miss the next 2 shots to draw it back to 30-30. Ana just didn't know when to cool going for broke. She changed her tactic for about 3 points and came too net with grat success. Cornet looking tired didn't read this change, which i think Ana should have stuck at a little longer. Ana served well today, she has a better 2nd serve than Cornet placing the ball deep and high so that the reutrn was a lot slower and shorter, this again allowed Ana to play within the fore court and be aggressive. A great shot Ana played was her into out f.h cross. She didn't go for too much on but once away Cornet couldn't read it or get too it, it gave Ana much confidence as the set went further.

Cornet broke to go up 5-6 and had her chance to serve of the set, Ana responded well, taking the ball early, moving really great and hitting a few into out f.h winners, up 30 love i thought Ana would again throw away her lead but she didn't she broke back 6-6. The tie break was great, the Ana of old, taking chances, not needing to play to the lines, which when lacking in confidence is gd because your ball will not go out, great measure of where to place the ball just far enough away from Cornet to return it. Cornet seemed to just disappear making error after error handing Ana 5 match points she only needed the 1 to close it out.

Great confidence building match.

Your thoughts

Sep 26th, 2008, 09:10 AM
she sucked for some1 who won a slam a few months ago, makes no sense

Sep 26th, 2008, 10:30 PM
I was expecting a little more so we could get into it but i'll just wait and see if anyone wants to get into talking about the games that are around