View Full Version : US Open Ticket 9/3 Day

Sep 1st, 2008, 01:46 AM
My cousin has an extra ticket to the US Open for DayTime 9/3 Wednesday. It will be for the Mens and Women's QuarterFinals. She is a Dinara fan and would like to go with a Dinara supporter as well. Friend couldn't go last minute. Ticket is for 314 O in Ashe. Of course during the Day you can move around and also visit ALL the other courts as well. Possible players for 9/3 include: Dinara, Nadal, Serena, Venus, Tsonga amongst many others.

Ticket is Face Value $55

She said she might make an exception on the price. Give her a call @ (917) 957-2093.

DON'T PM me please. Sorry.:wavey: