View Full Version : Olympics Bondarenko d Sequera 36 01 ret.

Aug 11th, 2008, 01:39 PM
Lucky Alona :bounce:

So Disrespectful
Aug 11th, 2008, 01:42 PM
:D Alona

Aug 11th, 2008, 01:45 PM
Wth? Sequera took a set off Alona?

Mateo Mathieu
Aug 11th, 2008, 01:52 PM
WTF? :unsure:

Aug 11th, 2008, 01:54 PM
Wow. :bolt:

Aug 11th, 2008, 01:55 PM
Very lucky, Alona :scared:

Aug 11th, 2008, 02:04 PM
Alona :D

Aug 11th, 2008, 02:06 PM
I am wondering if it was actually Alona that retired? She has been off for weeks with a leg injury and she was leading 3-1. Then suddenly it was 3-6, 0-1. Wouldn't make sense for Sequera to retire, unless of course she injured herself on court...

Aug 11th, 2008, 02:06 PM
Really lucky for Alona; is Sequera okay? Alona is slumping for a while already. It is time for rebound, get it together Alona.

Aug 11th, 2008, 02:12 PM
OMG Milagros :fiery: :sad: :bigcry: :hug:

Aug 11th, 2008, 02:14 PM
omg Milagros :scared: I hope everything is ok. What a bad year she has so far :sad:


Aug 11th, 2008, 02:16 PM
I like Alona. But this result is nothing to celebrate at all. It seems pretty obvious Milagros Sequera must have injured herself pretty seriously to retire so suddenly despite having won the last six games. I wish Sequera a speedy recovery whatever happened to her. :sad:

Nor can I take much pleasure in Bondarenko's performance. I suppose the best thing that one can say about it would be that she was at least fit enough to play although clearly she was not fit enough to be competitive once Sequera hit her stride. Hopefully Alona will improve over the next few weeks but it would seem she is quite a ways off being able to compete well against good players.

Bad news all around.

Aug 11th, 2008, 03:19 PM
bad news for Sequera :sad:

Aug 11th, 2008, 03:23 PM

Rising Sun
Aug 11th, 2008, 03:28 PM
OMG, poor Milagros :sobbing:

Vefci Y
Aug 11th, 2008, 03:30 PM

Aug 11th, 2008, 03:54 PM
poor Milagros :tears:

Aug 11th, 2008, 06:33 PM
Milagros :sad:

Really unfair considering how terrible her year has been so far

Aug 11th, 2008, 06:38 PM
Wow. Lucky as it gets for Alona. :shrug:
Poor Milagros. Must've been a bad injury. I hope she has a speedy recovery. :hug:

Aug 11th, 2008, 06:40 PM
By the way, the wta site says it's an ankle injury, so it was probably a sprain :sad:

Aug 11th, 2008, 06:45 PM
bad ankle injury

Aug 11th, 2008, 07:04 PM
Lucky for Alona since she was losing, not expecting much since she has only just come back after surgery :)

Caipirinha Guy
Aug 11th, 2008, 07:05 PM
We'll have a match of two injured players (Jelena and Alona).:devil:

Aug 11th, 2008, 07:38 PM
By the way, the wta site says it's an ankle injury, so it was probably a sprain :sad:

An ankle injury would be the most common cause for a retirement like that. But to suggest it was probably just a sprain is just dumb. If it was a sprain Sequera would at least tried to play on. It is probably a turned over ankle and I would suspect quite likely torn ligaments. :awww:

I suppose we will hear more later. I would be surprised however if it was just a sprain.

Aug 11th, 2008, 08:23 PM
Milagros left the court on wheelchairs and was taken to a hospital on an ambulance.

Aug 11th, 2008, 08:35 PM
Milagros left the court on wheelchairs and was taken to a hospital on an ambulance.

Were you there ?

Aug 11th, 2008, 08:47 PM
Milagros :sobbing:

Aug 11th, 2008, 08:52 PM
Poor Milly! :(
I hope this isn't the same ankle she broke at Quebec City a few years ago...

Aug 12th, 2008, 12:59 AM
According to a Spanish article, it was her right ankle that was injured. I believe in Quebec City, it was the left.

Aug 12th, 2008, 02:29 AM
okay thats just weird lol