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Sep 1st, 2008, 10:42 AM
I can't believe this :bigcry:

They are probably the most well known kiwis on the planet at the moment :bigcry:

Kiwi comedy duo Flight of the Conchords are planning to ground their Emmy-nominated television series after the next season to pursue other interests.

In an article headlined "The Chuckle Brothers", Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement have told British music magazine Q that the second, 10-episode series of Flight of the Conchords, now being filmed in New York, is likely to be their last.

"The second series seems to me like it would be a good end to the show. I feel like another 10 ... That will be enough," McKenzie says.

McKenzie's mother, Deirdre Tarrant, a Wellington dance teacher, said the pair wanted to spread their wings.

"They want to break into a few other things."

McKenzie was keen to focus on music and script writing and he was missing being a member of Wellington band The Black Seeds, Ms Tarrant said.

"There are quite a few things in the wind. I think they want to put a few more things under their belts.

"They've done a huge amount of touring. It's just got out of control. They're definitely developing a show that's going to play big spaces."

Flight of the Conchords have been booked for a January gig at the new O2 arena in London which seats 20,000 people.

Clement recently landed a leading role in the American movie Gentlemen Broncos and McKenzie told Q magazine he had applied for a part in a movie version of DC Comics' Justice League of America.

The first series of the HBO show Flight of the Conchords, in which the two Kiwis play folk singers struggling to make it big in New York, has received four Emmy nominations for writing, original music and lyrics.

Clements and McKenzie will attend the awards ceremony on September 21.

They won a Grammy award for best comedy album in February.

Q magazine said the pair were the "cult hit of the moment".

"New Zealand's biggest export since those films about hobbits", and the "funniest thing to be found right now both on stage and TV".

Sep 1st, 2008, 01:01 PM
I'm so upset as well.

I honestly do not see why they are separating because they are dynamite together. I wish them both well but they will never be as successful or more recognized by themselves than with each other.

Also, a :hug: for you, kittyking.