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Jun 25th, 2008, 08:35 AM
Part 1: Venus v Naomi Cavaday

So... On a whim I logged on to the link in the Wimbledon newsletter the night before and after about 5 goes, I managed to nab 2 centre court tickets to the new seats at the back of Centre - so up in the gods a bit, but hey ho!

We got to Wimbledon late because... on another whim to try and get the returns tickets for Centre that come on sale 2 days before play... (only 2 attempts this time, yay! - now PUT JJ ON CENTRE!)

I was joking to my mum (up for the week for the 2 complementary ground pass tickets I have) that at worst we'd miss Venus taking the first set - so imagine my shock as we stopped off at the SkyView boxes in the lift up to the heavens-seats when I saw the score as Cavaday leading Venus 3-1!!

We were in the first of the new rows, and had a pretty unobstructed view for most of the match.

Naomi held her own brilliantly in that first set - Venus' body language wavered loads from aggressive shrieking to sometimes dejected plodding 'cos she just couldn't put Naomi away. Naomi had absolutely nothing to lose and really went for her shots big time...

She was getting visibly tired in the TB though, and Venus was doing just enough to hang in, so I guess when she (NC) lost it 7-5 - her dip was inevitable... but she got a standing ovation as she left!





Jun 25th, 2008, 08:42 AM
Rafa v Beck

Having spent the morning rushing about at home - we nicked off to go meet my mate who works in the IT dept of the AELTC for some freebie Robinsons and for me to shamelessly try and test the waters to see if I could blag a Programme for today!!

Then we scooted back (finding another lift - mum's happy, 'cos it's like 80 steps up there!)... bit of shameless flirting on MY part with the fireman guarding the entrance, who kindly let us sneak in to 2 seats right at the top corner to watch a bit before being able to go back to our seats at the change of ends...

Rafa Never. Stops. Moving - seriously... the energy of the man!
Beck did really well actually - just single breaks in the first 2 sets and then the TB I think (I was off and queueing for Court 1 tickets by that point)...

I did try to capture the famous wedgie-move which is oh so much more funny to see in real life. Wonder if he knows that there's a Pharmacy somewhere in the grounds - bit of Prep H would clear his discomfort up NO end!


Jun 25th, 2008, 08:47 AM
bit of shameless flirting on MY part with the fireman guarding the entrance, who kindly let us sneak in to 2 seats right at the top corner to watch a bit before being able to go back to our seats at the change of ends...

Shameless flirting :haha:
Lovin those titchy pics, babe. I really do - they make the Rozzie blog pretty.

Jun 25th, 2008, 08:51 AM
Murray v Santoro

I'd left about half way thru Rafa's 3rd set to go join the MASSIVE queue for tickets...
Shrieky won her match on C1 not long after and loads of people were heading up here for tickets for either Murray or Duck Boy.
I was in front of a couple of ladies who were JJ fans so we spent the time being very British and poking fun at the Honorary Stewards and various people who were all "ok when you say you have tickets for Court 2, do you mean Court 2, or some other Court?!"

Most people wanted centre and the queue was moving achingly slowly and I was coming over all patriotic and really wanted to get back to see Andy in action...

After Shrieky's match finished and while the Beeb were doing a bit of a round up of Andy's Wimbledon last year (which was basically him watching J&J so they had a lot of Jamie and Jelena and the "well at least ONE Murray got his name on a trophy!" the queue suddenly took off... basically after matches (especially as we were getting towards the end of the day) there was a massive influx of tickets and there I was - with 2 Court 1 tickets for the cost of a tenner!!!

I pegged it back to Centre to catch the knock up and we were off.
Stayed for two sets... and the tennis was sublime
Fabrice Santoro is amazing - the gets, the angles etc - awesome.
And... Mandy Muppet was surprisingly good also - some amazing shots and his drop shots were working well.

Santoro started the second set on a roll - in fact I was wondering whether Andy was just gonna ditch that set and try to take it in 4 sets - but he came back really well.

It was a shame to leave it... but... there was JJ to watch!



Jun 25th, 2008, 08:52 AM
Shameless flirting :haha:
Lovin those titchy pics, babe. I really do - they make the Rozzie blog pretty.

Not sure how to make them bigger because they can be - they came out pretty good - but image shack is being a pain at the moment... so titchy it will have to be.

Oh there was WAYYYYY more shameless flirting... my ma was shocked at me!!

Jun 25th, 2008, 08:58 AM
Roddick v Schwank

I didn't realise just HOW much I wanted to watch this as I fair sprinted across the place to get to Court 1. This went down not so well with the aged parent who scowled a lot at me!

Meanwhile Alex was texting me Duck boy updates... and at one stage my mum was all let me get this straight... you are here... and you are getting texts from someone in SERBIA with Roddick's progress????

Got up to where we needed to be and was trying to jump up and down to see if I could see what was going on - which attracted the attention of the 2 firemen (it was my day for them... ) guarding the entrance - I pointed out that actually all I could see was his socks and complemented him on nice ankles... mum's face... look on... priceless!!!)
The other fireman was tickled by this and let us sneak in to watch the TB and Duck boy did good... but BOY does that guy's ass stick out!!!

And so that was over... we shuffled over to where we had to sit and...

Jun 25th, 2008, 09:04 AM
Oh there was WAYYYYY more shameless flirting... my ma was shocked at me!!

It seems to me you shocked your ma quite a few times yesterday...Shameless flirting, foul language...bad Rozzie. :lol:

I love them titchy, those pics. I wouldn't mind them bigger but if it's titchy it's titchy. And I bet players are still titchy in the big ones. Please forget I wrote this, I'm just practicing my 'titchy' vocabulary. :lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 09:08 AM
They are bigger - I'll try and get them into imageshack later - I'm linking to them from Flikr at the moment...

Jun 25th, 2008, 09:11 AM
Meanwhile Alex was texting me Duck boy updates... and at one stage my mum was all let me get this straight... you are here... and you are getting texts from someone in SERBIA with Roddick's progress????

Say hi to your mom from me. Smart lady! And then you txt me saying "you sure I'm not costing you a fortune". It's not a fortune but people are starving in Africa you know...j/k :p

which attracted the attention of the 2 firemen (it was my day for them... ) guarding the entrance - I pointed out that actually all I could see was his socks and complemented him on nice ankles... mum's face... look on... priceless!!!)

That *is* shameless. :rolls:

Jun 25th, 2008, 09:56 AM
JJ!!!oh yeah... vs Savchuck

I really didn't appreciate how nervous I would be watching her for real...
Anyway - they trundled on - Pic on the scoreboard is the older one, and Lynn Welch is JUST as school-marmy in Wimbledon Raph Lauren togs!!!

Out they came - JJ looking fairly relaxed and hoppity skippety at the net - very smiley while Lynn was doing all the usual faff with the rules and the coin toss ... by now it was getting a bit nippy...



Had a quick look around and spied Sneki and Sanchez - he really didn't stay sat down for long - up and down, and also writing in his notebook lots and lots



And then we were off...
It was strange - Crowd always is quite quiet at the start because a lot of people leave and it takes a while for people get themselves back - first three games went with serve and were comfortable enough - and thes nooty types behind me were all "oooh that's not good - she's losing"... Mum of course was muttering (equally loudly) NO... IT'S WITH SERVE!!! ... Battle of the old biddies with Rozzie in the middle - hmmm not good!!!

Anyway... Off we went again and here's my thoughts on her play:
There is a fair bit of pop to that serve and JJ was really pretty business like in her approach.
I don't know that I ever remember her coming in on someone's 2nd serve (although Olga's 2nd was quite weak at times, so made sense)...

It's also really much more obvious watching her that she refers to her camp... A LOT... way more that you see on TV

Her first ace earned a COME ON holler from me much to the disgust of the old biddies behind me (and mum because I was sat on her deaf side, but she sure heard THAT!!!)

Little fistpumps (nowhere near as irritating as Ana's in real life) and appluading good passing shots from Olga were all trademarks, as well as the little hops accompanying hits etc...
One of her strengths (and Olga wasn't bad either) was her ability to get down low for shots - some real net-skimmers...





Also some suspiciously long shots (both of them benefitted) - but by now it was gettin' pretty gloomy - BLOODY freezing...

Ok- so first set was business as usual and JJ ripped through the second... crowd were gettin' happier... but yeah - pretty irritated by COME ON OLGA man - but then - we Brits love an underdog (well some of us do!!!)

Found myself feeling VERY nervous at 5-0 - anticipating a picnic... AND I wasn't disappointed...
More tsk tsk-ing from the women above me so I knowledgeably turned round to mommy dearest and acted like it was all business as usual... but let me tell y'all... watching her give up BPs, then get broken... stomach churning like you wouldn't believe.
Of course it was getting dark - so that's why the last few photos are more blurry - because Lynn was telling off the crowd for flash photography, yada yada...


So... that at 5-2 - I had my head in my heads muttering all the usual Cheering Thread platitudes of Christ on a BIKE JJ... BREAK... GAHHHH
and Ok ok - serve it out.. no... hold... HOLD DAMMIT...
followed by the Rozzie trademark oh COME THE FUCK ON JJ!!! - Now THAT earned a really reproachful full-naming from Mommy and so much tsk tsking from behind me that I swear their dentures were gonna fall out.

Oh - and I couldn't text Alex as much as I wanted 'cos we were sat right in the eyeline of a fireman, (who was OK with the fact I texted at the CoEs and thought it was cool I was texting Serbia...) but some snotty young Hon Steward woman who (even for JJ) I was NOT going to shamelessly flirt with - but... ON the shameless flirting front - 4 of London's Fire Brigade in 1 day - pretty good going, no?

With all the Deuce-Ad/Deuce-Ad-ing that was going on - Savchuk was hitting some good shots - JJ was in between shrugging her shoulders at Sanchez as if to say "what can I do, what more can I try" and smiling wryly when Savchuk managed to get her back to Deuce... BUT - she DID it!!!


Gives you an idea of how dark it was by the time they finished, 'cos I didn't switch it back to flash for her farewell wave!

And thus concludes my first Day's blogging.
We're going to try and park ourselves to watch Amelie, maybe Marion and possibly Dinara today...

And then hopefully Jamie watch tomorrow in between some more top flight action...

Thanks y'all - you've been a great audience


Jun 25th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Battle of the old biddies with Rozzie in the middle - hmmm not good!!!
followed by the Rozzie trademark oh COME THE FUCK ON JJ!!! - Now THAT earned a really reproachful full-naming from Mommy and so much tsk tsking from behind me that I swear their dentures were gonna fall out.


who was OK with the fact I texted at the CoEs and thought it was cool I was texting Serbia...

You even got to tell him where you texting? Those ankles must have really impressed you. :rolls:

Jun 25th, 2008, 10:20 AM

You even got to tell him where you texting? Those ankles must have really impressed you. :rolls:

Different fireman - but Lynn had just done her warning and I was still texting, so he leaned over to tell me to stop so I just said I'm covering this for a Jankovic Fan forum, and relaying my thoughts straight to my correspondent in Serbia
He just laughed and said it was ok but make sure the ringer was off.
Anyway - it was so damn noisy OUTSIDE the court, you'd have never heard the ringer!

Jun 25th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Brilliant, babe! Love this blog! Love being your correspondent as well...
Stay shameless, it makes a good read. :lol:

Ian Aberdon
Jun 25th, 2008, 12:49 PM
OFF COURT sounds just as interesting as what went on ON COURT!! :haha:

Jun 25th, 2008, 12:52 PM
Awesome Rozzie! Totally awesome.:rolls:

Jun 25th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Great blog, Ros :lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 01:03 PM
Good read "shameless":lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 01:03 PM
And where are the pictures of the flirted firemen? :hehehe:

Jun 25th, 2008, 01:42 PM
Great blog Ros :D

That was a pretty stellar line-up for a days's watching, topped off with the mighty JJ. How good was some of her play in the second set. Was Sanchez bellowing much in that unmistakable voice of his? Funny, isn't it, how you pick up the little mannerisms and other things watching live which are not visible on TV.

School marm Lyn Welsh :rolls: wot about that hilarious American umpire with the deep George Washington voice for the Nadal match?

All together now: Come The F*ck On!

Jun 25th, 2008, 01:45 PM
School marm Lyn Welsh :rolls: wot about that hilarious American umpire with the deep George Washington voice for the Nadal match?

I loved his voice :lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 01:57 PM
Rozzie's at SW19 at the moment. As her correspondent I'm informing you that she's got great shot of Kuzy practising. :hearts:
Also, she's watching Vaidi battling in the third so we can expect many more titchy pics! :banana:

Jun 25th, 2008, 02:49 PM
Rozzie says she's "feeling truly French today...Allez Nathalie! Next up on Court 11 is Cakeoli."

edit. Ros: "Bloody good job I am used to watching on LS...Watching the Centre and Court 1 scoreboards while Marion is doing her thing."


Ian Aberdon
Jun 25th, 2008, 07:02 PM
Alex are you getting well paid for being Rozzie's Wimbledon correspondent from Belgrade? :lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 08:13 PM
Hey y'all - back MUCH earlier today thank the lord, as I was mightily tired.
We were gonna swing by Court 5 to see Dinara Safina and Agnes Szavay in dubs but they'd moved Radwanska's match to there - possibly to put Safina etc on a show court... anyhoo - I really couldn't be arsed chasing around to find her.

Must get summat to eat but maybe will get the blog done ce soir... and even MORE maybe - get the pics on imageshack so that they aren't so titchy...

LOADS to tell youse...


Jun 25th, 2008, 10:23 PM
Can't wait to hear Ros!! I'll be there tomorrow, though I doubt my reports will be as entertaining. And I can't be bothered to take a camera! :lol:

Jun 25th, 2008, 10:28 PM
OK ... well I got called up by my mate in Scotland who's coming down for the 2nd Friday - so hence no blogette (in view of my very French day today)..

Blog and titchy-pics demain...

au revoiur tous les mondes...

Jun 26th, 2008, 08:21 AM
WIMBLEDON 2008: Day 3
Kuzy & Vaidi

Day 3 saw us trotting around with complementary Ground Passes, so after blagging a free programme from a mate who works in the IT dept of the AELTC, he took us up to the AELTC offices - Mum was all giddy at being allowed "behind the scenes"... I just experienced desk envy as he gets to look out over grounds of SW19... I sit in an open plan, grab-a-desk-if-its-free area in South Bank, watching people's feet walking by on The Embankment... Pffft (but not too loudly... 'cos... y'know... freebie tickets :angel:)

Anyway... Fully blagged-programmed-up for the day - we headed for lunch and then meandered...

We were trying to get our bearings and just stopped by Court 10... where Svetlana Kuznetsova was warming up/practicing...
I just stopped dead and had my mum walk straight into the back of me which earned a smile from her (!)
So we parked for a couple of photies...
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3231/2612056559_e4316eeab5_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3181/2612890934_ef4eb2e0a7_m.jpg

Today was all about getting our bearings and once we'd sussed out where Court 11 was and where we needed to go queue to sit etc, we did the "supermarket sweep" approach to the outside courts... stumbling across... Vaidi having won the first set, and choked the 2nd, and was 0-3 down (or thereabouts) ... she battled her little visored self and Sam Stosur was wasting opportunities - there was much racquet slappage onto her back at various changes of ends...

What was really amusing though... was Pam Shriver commentating at the top of C2... and we heard her dulcet tones ringing out over Vaidi's chokathon ... thing is... we were just behind the player's chairs... so... if we heard her, can you imagine what the players were hearing (ok - well of course they're in the zone so they prolly didn't hear nowt!)

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3266/2612891736_056842b3c3_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3113/2612058979_60abb3852e_m.jpg

Jun 26th, 2008, 08:23 AM
South/Keothavong / Alize Cornet / Stanislav Wawrinka / Marion Bartoli

OK - so off we trawled again seeing the Brit girls winning in some fine form


And also stumbled upon Alize Cornet in dubs action


before finally heading off to Court 11.
Wawrinka and Del Potro had been quite a tight tussle and we were wondering whether it was gonna be a 5-setter - but Stan got the job done in straight sets...


Then it was time for Marion ... BUT.... from where we were sitting we could see the scoreboards on the side of CC with it's results AND results for C1 ... where Novak was a set down as was Puppy.
Now.. I consider myself hardened to the art of Live-Scoring (and believe me people, it is an art.... to watch, and wish while appearing to be calm, cool and collected...)

Was sat next to a couple who were all giddy with Ana-ness and were bemused at my occasional mutterings of Allez Nathalie and the equally vehement take down the puppy... so I had to explain the whole puppy thing to them and mum...
Thankfully they got bored of watching Marion berate herself when she was losing points AND winning points, bizarrely... and Marion did get her (sizeable) knickers in a twist over a dubiuos call...much gallic shrugging and gesticulating...


By now the match scores on the side of Centre were captivating everyone... although I did notice that Marion has changed her service action (again) to something a little less floppy-hoppy-bunny-ish and a little more standard...
Marion is a real enigma to watch actually... she has good court coverage and man she comes up with some crazy angles!!!
She did pretty well and came through confortably... but by now Nole was on his way out, and the roar from CC came over clear and strong...

Meanwhile... in Puppyville... After Dechy lost the second, everyone was all...oh well, that's a brave challenge, so again - the buzz around the court as Dechy just kept coming back was amazing... I actually was praying to anything and everything, and got the nice lady sat next to mum joining in on the Hold and Break mantra but to no avail... pffft!

Oh yeah - and my free programme launched itself in a suidical death plunge through the slats in the stands... no firemen for Rozzie to flirt with today, just one rotund curmudgeonly Hon Steward and a scatty female Hon Steward... so I opted to grovel to her to ask if it could be retrieved. When she'd stopped pissing her sides laughing, she kindly obliged!!

Jun 26th, 2008, 09:43 AM

Gah - (W)TF just ate my first post of this... so... once more... with feeling...

OK - main event of our day coming up and the stand was getting pretty full... Amelie is a huge draw and a really popular champion, and got a really rousing reception when she arrived

First set started off pretty well - amazing shots from both of them - Amelie's shot selection, agility, variation of shots... really great to watch and well matched by Ruano Pascal... ummm in fact so well matched she scored herself a break and it all went a bit UE-fest for Amelie and the first set just slipped away.


So... all to do in two... and oh my... if I thought that watching JJ was heard on the nerves - it was nothing compared to Amelie!! Such variable play - some great shots, some crap games... great/crap/great/crap - but she scrapped her way back to take the 2nd.

Now.. I would say she raced away in the third, but the great/crap/great/crap continued although somehow she scored herself breaks of RP's serve - I think because her UEs were mounting up too...

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3089/2613012582_78abc4260d_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3144/2612178511_6b32a7b220_m.jpg

When she won - she was probably as relieved as all of us!!


Think mum was up for any more matches we could find - but after getting home around 10pm the night before I really wasn't keen.
She even resorted to bribery by way of clotted cream tea (yum) but to no avail - we did try and find the lesser spotted (or should that be spotty?) Safina/Szavay dubs match - but it was replaced with a Radwanksa of some description so we headed back...

Today hoping to see:
Jamie & Max
Andy Murray
JJ if at all possible

That's all for the mo from Titchy-Pics Inc...

Laters gators....

Jun 26th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Great blog. Again!
Now.. I consider myself hardened to the art of Live-Scoring (and believe me people, it is an art.... to watch, and wish while appearing to be calm, cool and collected...)

Oh my, that is an art!

Oh yeah - and my free programme launched itself in a suidical death plunge through the slats in the stands... no firemen for Rozzie to flirt with today, just one rotund curmudgeonly Hon Steward and a scatty female Hon Steward... so I opted to grovel to her to ask if it could be retrieved. When she'd stopped pissing her sides laughing, she kindly obliged!!


Jun 26th, 2008, 11:02 AM
Great read Rozzie-baby.

I hear the Guardian are looking for a new "left-field" tennis correspondent ... are you interested?

Less flirting and more in-depth match analysis today please.

Ian Aberdon
Jun 26th, 2008, 12:58 PM

Jun 26th, 2008, 09:29 PM
Great read Rozzie-baby.

I hear the Guardian are looking for a new "left-field" tennis correspondent ... are you interested?

Less flirting and more in-depth match analysis today please.

'Cos I was wittering about putting in my CV to the LTA - AELTC chum is putting up another mutual mate (who's WAYYY more techy than I) for the recent IT Manager job - but he also reckoned it might be worth a speculative CV to them anyway....

But yeah - sounds amusing to have my tennis ramblings... even if it is The Guardian!

Jun 27th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Your photos and blogs for Wimbledon 2008 are spectacular. I had great fun reading your whole blog and having been there, it bought the details of your blog out much better. Thanks.

I thought Sanchez does like talking a lot mainly at Jelena. As you were sitting almost next to him and Sneki, you had a much better view than me.

I kept wishing that Sneki would stand up more.

Jun 27th, 2008, 02:52 PM

Day 0

Grrrrrr……A few weeks back I knew I had to go to London for some work-related matters, so in a fit of optimism I managed to tie it in with the first week of Wimbledon. In London I always stay with my folks in Wimbledon so it would have put me right on the spot for an opportunistic foray up to the All England :bounce:.

It was a real good plan……. if I hadn’t had so much work dumped on me in the last two weeks.

I was still OK about it all until I ran into the throng on Wimbledon station, at which point I became profoundly irritated :mad:.

I want to partake of Pimms, strawberries and cream at heartbreaking expense too :p.

Oh well, obviously not this year :(

Anyway, if I’d gone without a certain someone I’d have been in big trouble.....:tape:

Ian Aberdon
Jun 27th, 2008, 05:18 PM
Shit day. Off to the pub.

Jun 27th, 2008, 07:29 PM

So – Day 4 in the Big Brother hou… oh no wait sorry – that’s something else…

Day 4 saw us with allocated return tickets – I’d half looked at the allocation when I’d booked, but when I saw that it was actually… Row C – well thought it would be quite close to the action…

However – after a spot of lunch (we’re gradually working our way round the Food Village!) we tootled off to Court 19.
It was Gallovits/Govortsova vs two American girls – one of whom really fancied herself as a bit of a Serena in the ‘tood department – but actually came across as a complete High School Musical Bolshy Extra!

Anyway – I only mention this precursor to some Stretch and Beastie action as Govortsova is partnering Maxie-boy in the Mixed, and she was by far the weaker of the two and I fear Max will be out first round as she played an absolute shocker.

I actually have tons more photos than the ones I've posted 'cos initially I was using the Flikr freebie limits - but in the end I paid up so I could have more sets etc... so over the weekend I'm gonna go back and add all the ones that didn't make it in and round them up!

Anyhoo – the court was packed for Jamie and Max – as well as folks standing all along the back AND across the little walkway bridge …

The guys arrived – oh my word the hair – ok not too bad, but the headband. Seriously Jamie honey – love ya ‘n’ all, but OH NO.



Bit o’practice hitting and then we were off, nip and tuck all the way – interestingly enough – there was a stark difference in the teams – I can’t remember who Santoro used to be paired with but it was fairly clear that he and Marc Giquel were not a regular pairing as quite often they’d be both back peddling for the same ball – no hand signals etc.



But – some excellent play and no real areas of weakness on the serves in the opening set – and we found ourselves at a tie break real quick.
Jamie and Max were pretty solid and took it comfortably…


2nd set – seemed to be a different matter – I think Jamie lost his serve right at the start, putting he and Max on the back foot straight away.
This set was a bit more of a nail biter – Jamie looked the more vulnerable of the two, but that being said – there was an AWESOME rally – basically between Jamie and Fabrice for about 10 shots before finally Jamie sent over a topspin forehand which Fabrice netted.
Jamie and Max also seemed to have a couple of set piece moves which were really effective two – and boy – Jamie’s reactions at the net are amazing. Really exciting to watch.

So – they struggled up to another TB but really struggled early on – at 1-4 down I was beginning to fear the beginning of the worst but oh my GOD what a turn around… they clawed back and when they took it – Jamie was sooo pumped up…

These guys are definitely gelling as a team – Max often giving Jamie a friendly tap on the back after some particularly good shot making…
Max was pretty adept at calling wide shots …
It really makes such a difference seeing them working – and I can believe that if at first Jamie felt a little intimidated by Max, the balance is shifting and they’re finding a more equal footing. It was great to watch and well worth sticking out for 2 sets…

I wish I could have stayed for the 3rd, but I’d already missed all of Venus’ match with Anne Keothavong and was in danger of missing Andy’s altogether…

Ian Aberdon
Jun 27th, 2008, 07:33 PM
FAB Ros, & in Stereo too :lol:

Jun 27th, 2008, 07:35 PM

So… Having received a text from mum saying “oooh you’ll like our seats” I thought it was high time I trundled over…
Meanwhile mum had hightailed it off to go queue for resale tickets…
So… I introduced myself to my new neighbours and settled down to watch Andy in action… and boy was he good. Great shot selection, Malisse was all over the show – muttering to us that he was “serving crap today”…




The end of the match was hilarious – I think Malisse wasn’t ready for the final serve, Andy was just kicking a tennis ball around because I think he thought Malisse had challenged. Then Graf was all “he wasn’t ready – replay the point” and Andy was… “ummm….how about… NO”
Then (as this was quite an impasse) they kicked off hawkeye – we all did the whole wooooahhhhhhHHHHH! thing (as ya do!) and it was all done and dusted.
Andy is being quite a grown up on court these days… I feel so proud!

Seriously – he’s playing well … and whilst I loved the Santoro match – this was much more entertaining – maybe because we were closer to the action… I dunno.

Oh yeah … and in the middle of this match, my ma came back.. with 1 ticket for Row B in the balustrade on Court 2 just for me… she’d seen JJ play and really wasn’t bothered about seeing her again… but she knew I was aching to see her. I love this woman. She Rocks! I am soooo glad I threw myself back into watching just to rekindle her interest in anything after dad died… and now we have a cool “us” thing to do again!

Jun 27th, 2008, 07:40 PM

So – Duck Boy and Tipsy were going to take the field, so I scampered my little self off to go see literally the end of Dinara Safina and then…





The only irritating thing was that I had a bunch of really chavvy kids who were mispronouncing her name and I almost spat out my (by now yukky and warm) 7-Up over the poor sods in front of me when they marvelled at JJ’s 105mph serve… Heeee!



First set – JJ’s serving was up in the 100s and whilst I wouldn’t say she was ruthless, there was no messin’ about.



Early break after the first 3 games (and lots of idiotic comments from the chavs) so I thought I’d confuse the living hell out of them and yell “Ajde Jelena” … lots of “what did she just say? And how’s that name pronounced”… mind you around this time some other perkins with their resale tickets were now sat next to the chavs and basically told them all to shut the fuck up before he got them kicked out… and blissfully… we had silence!!!

And Sanchez…. Oh god bless the Sanchez… I could hear him at the start – all “ESO” and lots of Spanish… and JJ would look up and smile at him… and that’s when I realised – he and Sneki were in the row in front off to my right.
That guy is making copious notes on every element of JJ’s game – I love this guy. Can we get him sainted, or something? Really?


2nd set – JJ’s serve speed dropped – not a huge amount but definitely more under 100mph but it was breezy and that definitely was bothering her.

Also as Wayn said – half way through the first set I think, there was an audible “oooooh” from the crowd and the buzz swept around (quite loudly) that Shreiky was packin’ her bags and movin’ on out… which also kinda threw JJ off a bit.

But this time I wasn’t as nervous as she approached the magic “set and x breaks” scoreline.
Carla didn’t play especially badly – and I don’t think I can hand-on-heart say she was overawed…. She ripped some amazing shots past JJ (love her when she applauds) but she just wasn’t consistent enough with them. I mean at some stage JJ did shrug up to Sanchez “what am I supposed to do” but then would immediately deal very well with the aftermath.



At the end of the match she was asking for a fresh towel and talking up at Sneki, and then she went over to the far end to sign autographs – a bunch of little kids were yelling at he to come back and she didn’t couldn’t so there was a mass “aaaaah” and even a few boos which I thought was a bit much.



Then… I came down the stairs to find the throng – I was the other side of where Cat was – possibly obscured by the Reeechar graphic on Sarah’s screencap… I can’t believe I was within hollering distance of Cat!!!

I did think of trying to get a pic of her as they took her up the stairs (she did pause for a photo for someone) but there was the small matter of the Pretty Tipsy…..

Jun 27th, 2008, 07:42 PM
I love your blog and photos. We were both sitting very near each other.

edit: I also love your blog and photos on JJ.

Jun 27th, 2008, 07:42 PM

So… via the Jelly Baby stand ‘cos… y’know… well just ‘cos… off I shlepped back to Centre Court where Tipsy was just sneaking the 3rd set…


Andy was getting a bit discombobulated and me and the girl I was sat next to now became disturbingly fixated on Andy grabbing his bits.
Some annoying American kept yelling out “C’mon Andy – Pick it UP Buddy” which earned him a MASSIVE evil glare and a mutter from Andy along the lines of “you come down here and try it then…. BUDDY”


A lot of Andy bias – partly because no bugger (apart from the ump) seems to know how to pronounce Tipsarevic!!!
By now I was all for yelling for Tipsy – although I really hoped a hot of the torso and the tats… and just was treated to Roddick changing his shirt… and y’know… the fiddling… eugggh!

In the fourth – it was so tense… there were raindrops in the air, it was dark, and cold, and Andy got himself royally riled by someone – either in the reserved seating or just around that area – something about someone motioning to him, that they should know better than that and a lot of “yeah I’m talkin’ to you”… seriously honey – Bobby De Niro you ain’t

Andy missed his chance at 6-5 I think and Tipsy clawed it back to a TB … and oh my god that was awesome…


Andy was just complaining at everything and anything now… the netcord, the towel, the crowd, the weather… chuntering and groping all the way … oh and the girl next to me FINALLY got a shot of him in mid-fiddle. There is a pharmacy just by the food village – seriously – Nadal and Roddick really need to pay a visit!

Andy didn’t wait for Tipsy – I think he actually said he was going and Tipsy seemed to be ok with it… but y’know… bad form.

And that was that – it was bloody freezing by now… beginning to rain and even if they were gonna put a Mixed on, it was getting pretty dark – so off we went…

Complementary tickets on Monday and going to try for Centre for tomorrow now…

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:00 PM
Shameless blog as usual! :yeah:

And Sanchez…. Oh god bless the Sanchez… I could hear him at the start – all “ESO” and lots of Spanish… and JJ would look up and smile at him… and that’s when I realised – he and Sneki were in the row in front off to my right.
That guy is making copious notes on every element of JJ’s game – I love this guy. Can we get him sainted, or something? Really?

Saint Sanchez! :yeah:
I remember you said in one of your txt messages that you can *hear* Sanchez but you can't see him. :lol: Bless him. He's really great.

Some annoying American kept yelling out “C’mon Andy – Pick it UP Buddy” which earned him a MASSIVE evil glare and a mutter from Andy along the lines of “you come down here and try it then…. BUDDY”


Jun 27th, 2008, 08:00 PM
:awww: about you and your mom. Awesome blog, as always:yeah:.

(And I'm VERY jealous that you got to see Tipsy up close. OMG:drool:)

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:05 PM
Shameless blog as usual! :yeah:

Saint Sanchez! :yeah:
I remember you said in one of your txt messages that you can *hear* Sanchez but you can't see him. :lol: Bless him. He's really great.


And a huge :kiss: for the hints and tips of sizing...

I had trimmed down on the photos I was uploading into Flikr because of the limits... but I ended up going for the "pro" membership - but it's not that much and it's quite handy as I have LOADS of photos - I was a regular little David Bailey and shot masses - editing out the crap as I went, so I should have a load to round up at the end of the tourney

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:11 PM
Really great work and a BIG THX to you Ros.:wavey::kiss::worship:

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:14 PM
Oh, Ros girl, you are having fun! Thanks oodles for sharing it with us! :kiss: :bounce:
When I read that JJ was talking to her mom, my first impulse was to ask you ''but, what did she tell her??'' :help:

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:16 PM
Oh, Ros girl, you are having fun! Thanks oodles for sharing it with us! :kiss: :bounce:
When I read that JJ was talking to her mom, my first impulse was to ask you ''but, what did she tell her??'' :help:

Yeah... honey my Serbian was limited to Ajde Jelena with the emphasis on the right part of the name too - seriously if I was being all French on Wednesday - I was feeling positively Serbian on Thursday!

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:24 PM
Yeah... honey my Serbian was limited to Ajde Jelena with the emphasis on the right part of the name too - seriously if I was being all French on Wednesday - I was feeling positively Serbian on Thursday!

hee! I've just remembered how I unintentionally burst into Serbian a couple of times while talking to you in London when I wanted to tell you something very fast. :rolls:

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:27 PM
One thing I'm good at is mimicking languages - so my pronounciation is normally quite good... but my grammar structure makes me sounds like I'm retarded.

Ajde {insert name here} is quite easy - anything else.... hmmm not so much!

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:33 PM
Ros i love you :hearts:
and your blogs :hearts:

Jun 27th, 2008, 08:57 PM
Well alas - the tickets for tomorrow sold out in 25 minutes!!!
I think we were always going to have better luck in the week - but I'm REALLY going to try for the next rounds - so tomorrow afternoon going to trying again....

Jun 27th, 2008, 10:30 PM

Jun 27th, 2008, 11:23 PM
:worship: Your blogs are just.... priceless....

Thank you so much for sharing your Wimby experiences w/us.
It means so much to me especially b/c I have never been to a tennis tournament, let alone a Grand Slam. It's interesting to find out the workings of those kinda things. Like, I didn't know much about how the courts are and if you could go to all of them or whatnot. I'm sure it's way different being there than watching the matches on tv. I hope I can go to USO this year so I can know what it feels like.

Thanks again, Ros :) :hug:

Jun 28th, 2008, 06:15 AM
:worship: Your blogs are just.... priceless....

Thank you so much for sharing your Wimby experiences w/us.
It means so much to me especially b/c I have never been to a tennis tournament, let alone a Grand Slam. It's interesting to find out the workings of those kinda things. Like, I didn't know much about how the courts are and if you could go to all of them or whatnot. I'm sure it's way different being there than watching the matches on tv. I hope I can go to USO this year so I can know what it feels like.

Thanks again, Ros :) :hug:

Oh Raz - if you get a chance to go to USO take it!

Jun 28th, 2008, 06:25 PM
so much better than some of the ones on the BBC website!!!!

Jun 28th, 2008, 06:35 PM
so much better than some of the ones on the BBC website!!!!

Hey mate - thanks :kiss:

More to come tomorrow...

Jul 1st, 2008, 06:09 PM

Well… what a day – but not for all the right reasons! (Until the end anyway!)

Today saw the blogging team of … one, supplemented by Cat who (living in the same town ‘n’ all) was duly collected from in front of the Gala Bingo building (it being one of the few places in our god-awful one way system for me to pull over and stop!) and off we went to the hallowed lawns …

We had to do the long gallop to the other side of the complex to get our Centre Court Tickets so Cat managed to get nicely positioned in the queue for Court 18 long before I even managed to pick up our tickets!

Mum and I divided and conquered today – she hot-footed it off to Court 2 to watch the Williams-Squared while I sprinted up the hill having seen dozens of seats, only to be told that because this was really the last day the rank and file would get to see players like JJ etc so just for Monday they were letting people reserve their seats until 11:45 – THEN it would be no seats reserved.

BUT – I was in the row where the Big TV was and they started with JJ’s match… but I have to say… when she came on court my heart sank. She looked (to me anyway) troubled and unhappy… and the play was… not inspiring from what I could see.

After the first set the queue really didn’t move that much and it was coming on for 1pm and not many Centre Courters were moving either – and once she’d gotten broken, I feared that I would only get to the front of the queue for seats when the match was over…

So I left for Centre to catch…

The Fed vs The Fidget


Having said how much I wasn’t fussed – it occurred to me that here were the only 2 players to have won Wimbledon since the turn of the century … oh and let’s not forget the Aussies… soooo funny and good for entertainment value!

Lleyton, bless him, wasn’t really as fist-pumpy as normal – played well but Federer did outclass him.



But what really was cracking me up was the complete disdain Fed has for the challenge system… even when he uses it it’s so grudging it’s laughable.

Now… we were more than happy with our seats but there seemed to be a bunch of oldish folk from a Darby and Joan club who seemed to think they owned our little corner… the old guy in the seat next to me kept jutting out his elbows… initially I was a bit more tolerant ‘cos I’d turned up with fish and chips which is never the best thing to eat in a seat… but when my mum sat in the same place when I went off on Jamie watch – I was a bit cross. Even the guys sat in the row above and next to more of them were appalled at him basically trying to nudge my mum off her seat and were going to report him to the stewards… hmm more on them later

Rogi got taken to a TB in the first but after that it was pretty much business as usual… even the Aussies seemed a bit muted…..


But here we go with the best of the pics…




Jul 1st, 2008, 06:14 PM
Stretch & Beastie vs Nestor and Hot Nenad

Firstly – let me say I’m with Cat on this – up close… phwooooooar!

Anyway – Cat pulled me away from the Sveta/Radwanksa Major match so off I scuttled to Court 3 and managed to get (eventually) to a decent position opposite the chairs where Jamie and Max were…

Previous to that – Cat had texted me to say she was pleased to report that Jamie had no hair… I almost dropped the damn phone!!!


Anyway – indeed it has reverted to his Aberdeen Cup and early Jamie-on-the-town Facebook photos… ok perhaps a little harsher – hence my comment in the J&J thread about suspecting that JJ had invited him round to admire the rented house’s garden and got Sneki and Sanchez to hold him down while she strimmered him to pieces!!

Perhaps it truly was a Samson-esque element because Jamie couldn’t buy a serve but Max was still all supportive – although compare and contrast the little rub on the chest that JJ gave him in that final set and the playful punch that Max served him up in the first set – hmm wonder which he’d prefer!!!



First set went by awfully fast (and by now I’d clocked where Cat was… diagonally opposite me benchwise. Not sure where Michael was – did look out for someone basically watching a match through his viewfinder :lol:

2nd set was a lot more competitive and saw some feisty-Jamie-ness at the repeated late calls on one side…



3rd set – again like the first – early break and slipped away from the guys very fast – it’s a shame because I think they certainly could have taken it to 4 at least… but then again Daniel and Nenad are the #2 seeds so …



Jul 1st, 2008, 06:15 PM
Kuznetsova v Radwanska

During Jamie’s match I kept twisting round to see the Kuzy score – including an extremely long game at 4-3 in the 2nd that seemed permanently at deuce – seemed to be the turning point of the match!

Anyway… back to the local Darby & Joans… a couple of them were pretty infirm and as I got back to the entrance I was stuck behind one old guy having a lot of difficulty and he was being helped up the stairs. Obviously it’s not good form to go rushing past, but by the time he got up there – they were about to start play so he was made to sit down at the first available seat (and being very deaf he proceeded to shout at the Service-woman that it wasn’t his seat) but what was worse was… all of those of us behind him were sent back OUT of the court and had to stand in the entrance again until the next C of Es. I was not best pleased, and… omfg… the ump for Andy’s match (who’s name I can’t remember – Carlos something?) saw my predicament and smiled at me (yes yes… shameless Rozzie flies again) and asked the soldier to let me come and watch on the monitor behind the entrance. But my flirting powers failed with solja-boy who pointed out that plenty of other people were waiting) so I thanked him for trying, agreed it wouldn’t be fair, and feeling noble but peeved, I took myself off to the facilities!!!

Came back just in time to be let back in for the final top seed upset:
(and to have ump tell me jokingly “well you’ve come back for the best match with the best umpire, right?” and swapped places with my mum after she’d been elbowed about – so flirty Rozzie (with the guys behind) gave way to feisty Ros!




Jul 1st, 2008, 06:18 PM
Andy Murray v Richard Gasquet – Part 1

They got Andy out really quickly – so a quick round up of Jamie’s mishaps to those around and about the place and off we went



What’s to say about the first set – great tennis from both the guys … it really wasn’t that Andy was playing badly – but Reecharrrrrrrr was just on fire – first set with a single decisive break to have Gasquet take it a 7-5.


But we, the crowd were not disheartened, ‘cos Andy was gonna come roaring out in the next set…

Ummm… broken…


Jul 1st, 2008, 06:31 PM
Tursonov/Petrova v Murray/Huber




By now Cat was texting me that Jamie and Liezel had been switched to Court 19, so when Andy got broken at the start of the 2nd, I turned tail and headed out to 19.
This time I ended up a couple of people away from Cat herself, who snuck in and sat on the steps so for some of the match – she was my co-blogger as she had a WAY better chance of photies than I did – through the metal bars of the stand, it looked like I was looking out through prison bars (prolly for crimes against flirting :rolls: )

We were wittering a bit to each other and we soon came to the conclusion that what Jamie needs is a woman to boss him about – he was a lot more bouncy-tigger-like and relaxed out there… and though there were occasional hand signals between them it was more conferencing behing fluffy balls (as it were!)

