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Jul 6th, 2008, 11:35 PM
(the online translator makes it sound kinda confusing)

Technique rear 2nd day!
Also the 2nd day shower after the technique to be permitted, as at all feeling refreshment!!
But, already it became boring.

Such a time, Ueda of FED cup supervision coming to visit.
“Map it goes it received the book, empty chute” “golden word”.
And, in the Beijing Olympics 30
Having the newspaper article of the contents that the player above the year it participates rather.
The london Olympics of 4 years later!! Don't you think? with it probably is semantic what which is said.
It is!! Persevering it increases.With you said, but 3? Ability (laughing)
Meaning the thing of next year, although you say that the ogre laughs, because they are 4 years later, don't you think? (laughing laughing)!!
FED cup Ueda director

We would like to control weight, because you asked distantly, it is the menu of dinner of caloric control

Operation it ended safely!!
It is 12 of 1 days:30 to be schedule of operation from, but about 30 minutes it started quickly.
Operation time approximately 1 hours
It has shaving the cartilage of the left knee cover bone which hurts cleanly, is thick the joint of the muscle of thing side (pulling [tsu] has been attached in ligament which plate?)
Cutting off part, you tried the knee cover bone which was moving to the left to return to center.
And in order to urge the playback of the cartilage which it is damaged, in the bone the hole? You did the operation which is opened.It is to make think that (it fractured,
[tsu] [te]!!)

Tonight pain comes out in the teacher!! With it was said, but it is painful with you did not think excessively.
It forces to my [tsu] [te] pain?! How, you thought, but it could sleep in any case securely.

[riha] started from present evening!! (A little it is surprise.)

The operation day Nakahara attending to 1 day me.Of course also my thing has been worry, probably will be, but coming
The [tsu] distantly it probably means that the mother is worry.It was grateful truly.
And, hill approaching/leaning of Saeki, and [yonetsukusu], village west of the Osaka general manager please come to visit in your present noon
It increased.It was grateful!!
As for photograph before the operating Mr. Kurosaka, Mr. and rough lumber teacher Kuroda
With this appearance it kept walking to the operation room.

Get Well Soon Akiko! :bounce:

Jul 6th, 2008, 11:36 PM

We would like to control weight, because you asked distantly, it is the menu of dinner of caloric control

Online translators :inlove:

Jul 6th, 2008, 11:36 PM
What is that language? :tape:

Jul 6th, 2008, 11:38 PM
What is that language? :tape:

japanese...kinda hard to make sense in enlish