View Full Version : Streisand to get Kennedy Honor Award

Sep 10th, 2008, 09:48 PM
From George W. Bush and Condi Rice.

Now, that's must see TV!

She hates Bush, Rice, all Republicans!
She hates McCain.

If Obama wins, she'll be in a very happy mood for
the show.

If Obama loses, man, she'll be surly.

Babs and Bush. That's just good tv. Must see it.

If Robert Redford could be polite for a night, so can Babs,
will she?

Just be nice Babs, the Center is honoring you.

With her stepson Josh Brolin playing Bush in the Oliver
Stone drug induced saga coming out in the fall.

This is good stuff.

I think they picked her now just to see them together.
SUrprised she had not received this earlier, with her great