As Cat mentioned – there was an odd little exhange between Dimmy (about to serve, I think( and Liezel) where was saying “don’t stand there – you’ll get hit) and Liezel just snapped back “I always stand here”… there were also a fair few body shots pinging away – and yeah I remembered back to Nadia socking Liezel in the neck last year! Hmm – no love lost there then!
That’s not to say that Jamie and Liezel didn’t have the occasional smile and giggle – they both clashed racquets at one stage and were giggling a bit…

They took the first set really comfortably, and I think they got broken early )on Jamie’s serve) in the 2nd and then broke back. At that stage I thought I really ought to get back – just in case Andy ended up going out…







Cat ended up texting me the result – but not for the longest time – earlier she’d wondered whether she’d jinxed all her faves and for a time I feared the worst, and then got a “9-7 woop” message back!

So glad … but… back to Murray Minor….

Jul 1st, 2008, 06:33 PM
Murray v Gasquet Part 2

So – thought that Murray Major and Huber had it in the bag (hmmm… eventually!) – I headed back to see … what I thought would be the closing stages of Andy’s bid… and oh my god was I riveted from then on.

He was fast approaching the TB when I got back and the guys behind me were amazed at how tenacious he’d been… and the TB was amazing – that now oft-replyed shot of him hitting that passing shot and ending up on the photo ledge had the crowd on their feet (in fact in the super slo-mo you can see me and my mum v clearly !!!)

The Aussies were back in fine voice leading all kinds of chants and starting off Mexican waves, and it was the first time we got an inkling of Richard’s complete discomfort in these kind of surroundings!!!

The 4th set went by him awfully fast – really almost like a formalilty and there we were… into the 5th… and having never seen Henman live, you really got an inkling as to what it must have been like.
To describe the Centre Court atmosphere as “electric” really doesn’t do it any justice.

It was unreal… and so the games went on – the shot making, at times the frustrating shot selection… and all the time the crescendo was rising.

By the time we got to matchpoint – the noise was incredible – it was so dark and actually more than a little nippy but Gasquet found the net and it was all over… bar the shouting… literally

And we were close enough to see the HUGE smile on his face as he was throwing the wristbands into the crowd.


Now I know that this morning people on Breakfast TV were all “for god’s sake, he didn’t win the damn tournament” but that was everything a match could be… tension, lapses, digging deep… (and that was just the crowd!!!!)

Just Awesome!!!

Anyway – ‘twas another late night – but a great load of tennis to be watched… sorta made up for such a disappointing morning… (but only kinda)…

More from Women’s Semi’s day on Thursday for ya!

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the blog, Ros.

You really can't see just how dark it actually is on TV.

Ian Aberdon
Jul 1st, 2008, 07:17 PM
Fantastic blogging & photos Ros. :kiss:

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:21 PM
Yeah - whilst I am suffering Memory card envy with Michael and his ability to catch hundreds of photos... I have to make do with 80 on a normal setting on a smaller card :sad:

I did think of buying a larger card but I figured if they sold them at Wimbledon they would cost twice as much as normal.

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:28 PM

Your blogs and the quality of your photos are spectacular.

You have a great sense of humour which makes your blogs even better.

Thank you for sharing.

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:30 PM
hehe, Liezel might not be all cute and cuddly as some other players we know, but I'm glad Jamie listens to her! :)

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:31 PM
You just don't realise until something like Wimby how close you actually can get to the players.

When you compare the original titchy people (in the titchy pics ... heh just for you Alex babe) it really makes you appreciate the other courts for their proximity.

The camera I had before the digital one had a great sports setting - I might have to get a new digital camera at some stage with the same ability. This is a bit basic now - it's about 5 years old so could do with updating methinks....

(yeah I know... gadget envy...!!! Michael's got a whizzier camera than me, so I need to get a new one... what a gadget girl am I!!!)

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:46 PM
Richard :bigcry:

Jul 1st, 2008, 07:49 PM
Seriously - if Gasquet had been playing any other player I'd have been "ALLEZZZ REECHARRRRRRR"-ing my little socks off... but y'know... Brit on Centre Court - it's in the small print of the tickets!

Jul 1st, 2008, 08:28 PM
Thanks again Ros :worship:


Your blogs and the quality of your photos are spectacular.

Thank you for sharing.

So where's your 290 pics Michael? Have I missed them somewhere? :p

Jul 1st, 2008, 08:30 PM
:lol: Ros, you didn't feel the need to include my photo of Jamie's arse? (He MOVED alright, I wasn't perving)

Could you send me all your Jamie related pics please. I took some good ones (I think) of J&L discussing tactics. ;)

Jul 1st, 2008, 08:42 PM
:lol: Ros, you didn't feel the need to include my photo of Jamie's arse? (He MOVED alright, I wasn't perving)

Could you send me all your Jamie related pics please. I took some good ones (I think) of J&L discussing tactics. ;)

I ended up editing out a few 'cos I was running out of space on the card...

PM me an addy and I'll send 'em on...

Jul 1st, 2008, 08:51 PM
I should so be a press photographer :cool:

Jul 1st, 2008, 09:00 PM
I should so be a press photographer :cool:

Yeah - some cool shots there...!

Jul 1st, 2008, 09:53 PM
Thanks again Ros :worship:

So where's your 290 pics Michael? Have I missed them somewhere? :p


I have sent all the latest to Alex by e-mail. These include Jelena, Jamie/Max and Jamie/Liezel.

The quality is much improved, just a few blurred because the player was moving to fast. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Jul 2nd, 2008, 02:05 AM
Awesome blog Rozzie.:)

Rogie:hearts:. Seriously, I'm so jealous. Also because you(and Cat) where there for Andy's match. I saw it on tv and I was all kinds of excited when he won. It was incredible. The question is, can he do it again against Rafa?

Jul 2nd, 2008, 10:05 AM
Nope. :P

Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :bounce: I'm so glad I won't be watching this particular match with my family. My Scottish Dad gives me all kinds of grief over not supporting Andy! And he's a Federer fan, and doesn't like that I cheer Nadal whenever they play :lol: I'll be watching the final at home though, and I hope they're both in it. There'll be carnage! :lol:

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:06 AM
I've just read all the new entries...Wonderful, babe! :kiss:

I like this photo of Kuzy :hearts:

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:27 AM
Heeyyyyy Alex - did you have a great birthday, babe?

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:31 AM
Heeyyyyy Alex - did you have a great birthday, babe?

Yep, I sure did...:aparty:
I'm 24 now (this is for Michael who thought I'm turning 25) :unsure:

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:36 AM
Awww bless you.... all growed up and everything!!!!

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:48 AM
Great blogging and pics Rozzie.

Crikey how dark was it at the end of Murray's match, shouldn't Wimbers be thinking of some floodlights on the two showcourts?

That picture of Sexy Sveta :hearts:

... and a belated happy birthday to "old-boy" Alex

Jul 2nd, 2008, 11:51 AM
Great blogging and pics Rozzie.

Crikey how dark was it at the end of Murray's match, shouldn't Wimbers be thinking of some floodlights on the two showcourts?

That picture of Sexy Sveta :hearts:

... and a belated happy birthday to "old-boy" Alex

Funny you should say that - you can actually see quite clearly on the new roof structure thingy some massive spot-lights - not sure about C1 though... Was only there for that JJ match [/sigh]

Jul 2nd, 2008, 12:30 PM
Yep, I sure did...:aparty:
I'm 24 now (this is for Michael who thought I'm turning 25) :unsure:

:tape:How embarrassing, I'm sorry Alex.

Jul 2nd, 2008, 12:33 PM
:tape:How embarrassing, I'm sorry Alex.

That's not embarrassing! You just didn't know. Anyways, go to the Photos Thread, I'll post your pics now.

Thanks Wayn.

Jul 6th, 2008, 05:30 PM
Mansour Bahrami/Henri Leconte

Day 10 saw us with out last online tickets for this year and we had hoped to hook up for lunch with Cilla, but she and her friend were off having adventures care of Transport for London (or rather, lack of…!) so having worked our way through the food village over the course of the fortnight, we decided to tootle around the outside courts … and we happened across trickster Mansour Bahrami and mum’s all time fave… Henri Leconte! Bless him – he honestly looks like he’s just rolled in from a night on the cognac, but we settled down to watch the guys practicing...
Sooo funny with Henri yelling things like “come on granddad, you can play better than that” and Bahrami doing his trademark catching balls in his pocket… great fun and put us in the mood for the semis…



Jul 6th, 2008, 05:34 PM
Dementieva v Venus

Oooh we were in for a “spot-the-ump” treat – Eva Azderaki presiding over this one…
Out they came and it was nice and sunny and everything was looking good – the only question being…which Dementieva would be coming out to play…





Umm… well in the first set it was almost embarrassing… I was cheering away for Elena (‘cos it sounds like Jelena, right??) but to no avail – that first set was like a tutorial



What was hysterical was Demented’s high pitched squeaking… Dolphins in the Atlantic and dogs in the SW19 area were going crazy!

2nd set – and Elena finally started to play – and for the first time I can see how that powder puff serve can discombobulate Venus – Elena’s serve (certainly her 2nd) is every bit as powder puff and to watch Venus… even standing IN almost bent double reaching forwards to return it… actually, surprisingly got Elena a few cheap points – seriously, who’d have thunk it!

This set was WAY more competitive, thank GOD although still some shrieking – Elena’s kinda 2-tone grunt had the woman sat next to me in complete fits of giggles.
And of course Venus’ primal screaming too…


Venus and her serve – my lord… I can so understand people picking Serena – her service motion is just so much more rhythmic … but I just had an inkling watching Venus, on HER surface that it would be her year…

Elena did so well to get up to the TB and I really had high hopes for her – but cue more dolphin-yelps and I just kissed 2 scoreline pick points goodbye…



Jul 6th, 2008, 05:43 PM
Zheng v Serena

By now Cilla and I were texting results back and forth – she’d had the bonus of having the Schuettler/Clement match that honestly seemed to be taking FOREVER!!!

So – with the weather now looking decidedly iffy, out came little pocket-rocket Zheng and Serena – and for the first time that raincoat did not look utterly stoopid!


Oh and in Ump-Watch 2008 we have Serena’s all time FAVE ump Mariana Alves!


(At least I think I have them the right way round – I always get my Azderaki’s and my Alves’s muddled up!)

Anyway… the gals weren’t on for very long – spits and spots of rain suddenly gave way to a mass of their bigger wetter brothers and off they went … time to see if me and Cilla could catch up so we bagged a couple of extra seats in Café Pergola (seriously – their clotted cream, scones, strawb jam and a hot cuppa – fabulous!)

Cilla arrived just as the announcer… well… announced that the rain was letting up and play would start almost immediately – and it is quite a way from C1 to the Café (JJ take note… helicopters optional :devil: )

We had a quick natter and then headed off back to our courts – they had just started when we got back, and so again I started cheering for Zheng Jie (again – almost sounds like JJ, right??)


First set was so eerily like the first set in the Demented game it was uncanny – but Serena was spot on with her serving and Zheng could do little to trouble her in the first set at all.


2nd set – very much like the Venus match – Zheng hitting low and flat and giving Serena a lot more trouble – also yanking her all around the court and she just seemed to have a better grip on the game.


It was absolutely awful for the 2nd rain break to come at such a crucial point towards the end of the match – and this time the wet stuff meant business.

We stayed put this time – ugh – that rain gets bloody EVERYWHERE!
What was amusing was that the naval officer who’d sent me back at the end of the Kuzy match because of old-codger-gate came out to chat to us and she actually recognised me!!! She kept telling us it was clearing up (and then giggling when the people in front kept looking up and dripping rain down their backs from their brollies… they did it EVERY time!! Arf!!!)

So – to keep my Rozzie self amused – I went star spotting and in the seats below me there was:
Nerys Hughs (Brit actress – prolly best known for a sit-com called The Liver Birds)
Sir Ian McKellen (I was actually taught English by his older sister)
AND… just for Cilla… GORGEOUS Gethin Jones, formerly of Blue Peter and Strictly Come Dancing!!!!



They came out for the restart and Zheng had to hang in – off to a TB which was a lot more tightly contested that the Demented one – but Serena was not in the mood for messing – closing out with some superb serving…


The next match up was Nestor/Zimonjic v Dlouhy/Paes but the rain and the cold was taking its toll, plus I had to go get my friend from the airport, so we decided to call it a day at that point…

Only one more day to go….

Jul 6th, 2008, 06:06 PM
The New Court 2/ ATP Masters/YEC Terracotta Warriors

So … my last visit to The Championships this year – and after depositing mum at the bus-stop I headed back to the Park and Ride where they knew me well by now!

‘Cos this was Clare’s first time to Wimbledon, I thought we’d get the whole experience in – so first up I called up my friend to see if he was around for a cuppa – which, bless him, he treated us to.
But more was to come – I’d mentioned that I still wanted to see Court 2 and the terracotta warriors from last year’s Mens YEC, – so off we toddled to the viewing platform...




... before he took us down to the court itself – I got to touch the turf, people, of the new Court 2 and see if from a player’s level… awesome!!!


Jul 6th, 2008, 06:10 PM
V & S Williams v Dechy/Dellacqua

Anyway – we headed off to Court 1 where we had Williams-Squared vs Dechy and Dellacqua…


To say the Williams’ came out swinging…umm understatement! It was pretty impressive stuff – I think Dechy was the more stable of the two and you remember when JJ clocked that Casey’s forehand looked vulnerable at AO? Uh huh – yeah – that saw some spectacular UEs throughout the match… but it was played out in good spirits though and useful hitting practice for Vee and Rena!









