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Jul 23rd, 2008, 12:23 PM
this is a bit of an old gripe, but i have to get it off my chest...:fiery:

i've always personally liked nike MUCH better than adidas -- better quality, better design... practically all of my sporting outfits are from nike, and i rarely gave adidas a thought. there's just no comparison. :cool:

ever since ana became my fave tennis player in 2006, i have been more forgiving of adidas, and support them a little bit more.

however, the wimbledon fiasco is just UNFORGIVEABLE. :mad::mad::mad:

someone at adidas needs to be fired. how could they let the world number one player and current french open champion wear that dress? what the fuck were they thinking? does anybody in adidas think? is there no one with sense or a brain?

i'm not saying the dress is ugly. it's not. it's okay. but when you are outfitting the world's hottest tennis player, the new number one, the one everyone will be watching at the biggest tennis event of the year, OKAY DOESN'T CUT IT. she has to look more than okay. she has to look stunning. and you know what, making ana look stunning is not difficult at all. it's pretty damn easy.

it's just hard for me to believe that with all the people supervising design, and fittings, and photoshoots, and still that dress can make it all the way to center court. how can nobody in the entire process sense something was not right? how can an entire company let this happen??

this was adidas' turn to shine, their turn to say to the world, "hey look at us, we can compete with nike too! impossible is nothing!!":rolleyes: they had the number one tennis player, one of the most beautiful woman in sports of all time to work with. it was a given, a freebie, handed to them on a platter, a get rich-and-famous handbook for dummies come to life.

and still they FUCKED UP. i will never have respect for adidas again. like i said, someone needs to be fired. this kind of failure is embarrassing. just embarrassing.

i really hope someone from adidas will see this, and make some improvements. get help now!

Jul 23rd, 2008, 04:32 PM
i'm sorry, i'm a girl and i prefer adidas outfits a million times more than nike.
you can't say the tulip dress is a fiasco...nike has done worst by far, including for their top star sharapova.
sport is the most important.

Danči Dementia
Jul 23rd, 2008, 06:10 PM
I´m also a girl and I also prefer Adidas over Nike hands down

But yes he has a point thatv dress wasnpt nice and it wasnpt working for her since in her next two matches she wore something different......but still its wimbledon and you can really do much there about fashion.....I mean Federer´s cardigan WTF??? :tape: and Sharapova wearing men clothes :rolleyes:.....

Adidas wimbledon dress in 206 was very very pretty and clasy :hearts:

Also Adidas is not much about desing they are more about quality....and IMO the quality of Adidas clothing is way better than nike´s

Also Ana USO dress for this year is not that nice....I don´t like the colour.....I also think they should try harder....thye have the biggest star of tennis right now wearing their desings they should do something better for her.....but I don´t see it happening since Makiri is the one wearing the Stella desings.....andI have to say that for me Stella´s desings are not that nice either......:shrug:

Still I want Ana to stay with Adidas :rocker2: