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Jul 1st, 2008, 04:13 AM
Not many elite college players participate in the ITA summer circuit as most opt for USTA/ITF events instead. Nevertheless, the summer circuit is the time where a good number of incoming freshmen test their game against college players.

ITA National Clay Courts, thefirst event of the ITA Summer Circuit:

The only players of real note are top seeded Michaela Kissell, second seeded Kellie Schmidt, and incoming Northwestern freshman Stacey Lee. Michaela Kissel topples Lee and Schmidt in back to back third set tiebreaks to win the title.

University of Michigan ITA Summer Circuit: http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/MichiganSummer.htm

Players to watch are Ryan Cutillo, Shannon Matthews, and Katie Kargl who are all freshman going to Wake Forest, Notre Dame, and William and Mary respectively. Shannon Matthews claims her first ITA title.

McMurray University/Abilene Christian University ITA Summer Circuit: http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets (http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets/pdf/summercircuit/2008results/McMurrySummerCircuit08.pdf)/pdf/summercircuit/2008results/McMurrySummerCircuit08.pdf (http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets/pdf/summercircuit/2008results/McMurrySummerCircuit08.pdf)

It looks like both finalists withdrew: Samantha Van der Drift and Kelsy Garland.

Witchita State ITA Summer Circuit: http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/WichitaSummer08.pdf

The winner is Chloe Jones which is a surprise. Not because she won but because the last news about her was that she was going to try pros for a year before committing to a school. I wonder if she has
changed her mind.

Florida State ITA Summer Circuit: http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets/pdf/summercircuit/2008results/FSU_Draws_Summer2008_7-9-08_9am.pdf

Players to watch are Chelsea Preeg (Vanderbilt freshman) and Sianna Simmons (ASU freshman).

Jul 9th, 2008, 05:07 PM
Events have been updated. The event that only really matters is the ITA National Summer Championships, where the winners in both singles and doubles get a MD WC into the ITA All-American Championships (the first Slam of the college season).

Jul 18th, 2008, 07:57 PM
One of the shames to these ITA Summer Circuit events is that they don't count toward any player record or rankings. The ITA events are open to older college players so its doesn't count towards junior rankings or junior win-loss record. At the same time this is an event open to high school players so I don't think the wins count towards one's college record.

Jul 21st, 2008, 06:10 PM
Another shame of these ITA Summer Circuit events is that they don't post the results online as the tourney is progressing. The results are only posted 1 week after the tournament is completed.

What does one get for winning an ITA Summer Circuit event, entry into the ITA Summer Championships?