Jul 6th, 2008, 06:12 PM
Nestor/Zimonjic vs Dlouhy/Paes

Next up was the match I missed the night before, to finish!
Leander seems to have a fair few fans, but Clare was pretty taken with Nestor and of course, in light of our beloved forum, I was all for our Nenad!



Pretty tight match actually – and although I couldn’t help thinking of what might have been if Jamie and Max had gotten their act together – and Daniel and Nenad really didn’t have it all their own way – Nenad looked a little flat and I hadn’t realised that he’d actually fractured his wrist? Ouch ouch – yowwee in that case!


Clare was most amused at my quiet hexing of the Leander… but Hermione Granger I am not, so I just contented myself at dissing what honestly looked like a huge marker pen mark on the back of his short. I think it’s actually Nike’s design, but to MY mind.. it’s a marker pen bleed (mwah ha haaaarrr)

I did feel for gluey Dlouhy when he DFed handing the initiative to Daniel and Nenad… and they weren’t gonna waste it – they took the match!


Jul 6th, 2008, 06:18 PM
Jamie/Liezel vs Bob Bryan/Sam Stosur

So what next on Clare’s Wimbledon experience… we’d done the food village, we’d done Court 2 and the terracotta whatnots… oh yeah I know… let’s go QUEUE!!!

We headed up to the resale place where the queue was ok – spread out a little and up to the steps of Court 18 …
Clare tootled off to watch the big screen and I got chatting to the person in front (as ya do) and the queue monitor (hee!) reckoned we’d have NOOOOO problems in getting tickets for Jamie’s match against Bob Bryan/Sam Stosur…

We took it all in turns to wander off and see how Shuettler was doing (all the while praying he’d despatch him earlyish) and meanwhile people were trying to persuade the queue to buy tickets for Court 1!!!

Sure enough – within minutes of the match finishing – tickets were in circulation and off we went!

Rousing reception for them and we were sitting JUST along from the player’s box




First set – Liezel and Jamie played AWESOME!!! They ripped through it and I was already planning on getting down to Wimbledon on the Sunday and queuing from the start of the main match just to see him in the final!




2nd set – Sam’s service game holds improved and Bob got into his groove.


Couple of moments of hilarity
After actually getting to a Bryan serve, AND returning it – Liezel raised her hands aloft like a prize fighter and then did one of Lleyton’s trademark downward fistpumps – had the crowd going and Jamie a-giggling…

Then there was the time when Jamie fired a volley straight at Bob, hitting him on the… ummm… top inner thigh and more by virtue of Bob swatting the ball away with one hand, he wasn’t left writhing around in agony… but he did indicate to Jamie that he’d missed the Bryan crown jewels by a matter of centimetres (with Jamie grinning all the while!).

I think Liezel also managed to aim a ball at Bob too and he slipped over, lay there while Sam dashed about and finished the point, and then made her pull him up!

Jamie and Liezel had gotten themselves 1-4 down and brought it back to a TB – but Bob and Sam took that and into a third we went …

This was such a tight match and both sides really upped their game. It really was a joy to watch dubs specialists moving each other about the court.
They’d had SUCH a chance on Sam’s serve to get ahead, and then that fateful DF…
They had chances on Bob’s serve, to be honest but he aced it out and it was all over… HOWL!!!
But standing ovation for them, which was nice…

And so ends Rozzie’s Wimbledon 2008!

6 days of tennis, highlights being…
4 lots of Jamie Dubs
2 lots of Andy including THAT match against Gasquet
JJs first 2 glorious rounds
AND the Womens Semi’s… not bad eh!

Barclaycard has gone into hiding (or melted… or both!)

So until next year….this is your roving (or raving) reporter Rozzie, signing off!

:kiss: :wavey:

Jul 6th, 2008, 08:20 PM
Lovely Gethin :hearts: Great blog :worship:

Jul 7th, 2008, 07:55 PM
Ros, just stumbled across your blog (not sure how I did not see it before). Just read the lot and enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

Jun 22nd, 2009, 07:56 AM
Bump :angel:
It is a truly truly gorgeous day out there and I am PROPERLY excited about Centre Court... BECAUSE... I get to see... oh wait... Fed (hmmm, ok not so much)... Ree Ree... (oh knickers...)... and.... NOLE!!!! I have NEVER seen Nole play live so... Ajde ahoy!

Blog (of COURSE) to follow...

Wimbledon 2009... Prepare to be Rozzied!

Jun 22nd, 2009, 09:45 AM
OMG, I'm so exciting! :banana:

Jun 22nd, 2009, 10:53 AM
OMG, I'm so exciting! :banana:
Never gets old :rolls:

Hopefully see you tomorow :bounce:

Jun 22nd, 2009, 12:25 PM
Thanks in advance, Rozzie. Have a great time and slap some goats while you're there ;)

Jun 22nd, 2009, 09:52 PM
Back - but it's late and I need to leave around 5:45 to get to the Car Park NEAREST the queue when it opens!

Firstly - I dedicate this blog to Tashi - because she's a HUGE fed Fan - and it was Fed who opened up proceedings... ummm... looking like... a waiter!
when he first came in I thought he had a chef's whites on, and then when he was warming up I realised he had a waistcoat on ... I was just pissing my sides! Did he (and Serena) REALLY piss someone off at Nike?

Anyway.... suffice to say no-one expected Lu to stay with him in the first set - much less break him half way through, but sadly he couldn't consolidate the break...
Rest was routine for Fed, and then I missed ALL of Ree's match - I hung with the friend I eventually gave my spare ticket to (long story and one of incredible Rozzie Muppetidity!)

THAT match - Nole v Benneteau... fucking awesome.
Unfortunately we couldn't actually see the final match point injury from where we were - but it was all very dramatic... and I'll blog properly tomorrow and sort out the pics...

until then my little Goat-fans... wish me luck that I manage to get my self to Court 3 as fast as my little legs will carry me to watch the GOAT in action....

In honour of Benneteau.. a bientot mes braves xxx

PS.... I saw the close up of Fed... seriously what the everloving fuck is that get-up? Seriously, Sergeant Pepper... that is SOOOOO not a good look. Really... and you're not even the damn defending champion!

Jun 22nd, 2009, 10:08 PM
Nike is trying too hard it's disgusting.

You should have watched Serena so you can dedicate the blog to me and Zoja. :lol:

Go watch Jeca! :banana: *fingers crossed*

Jun 23rd, 2009, 01:42 AM
Yay, a blog dedicated to me! Thank you! I lurve ya! :kiss: Where are the pictures? I distinctly remember being promised loads of pictures.

And yes, Fed looks retarded with his getup. Seriously.

Go JJ!:bounce:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 05:40 AM
Thanks for blogging Roz! :kiss:
Have fun watching JJ today :hearts: :unsure:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 08:28 AM
What you doin' Tash? You busy at Uni?

Jun 23rd, 2009, 10:08 AM
Thanks Roz

Keep 'em coming! :)

Jun 23rd, 2009, 11:17 AM
Rozzie got her ticket for Court 3 and it's for 3rd row! :speakles:

She just text me:

"Oooh helicopter circling...JJ must be on her way!"


Jun 23rd, 2009, 11:46 AM
What you doin' Tash? You busy at Uni?

Basically, I have no life anymore. It has been sucked out of me by the uni. :sobbing:

But I hope I'll be around more soon. Yelling at JJ is not as fun without you guys.:kiss:

Vamos Jeca! Win a match! :bounce:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 11:50 AM
With JJ's form of this year, you ain't missing much, Tash. :lol:


Jun 23rd, 2009, 12:00 PM
:lol: I know,:sad:. But the whole ninja tennis thing looks promising.....no? :unsure:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 12:02 PM

Rozzie will tell us when she comes back. :banana:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 12:07 PM
Why am I not looking forward to that? Gotta go. See ya hon.

Please Jeca. Win. :bounce:

Jun 23rd, 2009, 02:30 PM

Jun 23rd, 2009, 09:14 PM
Ok - there WILL be pictures y'all but tomorrow... because... I got up at 5am... FIVE A.M. to try and make sure I could get onto Court three to see... THE GOAT!
Let me tell y'all - if anyone...ANYONE ever questions my loyalty to our girl, I will personally run you over in the Audi, over and over again!!!!

OK - Highlights of Day 2 blog will be...
The Queue... Lord but that has changed since my day...
JJ... oh my - that jacket is FUGLY!!!! Dress is OK...
Marko has had a perm (no shit)... and RICARDO WAS TH£RE!!! ESO!

Then I queued some more (like I hadn't done enough of that)... and I'll finish off with Andy...

... oh... and someone looking suspiciously like Jamie was watching JJ's match from the player's ressy...

Despite the fact that the Moppy one is playing tomorrow - I have to have a day off as my mum is coming BACK for our trip back on Thursday - so Jamie - you had BETTER win your first round, or else!

Jun 23rd, 2009, 09:33 PM
Don't forget to tell us everything about JJ's match including the crowd's reception of Jeca...

Jun 23rd, 2009, 10:12 PM
*waits impatiently for pictures*


Jun 24th, 2009, 08:55 AM
The Return... The ROZZIE WIMBLEDON BLOG!!!!! - 2009 Baby!
Monday 22nd June 2009 - Federer v Lu (Centre)

Well here we go then - eyes down for the 2009 Wimbledon Blog!

So... I registered for the online tickets again and tried to get proper tickets for the Tuesday but they were all sold out in 25 mins, so stupidly I thought "I'll try again in the evening" - forgetting that in the evening, they are for the next day! So I ended up with a spare and had to hunt around for someone to take it off my hands (a pal from am.com beat our very own Wayn to it :awww: )

So... off we headed to the Park and Ride... and I seriously have the directional sense of a mole in daylight, and the world and his wife was out in force so the traffic was hideous. My mate had queued in the morning... and she got in BEFORE us!!!!

Anyway... we picked up our tickets (thank you, nice friend!); quick hotdog (the curiously named Dutchees!!! yeah, I don't know why either!) and then and off we trotted to find out seats... not bad ones in the Debenture bit so quite a few people were off boozing and cruising in the marquees and a few irritating people trying to sound knowledgeable (waffling about hitting to the outside court... either he means he has a crap aim and hits the ball OUT of the court, or is hitting to his opponents Ad court... who knows... sure as hell HE didn't!)

2pm rolled around... and ... out came... well... Sergeant Pepper?

When he first came out... I honestly thought he'd borrowed Serena's rain-mac (which I noticed she still had!)... so I was just pissing my sides when I got home on Monday and saw it up close. Seriously Roger... bad, VERY BAD!
Even more hilarious... was the waistcoat... I do wonder if all the guys in the locker room are all "yeah mate... you look great" and as soon as he leaves to walk on court, they all roll around in fits!
The waistcoat...
Oh the waistcoat!


And this is just for Tashi:

The match... was pretty routine. I don't think anyone thought Lu would be able to stay with Roger, much less break him, but when he couldn't consolidate, you had the feeling that he really was playing at his full level... and that he just wouldn't be able to keep that intensity up.
There were some awesome rallies - Lu plays a lot like Murray - a counter puncher (but not as quick) but I think this was actually a good test for Roger. I wouldn't go as far as to say he was rusty - but the fact that Lu held his own in that first set was pretty damn impressive, and of course he had to draw that bloody amazing swipe around the net from Roger at one stage.
As mehhhh as I am towards Fed for his sniping and his general foppy haird girliness... it is amazing to watch the fluid ease in which he hits his shots. I may not like him much these days... but it is a privelege to watch him when he is on top of his game. You see how he really brought the men's game back to one of skill and angles instead of yawnsome big serving.
Lu did himself proud I think.

Jun 24th, 2009, 09:58 AM
Nice start of the blogging campaign Rozzie. :kiss:

Oh the waistcoat! http://i4.tinypic.com/6ugrdiq.gif

Jun 24th, 2009, 10:08 AM
Monday 22nd June - Djokovic v Benneteau
So... Roger done and dusted, it was time for a cream tea and a bit of a break and then I went to find my friend (who is from Florida and was freezing her ass off in the gods ... ) out of the court it was quite muggy and (sssssh) the odd spot of rain... IN the court it was blowy and cold!
we sat out on the hill and watched a bit of Serena.

Then it was time to head back for Nole and Benneteau!
This was always going to be an interesting match up - Julien is no pushover, and Nole.. well... it can sometimes be a bit pot luck with the boy really, let's face it!

Anyway - I managed to belt back as they finished the warm up and they were off!

I'd say Nole started pretty solid actually - good off both wings, and Julien was playing well - the rallies were superb - really really top notch... but at times Nole's body language - especially during the TB was a bit negative (to say the least)... there were lots of bits of tantrummy turns to his team and waving his racquet about... and Julien deserved that set to be fair!



I read thru the Cheering Thread this morning... and I have to say - the court was very slippy and slidey - Nole was slipping and tripping and sliding about, and Julien did have a tweak, just prior to really tweaking his knee badly - he was about to return from the back of the court and then suddenly he literally disappeared from view (ummm that's why there's no picture!) - he literally crumpled (by now mum had headed home and my mate had joined me) so we debated a lot as to what the injury was... and we figured that he'd retire at the end of the set... (I think it was the third)... so props to Julien for continuing...

But more drama was to come!
Into a 4th... and THAT injury.... we could see that Julien was struggling, but it was quite a muggy day so the court was still quite slippy, so who would have ever thought there'd be SUCH a dramtic end to that set - You could see he'd over-run himself, and again we saw him try and pull up before he hit the hoarding and then he disappeared... we saw a couple of the linesmen go over at the umpire's bidding, and Cilla was texting me saying there was a sizeable dent in the hoarding where he clobbered it. When Nole himself ordered a ball girl to get two bags of ice, and then actually came over to see what was happening, we realised something was very wrong.

