View Full Version : South African President Thabo Mbeki resigns...

Sep 25th, 2008, 08:04 AM
...and how will that affect the power-sharing relationship, allegedly developing in Zimbabwe?

I know, kinda deep...but the closeness of the accord (alleged accord,) and the corruption allegations against Mbeki... coincidence? I wonder.

Cara Black is the last of the Black family still playing, it seems. Just won the U.S. Open Doubles with former South African Liezel Huber. On the MensTennisForumssite, we post/grumble/wonder about Zimbabwe under Mr. Robert Mugabe. ....didn't one of the front-line states to Zimbabwe just recently interdict a large shipment of arms (from China?) through South Africa?

Did Mr. Mbeki (as allegedly non-confrontational to Mr. Mugabe as he was,) bring too much pressure to the situation... Do we have any Southern African savants, here? :D