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Jul 11th, 2008, 12:40 PM
and it goes along with the other thread that was written in India.

In the sports section of the www.independent.co.uk

there is a picture of Venus and Serena during their Doubles about which posters can Write your own caption...

One of those responses put it this way;

What can the Williams sisters teach our children?
Two exceptionally talented, successful sports women coached by their father. Fantastic both have qualified for the Wimbledon final! Instead of celebrating their skill and technical ability there is a palpable sense of resentment and explicit accusations of match fixing. I am not an avid tennis fan but my 13 year old son is. He notices the camera zooming in on Richard Williams and the comments about his "eccentricity" rather than his coaching ability. He notices the crowds feeble reponse to Serenas double aces in contrast to their rapturous applauding of her apponent for making an effort even if she drops a point. he notices the BBC tennis panel's difficulty in commenting positively on their game. He notices that the sisters success does not even feature on the back page of the Times. He watches, he learns and he forms his own opinions. The Williams sisters have helped teach him dignity, courage and self respect despite the opposistion.

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