HOW he got up, I don't know.. and how he finished that game... needless to say, even though it was Nole's match (and undoubtedly the BEST one of the day)... Julien got a well deserved standing ovation. We thought he was going to be buggered for the dubs, but he's not even down for that - so hopefully he has some time to recover - cos that was gonna be hurting...!!!

And so, we were done!

Oh ... and on the way home... I sat next to, and was chatted up by... A FIREMAN! Heeeee! Memories of 2008 huh!

Jun 24th, 2009, 10:56 AM
You and those firemen! :hehehe:

Now I wish I payed more attention to Nole's match! But he's so passive lately...plus all the on-court negativity... No thanks, I've got JJ to drive me crazy with that shit! :lol:

Jun 24th, 2009, 10:56 AM
Wimbledon 2009 - Day 2... The Queue!!!

Are y'all sitting comfortably?
Then I'll begin!
Once upon a time, there was an 18 year old, 400m hurdling Rozzie, studying for A-Levels and generally being a partying teenager. She'd watch the tennis if it was on, but that was about it!
One day ... Rozzie's mum announced at the dinner table, she was going to queue at Wimbledon (being a general tennis nut) and Rozzie's dad decreed the young Rozzie would have to go too, as he didn't want to let mum loose on her own around the unsuspecting Womble (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wombles)population... Rozzie kvetched a bit at this... and reluctantly gathered up her Letts revision notes, packed her kit bag and got a good night's kip!
And so we hauled ass to the local station and set off at the crack of dawn and joined THE QUEUE. Back in those days - people camping out were pretty rare - and maybe more tickets were available on the day for the show courts... but each successive year while I was at Uni, we'd do this... until we started to get tix in the ballot. That day ... we got tickets at the front for Court 2... and saw Chris Evert Lloyd, Sabatini, Capriati and I. Was. HOOKED!

Now... fast forward to a considerably older Rozzie, and the prospect of JJ on Court 3, (the old Court 2... paying attention at the back, are you??) ... and so I did my research (but not very well as it turns out!) and decided to drive to the nearest park to the Queue (where the tickets cost £25). Like I said - a couple of folks have commented on my qualification as a fan due to my usual sarky observations on her Royal Lipglossness - let me tell you... getting out of bed earlier than I would normally for work, on my damn vacation is plenty enough qualification ... ergo I will remain to be as critical of our Glittery GOAT as I like :p .

OK - so... with charged up Sat Nav - I scooted off.... and got to Gate 6... only to find it shut! Helpful AA man was there - apparantly the Chelsea Tractor and sports car brigade were too busy grounding their expensive cars and so they were mending the back gate, so a bit of shameless Rozzie flirting to find out how the hell to get somewhere where I COULD park, a quick turn in the road and I turbo-dieseled my way over to the other gate.... drove ALL AROUND a damn golf course, only to end up right where I was initially when I arrived to pay!

By the time I did the walk back up the road and into Wimbledon Park, it was actually 6:30 and I could have parked THERE, for the same price. Pfft!

There were loads of people in tents at various Queue Stations watching this stream of people flooding in... but no time to stop and take a photo. yesterday my friend was position three thousand and something at 7am... I was 2092! Just goes to show how many people flock to that queue.



one of the good things is they get the crowd moving constantly... which makes you feel you're making progress!

Back in the "old days" I used to take homework... this time I opted for the PSP and watching (or in my case, listening, because the sunlight reflected off the screen) to The Da Vinci Code! It made the time fly past!!!

They also took us through the Rolf Harris "Art of Champions" exhibit which was a nice touch...


We were in by 10!!! They had security guards holding people back and they walked us forward a little at a time but basically I was at the top of the steps to the tea lawn with a load of people looking suspiciously like they had Court 3 on their mind!!! There was a MOUND of boisterous Aussies, because Dokic was first up on 14, I think, or maybe 11 - somewhere over there anyway... and of course Hewitt was now 3rd up on Court 3 after the Haas match to finish...

Next up.... JJ!

Jun 24th, 2009, 11:51 AM
Wimbledon 2009 - Day 2: JJ v Goerges

Let me tell thee... it was a real crush to get to the unreserved seating - soooo many people headed for this match... but the crowd was an interesting mix. A lot of people remembered her as "the one who won with that British dude... kissing all over the place" (heee)... but a lot of folks knew she'd slipped down a bit in the rankings... The curmudgeonly steward was waffling about how the lower seeds get these courts but it poses them a nightmare putting former high ranking seeds on the lower courts as the queues tend to stretch for miles. There was certainly a lot of pushing and barging to get onto Court 3 yesterday!

No-one really wanted to move... we were allowed to come and go until 11:45 but I'd say pretty much everyone parked their arses and stayed put! and jealously watched those people who got proper tickets for the reserved side come wandering in when they felt like it. Pfft!

Cilla was in the proper Court 2 (seriously - PAY ATTENTION!) and texted me that Tashi was saying that JJ's coach (Eastbourne dude) was called Chris Hooper?... anyway... He and Sneki arrived - so that deserved a photo...


And then... imagine my surprise when Marko (with a truly disasterous perm thing going on) and RICARDO turned up!!!! I was giddy!


Ricardo and Marko relocated to the centre of that back stand leaving Kung Fu Panda (hee) and Sneki at the back...

And then... first look at JJ!!!

A lot of warm applause for her, I think... although during the match the crowd was a bit flat - it's awfully noisy on that court (hence it's "Graveyard of the Seeds" name... you had the Brits watching Dan Evans against DavyDonkey next door and all the chanting and cheering from whatever court Dokic was on...

Anyway ... some warm up shots for ya... (and by the way... that jacket... with the ruffle? A WORLD of BAD in the fashion-fuck-up stakes for JJ... dress was nice enuff though..






OK - so... warm up over, fugly jacket off and JJ was off and running.

Now... about that serve.



To my mind (and bear in mind, watching in the flesh is a little different to the TV) - there does seem to be a lot more racquet head speed in her serve, and she seemed to be really going for her serve. Interesting thing about her 2nd serve... sure it was a little powder-puff as always, but it had a similar effect to that of Demented against Venus in last year's Semis... Goerges was really struggling to do anything with it - and more often than not, she dumped it straight into the net... I suspect that's more to do with a lack of experience in punishing piss-poor second serves, myself, but hey ho... Julia's UEs were JJ's gain.

Meanwhile the girl next to me had some batshit insane Julia fan who was getting in a right state over Sneki shouting "Come on JJ Come On"... she was inisisting that Sneki only did this when Julia was at that end... but not so - Sneki was even handed in her shouting!! :lol: She'd holler that at JJ when she was back at that end too!

Julia is a ball basher... she just seemed intent in the early stages of sending EVERYTHING back with pace, and when JJ picknicked it was back to the familiar passive squash-shots etc... I think Jelena gave her a way in, and then picked up her game to take the first.
So... you're Jelena... you come through a tighter first set than necessary after your lack of concentration gives your opponent chance to find her range, and then you shut it down and close out the set... what do you do next...? Uh huh - no jumbotron to admire yourself on, so you whip off your shoes and call the trainer!


In the second set - JJ lost her range, and Julia found hers...


I thought at one stage that JJ was just gonna bail on the 2nd and that we'd have a third set - but then for me the turning point was the call that JJ disputed... we all distinctly heard a call of OUT ... we all assumed it was the line judge and that it was over-ruled... although I suppose it could have been someone in the crowd I guess...

For all her picknicking in the 2nd set ... she did come back well - although batshit insane fan went berserk when JJ started kvetching at Marko.... he said something back and she was all "coaching, it's coaching"... actually I think it's just JJ whining... but (god bless the Sanchez) he was all chest pumpy and Vamos-y and there was the ever present ESO... awwwwww!

To get it back to a TB was pretty good.. and I was strangely pleased to see her doubling over and yelling "Ajde AJDE" to herself to gee herself up... about fucking TIME JJ... play like you WANT to win, not like people should be giving the win to you! She was a bit like that (as was Novak yesterday) at the start..."ohhhh MOMMMMM, they're not doing it right"... and then to take the TB 7-0.
That was pretty damn awesome!!!!


A good win... not the most solid... and yes - as nerve racking at the end of the first and most of the second as her matches EVER are... but a win is a win, and Glitter-Gal is on her way... 6 more to go :bounce:


Jun 24th, 2009, 12:13 PM
These blogs are love! :hearts:

Jun 24th, 2009, 12:41 PM
Great blog :yeah:

Jun 24th, 2009, 01:08 PM

Jun 24th, 2009, 01:49 PM
Thank you very much for the wonderful blogs and the pics :worship:

Even more hilarious... was the waistcoat... I do wonder if all the guys in the locker room are all "yeah mate... you look great" and as soon as he leaves to walk on court, they all roll around in fits!

I can actually imagine this :lol:

Jun 24th, 2009, 01:54 PM
Awesome blog and piccies .... much appreciated.

Is that the most comprehensive match report for a round one match in the history of tennis journalism ? :lol:

Thought our girl showed commendable spirit with that little fightback in set 2. Now please play better.

I thought I'd actually lapsed a little 'cos I didn't want to view the entire match thru a viewfinder... and I hadn't dumped the pics from the day before... so I didn't want to run out either!!!

So I thought I'd make a special effort... :lol:

The crowd were an appreciative bunch though - enthusiastic clapping for both of their shot making...

Jun 24th, 2009, 01:58 PM
what do you do next...? Uh huh - no jumbotron to admire yourself on, so you whip off your shoes and call the trainer!

Thanks Rozzie :D

Jun 24th, 2009, 02:02 PM
:worship: amazing blog and pictures. that last pic is great :hearts:

Jun 24th, 2009, 02:04 PM
Ros, queen of blogs :worship:

Jun 24th, 2009, 03:11 PM
Wimbledon 2009 Day 2: Murray v Kendrick
So... JJ done and dusted... it was time for a MUCH needed lunch .... man I was so hungry having been up at 5am, in the queue at 6:30 and sat solid on Court three from 10:30 to 12:00 before JJ played... I was starving! I was eyeing up those crappy Anta shoes of hers at one stage!

I tried to get on to see Anne Keothavong at the start of her match, but it was just HEAVING and after getting a couple of unsatisfactory shots of the top of Anne's racquet in serve, and people's heads, I headed off to join the Ticket resale queue, with a view to head to Court 2 and maybe try and spot Cilla if it looked like there was no joy in getting onto Centre.

And I queued.
And queued.
AND queued!

My friend who works for the AELTC wandered up with 3 cups of Robinsons and I gave one to the guys behind me...... annnnd queued a bit more.
Jason was telling me that prior to the Murray match, only 91 tickets had been returned, all day! Tickets were coming in, but in singles and dribs and drabs!

The first set started, and in a way we were praying for it to be a tight one so that it would get close to debenture Holders home-time... but alas no although we could see some of it from the screen...

The second set had just started and suddenly lots of single tickets were coming available. the guys at the very front of the queue spent a bloody AGE debating whether to take them, and then, finally they came to the rest of is... 3 pairs of folks at the front declined, and the two kids in front me, and the 3 behind, plus me all got a share of 7 singles! I galloped off to centre as fast as my tired little pins could carry me as I'd been standing since Jason found us with the drinks and we'd been edging forward all the while!


So... Andy and Robert were tustling away and there was some awesome shot making... Kendrick has a booming serve, and Andy was doing ok - pretty good with his placement and going for his shots... I think he did tie up a little in the tiebreak but never doubted he would pull off a R1 victory.... although there was an audible buzz around the stadium... not quite of the nerves of the Henman days... but twitchy nonetheless... and there was I sat in amongst a bunch of Debenture holders! Actually the guy I was sat next to was quite funny and very kindly offered me a free Pimms, but with my (not-so-shiny) Audi sitting in the car park and on top of no breakfast and a bolted Fish & Chips, I thought better of it!


Courts didn't seem as slippy today - but then... the sun had been shining ALL the live-long day - and that beautiful green we saw on day one was already getting pretty dry and scuffed!

The superbly dude-like Mo-Lay was in the chair, and he just rocked.
At one stage - the tennis balls were all soft - Kendrick sent one over to him to look at and he popped it in his inside pocket.
A game later - Kendrick voiced his concern about another one, and so he popped it in the other pocket.
A game or so later - Andy sent one over... Mo-Lay checked his pockets and popped this one on the outside pocket and then had to really get the crowd to stop giggling!


Kendrick was throwing himself around the court like a latter day Boris Becker... but to no avail really - after losing the TB, Andy really got his groove back on, and although there were some scary DFs about the place (and unusually I think 2 or 3 foot-faults for Kendrick - you don't hear any for ages, and then 2 of them come at once!) - The crowd whipped themselves up a storm and that's really something to hear in that bowl... GSM - McMurray - a 4-setter might not be the ideal start - but I think it settled down the expectations nicely...


Although there were some tantalising matches still scattered about the place - the thought of trying to get out of the car park slap bang opposite the grounds, and the pain of being up so goddamn early took its toll... and I think if Cilla's texts had gotten to me to say she was heading for the hill before I'd left, I think I might have stayed a little longer... but instead, headed home!

Back there tomorrow on Ground passes so we'll have to see what we can get to see...

Thanks y'all for your lovely comments - glad you're liking it so far... not as much luck in getting returns as last year, but hopefully will strike lucky again soon!

Jun 24th, 2009, 04:31 PM
Rozzie! You awesome, awesome woman! :kiss:

Thanks for the pic of Fed. Those legs, grrrr. :drool:

Jun 24th, 2009, 04:41 PM
Down, Tashi... DOWN! :lol:

Jun 24th, 2009, 04:57 PM
Too late. He's on my tv. :drool::hearts:

Jun 24th, 2009, 11:24 PM
Thanks for another fabulous Blog.

Jun 24th, 2009, 11:53 PM
Like I said - a couple of folks have commented on my qualification as a fan due to my usual sarky observations on her Royal Lipglossness - let me tell you... getting out of bed earlier than I would normally for work, on my damn vacation is plenty enough qualification ... ergo I will remain to be as critical of our Glittery GOAT as I like :p .

:hearts: OMG Ros, you said "sarky" .. is it still in use in Britain?.. my fellow-men in Ohio stare at me blankly when i use the word. :lol:

Wimbledon 2009 - Day 2: JJ v Goerges

Let me tell thee... it was a real crush to get to the unreserved seating - soooo many people headed for this match... but the crowd was an interesting mix. A lot of people remembered her as "the one who won with that British dude... kissing all over the place" (heee)... but a lot of folks knew she'd slipped down a bit in the rankings... The curmudgeonly steward was waffling about how the lower seeds get these courts but it poses them a nightmare putting former high ranking seeds on the lower courts as the queues tend to stretch for miles. There was certainly a lot of pushing and barging to get onto Court 3 yesterday!

No-one really wanted to move... we were allowed to come and go until 11:45 but I'd say pretty much everyone parked their arses and stayed put! and jealously watched those people who got proper tickets for the reserved side come wandering in when they felt like it. Pfft!

:eek: People queuing to see JJ...

:wavey:Thanks Ros.BTW, what kind of coach is Chip Hooper.. was he biting his nails and jumping out of his seat everytime JJ won a point (like Marco & Ricardo.. who are quite afraid of being sacked if JJ loses too many matches.. so i don't blame them) or was he the cool,calm,collected and dignified type?

Jun 25th, 2009, 07:19 AM
:hearts: OMG Ros, you said "sarky" .. is it still in use in Britain?.. my fellow-men in Ohio stare at me blankly when i use the word. :lol:

:eek: People queuing to see JJ...

:wavey:Thanks Ros.BTW, what kind of coach is Chip Hooper.. was he biting his nails and jumping out of his seat everytime JJ won a point (like Marco & Ricardo.. who are quite afraid of being sacked if JJ loses too many matches.. so i don't blame them) or was he the cool,calm,collected and dignified type?
OMG Sarky is THE word to use here!!! I love it... but I am now just giggling at the thought of people just looking at you blankly, thinking it's some Japanese table wine!!!

Chip was hilarious! Everytime JJ zinged a serve in that Goerges dumped in the net or returned wide he'd hold his arms aloft and holler "GREAT serve"... between him and Sanchez thumping his chest like a tennis-whites-clad King Kong it was highly entertaining.
I guess Chip REALLY believes in the power of positive reinforcement. Sanchez believes in the power of a hollered VAMOS [/chest thump] :lol:

Marko was often yelling "BRAVO JELENA" when she won... and the other dude in the pink shirt - christ only knows who he is - I'm almost certain it's not Speedo-boy... is that the often hidden brother Stefan?

Jun 25th, 2009, 07:39 AM
Chip was hilarious! Everytime JJ zinged a serve in that Goerges dumped in the net or returned wide he'd hold his arms aloft and holler "GREAT serve"...

:lol: :lol: :lol: Aweeeeeeeeesome!

Jun 25th, 2009, 07:56 AM
I thought he was actually praying to the serving gods at one stage :lol:

Jun 25th, 2009, 09:00 AM
Seems like JJ's got herself a great 5-men hollering team! :dance:

Jun 26th, 2009, 08:13 AM
Highlights of yesterday's trip...
Sveta :hearts:
Mauresmo :hearts:
Puppy (yes really... I blame my mum! :dog:
JJ - and she WALKED PAST ME!!!!!
and to top it off... Jamie/Liezel!!!!

Dropping mum off at the bus stop and then I'll blog...

Did I mention in other posts - JJ was awesome yesterday... if she plays like that going forward......

Jun 26th, 2009, 09:40 AM
Been away for 48 hours, started reading this, but I've got work to do....

It's going to have to be bedtime reading. Great pics though! :worship:


What's your background, if you don't mind me asking?

Indian flag, Ohio location, British roots apparently....

Jun 26th, 2009, 10:38 AM
Day 4: Sveta v Parmentier
Here we go for what may well be my last trip for this year...
I had a day off yesterday to go pick up my mum who was coming with me... and we had complementary ground passes so no pressure to get there super-early, but a quick squizz at the OOP showed that a quick gallop would be in order from the Park and Ride gate to Court 3... never easy with a wheezy mum who sounds like Puffing Billy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puffing_Billy_(locomotive)) on a bad day!

However... we could see LOADS of seats available ... and the ground court schedule was pretty good and I was worried we'd have a bit of a parting of the waves, as mum REALLY wanted to see the Williams sisters on neighbouring Court 4 later in the day, I quite wanted to see Elena Baltacha and I also wanted to queue (sigh...) for Court 2 tickets. Now... the Merry widow is NOT the worl's biggest JJ fan, so this was gonna be a hard sell as she wanted to hold out for Centre Court tickets... so I spent a LOT of time persuading her she REALLY wanted to see Santoro (yes, really!)

Anyhooooo - we got to Court 3, and managed to get to the third row, on the OTHER side of the chairs from where I was for JJ's R1 match... and we settled down and chatted to a couple of happy campers who'd been queueing all week... that's so totally a YOUNG person's gig!

We did get a bit of a treat - we had Carlos Ramos come down to talk to his 2 nephews (and his brother, I guess)


Kuznetsova v Parmentier


On they came and I really didn't know much about Paremntier - so this was going to be an interesting one, especially given that Kuzy also got despatched early from Eastbourne...




From the outset - it was clear that the winner would be whoever could mix up their game. Paermentier is a good clean hitter of the ball - and both of them were flattening the ball out constantly - some v good rallies and Paremntier is VERY reminiscent of an in-form Mauresmo...
I think where she lost the game was that she would default to trying to generate pace off the ball and hit hard and she was waiting for those chip and charge opportunities... Sveta just seemed to have the edge to read the game - and in a way I wish I'd had the chance to see her and Mauresmo in dubs...

Sveta wasn't really troubled - but it was amusing to hear her stepping up some grunting every now and again!!!




So Sveta safely thru - it was time for a spot of lunch, ice cream, and then to try and see what else we could see....

Jun 26th, 2009, 10:47 AM
Doesn't Sveta's outfit have too many coloured bits on it? I watched some of her match, I thought she was playing well.

Go Sexlana! :dance:

Jun 26th, 2009, 11:21 AM
Day 4: Ivanovic v Errani

After Sveta we had to scoot off for lunch, and one of the bonuses of watching with my mum is... never ending food!!!
So - Fish and chips and then Haagen Daas ice-cream - yum!

We decided to head up to the Ticket resale queue.... I went off to find my friend who was there today with her mother, and she's gotten an AWESOME spot by the giant ponds at the back - with a bunch of mad Aussies cheering on Lleyton against Del Pony... I sat there for a bit and then trundled back to see where mum was in the queue (a leeeeeeetle worried, 'cos Ellen had walked up and down the queue twice and hadn't seen her!)

She had gotten a good spot... nowhere near as far back as I'd been the Tuesday before. So we swapped around for a bit... and for some reason I'd forgotten that Puppy was playing today. When I checked the screens, she was down and mum (being all small 'n' all basically bustled herself to the front of the railings to watch... so I felt duty bound to try and reclaim some insurance on the camera... I mean take a couple of shots, before rejoining the queue...




And so in dribs and drabs - tickets were coming available for Court 1 where Duck-Boy was doing his thing... We had also wanted to go see Elena Baltacha but after losing the first set, she was getting postively beasted in the second...

At last... the steward came round with a pair of tickets for Court 2... but the woman in front only wanted a single... so I had to let her take one of them, and someone a little further up came and took the other one.

I was a little gutted, but it was the RIGHT thing to do, and also - I was half hoping that Centre court tix would start coming in once Caro-verated took to the court... as much of a JJ fan as I am (yes, really!)... I would so have ditched her for Muzz if the oportunity had arisen!

But... a few seconds later... the guy came back to find us, called me extremely noble for giving up a pair of tickets ( :angel: ) and gave us the next pair of tickets that came up.

Rozzie "Noble" Blogger... that's me all over, y'all :lol:

Jun 26th, 2009, 11:34 AM
Day 4: Mauresmo v Kucova

We wandered by to see the Williams if we could... but the queue was unreal. You werent' even allowed to go down the open side of Court 4 (which was pretty sad for the people playing on Court 5 I guess unless people were already there!)... But we could see seats for the Mauresmo match which was in full swing - Amelie had already taken the first set - and it looked quite convincing... so we queued for that... and got on for the 2nd set

Kucova had no game - Amelie is still a very popular champ here and people were rooting for her - although she won the second quite easily - that didn't stop her being magentically drawn to the net half the time she was serving.
I was joking with the firewoman who was on duty on the stairwell - she got called up to the standing area where someone had fainted, and she thought that Amelie would have finished the match in that time... umm has she seen Amelie trying to close out a match?






Amelie done and dusted... it was time to get over to Court 2...

Jun 26th, 2009, 11:55 AM
Day 4: Santoro v Ferrero
So... much as I LOVE watching Santoro... I was kinda praying that this would be a quickie...so I was a little downhearted to see that it was at least going to be a 4 setter... but... minutes into watching it was easy to get caught up in the Magician's marvel.

It's obvious that these two guys are not the young men they once where - yes even Ferrero seemed to be struggling a little... but the tennis was really good - nice and evenly matched I'd say - but you knew that if Ferrero got a break, then that would be the set - and an awkward twist and stumble seemed to trouble Fabrice a bit - he seemed to have tweaked his back...

And the new Court 2... is pretty neat - a nice compact court (although me and the woman I was sat next to were driven BATTY by some jazz trumpeter out on the tea lawn doing his thing... not to mention a truly irritating little brat behind me - I felt for his mother... she did try and shut the little monster up, but was largely unsuccessful!) Still he supplied us with a lot of amusement - I guess he'd irritated the other people around so they laughed LOTS when he was challenging me to name who'd be in the Men's Semis... and was all "it will be Andy v Del Potro"...
Rozzie: Now... would this be the Del Potro that just fell in straight sets to Lleyton Hewitt
Brat: No - you're wrong
Rozzie: No, no... I think you'll find I'm very right!

Other gems included:
The doubles (to be played - Baltacha and someone, plus Jamie/Liezel) will be on Court 13
Rozzie: Ummm... there IS no Court 13
Brat: There IS
[some minutes later after Brat consults mum's programme]
Brat: Why isn't there a Court 13... that's stupid
Rozzie (under her breath)... Well SOMETHING'S sure stoopid... and it AIN'T the court numbering scheme!

Anyway... more gems from the gormless Liam (that was his name, but Brat seems so much more apt) later....


Jun 26th, 2009, 12:17 PM
Day 4: Jankovic v Benesova

Well more gems from Brat:
Brat: Is Djokovic her husband, or her brother?
Brat's Mum: Liam, Be QUIET!
My Mum: [convulsing in fits of giggles]
Woman sat next to me: Oh PLEASE
Woman behind me: [heavy sigh] ... I guess she'd had to put up with him ALL day!

Benesova was there... Ump was there... no JJ...
And ...
No JJ...
Annnnnd a little bit longer...
Lots of slow hand-clapping and I was beginning to worry to be honest - not that she'd defaulted, and I would imagine she had trouble either finding the court or GETTING to the court because quite a few Britskis were now playing on the outside and the security guards were bein a bit gittish and stopping people from coming down the middle during the Williams match - so I suspected they were doing the same. Either that or she had rolled up to Court 3 thinking THAT was #2...

She did get a few boos and I was a bit concerned that the crowd would then root for Benesova and therefore unsettle her...
But worry not - she also got a lot of clapping - a lot of people had come in with returns tickets for this ... People behind me in the queue had definately wanted to see her, calling her "the Star draw"...


yep - that jacket thing doesxn't look ANY better the 2nd time...


JJ got a DREAM start... she was business like and brisk from the outset.
Benesova... I dunno... there was no rhythm to her game (but not unusual from the start) but there was no real defining style to her game today - she wasn't trying to generate pace, she wasn't trying to hit flat to keep the ball low... she just... was blah...


JJ's ninja serve was on bloody FIRE today....


cue more Bratisms
Brat: God she hits it fast
[lots of giggling from those of us in the know]

Rozzie: Aces? ACES!!!!
She is definately getting much more racquet head speed though that swing... and even her second serve is getting her some points - although let's be fair - Goerges/Benesova are a very different kettle of fish to Williams who will be still looking to punish that second serve. BUT - we've seen how that can still discombobulate - so... we'll see.



All along the game you could hear Sneki "Come ON JJ, Come ON [clap clap]" Heee!
Chip is hilarious to watch... arms aloft - all he's missing is a lighter and some 80's Power Ballad!

Her movement today was spot on - and she was firing well...
Best thing to see was her getting down low for those flatter shots...



It was getting pretty late - and as they flashed up the scores of the other matches going on... we saw that jamie Murray/Liezel Huber had gone down a set in the First Round of the mixed - after Jamie's AWFUL R1 of the Mens Dubs - someone yelled out from the back "Hurry Up Jelena, Jamie needs help!"


So ... off we scampered to Court 3 - which was PACKED as we could see...
but on the way round the back of the courts, there was a voice saying "stop and stand aside please" and who should be led through... but JJ!!! I tried to whip out my camera... but got the wrong pocket and got a warm bottle of 7-Up instead. She was soooo close... and... lovely.
She stopped to sign an autograph for a little kid and then then disappered!!!


Jun 26th, 2009, 12:40 PM
Day 4: Jamie Murray/Liezel Huber v Rik De Voest/Raquel Kops-Jones
So still reeling a little from not being able to get a photo of JJ up close, and taking a swig of the 7-Up bottle that materialised from my backpack pocket instead... we joined the shortest queue - but Jamie/Liezel were serving at 4-5 and I really doubted we'd see him, or if we did - it would be to lose.
They seemed to have lost the first set so convincingly...

God bless the stewards of Court 3 - they had put it on this court and by now it was really hardened fans staying to watch, and they just basically said to us as we filed in "sit ANYWHERE"... we hustled down to the front and it was getting so dark by now...


The crowd were really rauscous... there was really no shortage of support.
Jamie's serve - I can't work out if he's really going for his shots and placement, and that's why he's netting/letting a lot, or whether he's really truly magnetically drawn to the net - but it was a bloody nail-biting affair...




He and Liezel actually have a pretty good partnership - she seems to be a lot more humerous now than when she first started playing with him... she scored a rare ace and was fist-pumping away and more importantly getting involved with the crowd... she was whipping them up a storm last night...

They scrambled themselves to a tie-break and were just ROMPING away with it at 6-1... then Jamie serving it out...

Again - when he serves in - that is one pretty deep hefty serve... and it really did cause a few issues for the oppostition... but... that's when it GOES in!!!!
That 6-1 lead soon evaporated... and I have to say - Liezel's serve just scares the living crap out of me... it hangs in the hair for the absolute longest time, and her serve action is so languid - but it is obviously preety effective in dubs for her... so who am I to judge, I guess...

All I can say was it was an awesome scrap to take the TB... and the crowd went MENTAL!

Jamie was being watched by Judy, Louis Cayer, and Alan MacDonald and quite frankly I feel happier that Louis seems to be back at the helm of watching/coaching Jamie. I did wonder (when Louis became part of Andy's team) whether Jamie's progress would suffer, and it would appear so.
There are times when there are real flashed of that Stretch Magic of the J&J run of 2007, but to my mind the rest of the time, he almost seems to be over thinking things. His best point scoring was when his reactions were just instinctive...




Liezel started joining in the by now obligatory mexican wave... she's got the measure of the brit crowd, that girl... get 'em on your side and they will roar you home.

Some inspired play from them from now on - their first game was a tough hold for Jamie... but I think once they broke de Voest/Kops-Jones, the crowd were just deafening...



That last shot was an accidental flash shot - by now it was so dark with Liezel serving it out.. I'm surprised they could see ANYTHING!!!

They took the match - and it was just AWESOME... anyone would think they'd bloody won the title.

This gives you an idea of just how dark it was at the end:


But let me leave y'all with this thought...
J&J went down a set, and had to win a tie break and the third in THEIR first round match two years ago...

This may well be the last blog from this year ... and what a way to end it... JJ's awesome match where she proved she means business, and Jamie/Liezel....

Keeping fingers crossed I get another chance to go, but until then... happy for a day off and a chance to watch on the TV (even if it IS Serena on at the moment!)

Jun 26th, 2009, 01:04 PM
Thank you Rozzie. :kiss:

Serve average speed was really good for JJ yesterday, both on 1st and 2nd. No matter who she's playing against, those were some really good serves.

I was impressed, but can she keep it up? We'll see....

Jun 26th, 2009, 03:29 PM
yep - that jacket thing doesxn't look ANY better the 2nd time...
You and that jacket :spit:

Jun 26th, 2009, 06:20 PM
You and that jacket :spit:

Well. It really is extremely ugly. :o

Jun 26th, 2009, 06:20 PM
Just read the blogs - thoroughly enjoyed them, plus learnt some new words (Serena-style)! Thanks, Rozzie! :kiss:

Jun 26th, 2009, 07:50 PM
Well. It really is extremely ugly. :o
I can't see it well on those pics . Luckily (?) I missed it both times ;)

Jun 26th, 2009, 08:34 PM

I will be heading to see JJ after all!!!!!!

Jun 26th, 2009, 08:46 PM

I will be heading to see JJ after all!!!!!!

I won't be able to watch the match, I have to work again, but you know what to do. :cool:

Jun 28th, 2009, 08:01 AM
Blog Lowlights... JJ... Pfft
Blog Highlighrs ... Andy Murray, Jamie Murray/Liezel Huber...

Big lowlight - I have a bloody cold and I feel awful today.
I have no food and I have to haul ass to the supermarket in an hour, and then I'll think about blogging ...

BUT - it won't stop me trying to get tickets to Wimbledon and will keep blogging, even if JJ isn't there.

Jun 28th, 2009, 08:11 AM
I thought they were going to move it to Court 1?

I was galloping over to C2, and there were spots of rain as the light fell, but everytime they falshed up the Gonzo score it was still on C1?

Jun 28th, 2009, 09:15 AM
We almost had a momentette on C2 when Zi got aced by Jamie and Hawkeye couldn't work anymore because it was dark - perhaps the turning point of the match because again it looked like they were on their way out at this point.

Ooooh and apparently I was on TV!

Jun 28th, 2009, 10:23 AM
We almost had a momentette on C2 when Zi got aced by Jamie and Hawkeye couldn't work anymore because it was dark - perhaps the turning point of the match because again it looked like they were on their way out at this point.

Ooooh and apparently I was on TV!

After once again doing a great job in blogging Wimbly for us, you deserved to be on TV not only once. So thank you for your great work so far.;):worship::kiss:

p.s.: I hope you will be better soon, Ros.:hug:

Jun 29th, 2009, 11:11 AM
Day 6: JJ v Oudin (pfft)
So... having beaten a lot of the folks I know over on am.com to a ticket - I was a bit miffed to have such a rough night's sleep with my throat playing up - and waking up so sniffly... but armed with a trusty pack of tissues (I know they'd come with the JJ sniff of approval!) I set off early this time to try and make sure I got a good seat on Court 3... but I was worried. I remembered when I queued up on Tuesday (the good "old-fashioned" way) that they'd brought us through security and had us inside the grounds, but cordoned off in good time. At the gates for the ticket holders, there was still security to get through once through the gates.

We did have an amusing interlude with some woman and her son who had proper tickets to the grounds and refused point-blank to join the back of the queue of all the OTHER ticket holders coming through Gate 5. So much so that the curmudgeonly Honorary Steward told everyone to refuse to let her in! Heh! We British and our queues eh!
Sky Sports News were buzzing about the Internet Ticket Queue wanting to get sound bites for people wanting to see Murray so I avoided them... got stuck behind a school party of posh kids and their teacher, and while little Quentin Fortescue-Smythe was having his bag checked I was pretty much hopping up and down on one leg DESPERATE to get through and try and get to court 3 (remember, WALK don't RUN!).

I got to the end of the queue and then decided to gamble on which side of the court JJ would be and ran to the other side to see if I had a better chance of getting on.

It was predictably packed - but I spotted some seats 2 rows up from the front as I was heading down my original row, so some nimble hurdling footwork and literally parachuted in beside some people! Score!

God. It. Was. HOT! I was hoping that it would actually burn off this cold, and I wasn't feeling too bad initially... about an hour to wait or so... and lots of chatting with the people around - so far so good.

12pm rolled around... and out they came



Eva Azderaki chairing his time... I never realised how much the umps reinforce their linesjuudges... every time there was a call - she was swift to ensure that the players knew that she agreed with the call, and then she'd turn and smile/nod to the judges and tell them they were doing OK... it's something I guess you don't see unless you're up close ...


Warm up ...






The first set... and what's immediately obvious is that Melanie is an AWESOME returner. There wasn't as many free points off JJ's improved kung-fu serve, and because she scurries about the court constantly getting EVERYTHING back - it really was like watching JJ vs Mini-JJ. The rallies were long and in that heat, with next to no breeze, they were gruelling. Melanie has the basic building blocks of what she needs ... come on, y'all of COURSE she does, she wouldn't have made it this far without. What she currently lacks is consistency on stringing them all together competently and sometimes had the total yips on her serve - probably when the pressure was too much...
JJ had to work bloody hard to take that TB and was getting quite snappy - I read that she'd said something like "leave me alone" to her mom! Sneki was constantly shouting "Come on JJ, Come on"... I must admit - Eva was flinging suspicious looks towards Marko and Sanchez whenever JJ was at that side...




I was the wrong side of the chair to see the first Med Timeout - Alex texted me to say that she was crying, and I thought I could see a stethoscope around the trainer at one stage.

The 2nd set - it was pretty clear JJ wasn't feeling tip-top... although through the points she'd be moving and trying - at the end of a point she'd be closing her eyes and looking fairly knackered... and we knew this was going to be a close affair - more of the same from the first set - and again it was SOOOOOOO hot. Towards the end of the set, though, JJ flicked the passive switch and Melanie took it 7-5.



Ball kids were coming in from some stick - you can tell when she's getting ratty!!


By now... it was just getting hotter and I was beginning to feel
a) increasingly rough
b) increasingly hungry!

Third set... breakfest... and Passive passive PASSIVE!
JJ was doing one of her trademark retrievals and then turning back on herself JUST to get things into play - and push-tennis was the order of the day - Melanie was growing in confidence as she began to believe she might be able to do it... although there was one funny moment where Melanie played a shot that she quite obviously thought had been long, and when JJ won the point, Melanie just hollered "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!" which earned a smile from JJ at our side of the court... but that smile was short lived. JJ seemed more concerned about trying to shorten the points and whilst she occasionally got some success on her serve - Melanie was just on a roll.

JJ reverted to the same passive shit we see... and to be honest it was all a bit of a forgone conclusion...


Match point against JJ :sad:



I have to admit - throughout most of the last set I was texting Cilla and Alex just begging for it to be over one way or the other so I could get food, drink and get out of the sun.

Bye bye goat... until next year....


Jun 29th, 2009, 11:22 AM
Day 6: Roddick v Melzer

By this time I was ravenous, but feeling pretty dehydrated having downed the water and 7-up (flat from the other day, ugh!) that was in my bag - and other courts must have tipped out because EVERYWHERE was heaving...
Pizza and more drink and I thought a quick stroll to the ice cream parlour to ease my itchy throat... and then I saw the queue!

What I'd forgotten about the evening-before Internet tickets is that they are up in the gods, totally covered (so time to put the Oakleys away) and up about 5 frickin' flights of stairs!!!

Anyway - I headed up - Roddick had taken the first set... and no word of a lie - his BIGGEST fan was sat just up and along from us screeching at every available opportunity "GO ON RODDY-BOY"... ok the first couple of times, mildly amusing.
At every point one... really? Really???




This wasn't a bad match by Roddicky standards.... obviously people just wanted him done and dusted so we could get the REAL Andy ( :angel: ) so when the new fitter Andy dropped the 3rd set as he seems to do these days, the natives were getting restless! But... Jurgen had his predicatable "Melz"-down in the 4th... and apparently by now I was getting texts from a couple of friends incl. Cilla saying that the roof may be coming over... not that I could even SEE the damn roof... but hey ho!

For my part - I tried one more time for the ice-cream parlour during the 3rd set and the queue was still so long i gave up and had a bog-standard tub instead... really not feeling great by now...

I had noticed when I stepped out that there were some ominous looking clouds... but it was still horribly humid out there... and still strangely VERY humid up in the stands...

Jun 29th, 2009, 11:28 AM
Bye bye goat... until next year....


Jun 29th, 2009, 11:33 AM
Thank you Rozzie. Very nice. :worship:

Jun 29th, 2009, 11:33 AM
Day 6: Murray v Troicki

The main event... Roddick's biggest fan now annoyingly decided that when she was going to support Viktor she'd be screaming "COME ON VIKSI-BOY".. Gah!
I also had the species known as Casualis Britiski Tennisus Fan sat behind me... waflling about christ alone knows what... but nothing knowledgeable anyway - gave me and the people sitting next to me a lot of amusement...


Viktor has a pretty impressive serve... but I have to say - wasn't really a match for Andy... although he really did throw himself about the court - I don't think Viktor played badly at all... just Andy played better.
That's not to say that the crowd didn't appreciate Viktor and willingly gave him some support to perhaps make it more of a match...

Andy was pretty business like



Still there were murmurings about the roof... I had a friend demanding the roof come on and Cilla told me I'd be part of history (again... having been there for the unveiling of the new roof!)... but still no roofikins...

As we shuffled out from the match, an annoucement came out that they'd be moving the last match on Court 1 to Centre to be played under lights/roof... but there was Moppy to go watch... let's hope that where JJ went, Moppy would not follow - although against Zimonjic/Zi - this was not hopeful!

Jun 29th, 2009, 11:50 AM
Day 6: Murray/Huber v Zimonjic/Zi
So - getting on for 8:30 and light failing... I sent a text to my mate who works for the AELTC to find out if I would have to leg it to the Ticket Resale to get into Court 2 - he tried to get hold of them but figured they'd closed... so told me to blag it...

So off I trundled (feeling pretty crap by now, it has to be said) to court 2... where thankfully we were told it was all free seating... so off i scuttled to the front, but by now it was getting so dark - we were getting VERY grumpy appeals from the ump not to use flash photography!



Jamie/Liezel had taken the first set TB pretty convincingly... and Judy had actually left Andy's match a while back to be here (awwww, sweet)...

Spots of rain were starting to appear and I was beginning to feel worse, so I dug out my top and then my coat... only to get a text from some friends watching saying that they were convinced they'd just seen me on TV. Fame for my brown mac and green hooded cardi!

2nd set was played in pretty good spirits actually... Nenad smashed down a ball that ended up whistling up past Jamie's ear and prompted him to ask "do you think we're on stilts back here?" and when Liezel ACED (!) Nenad she commented that she'd only gotten one past him, he'd gotten hundreds past her... lots of banter between them but the Zees were in good form in the 2nd and took that set!







Third set (again) and all to play for - so Jamie getting broken straight away was NOT a good start!


The Zees were running away with it... but then an ace against Zi I think turned the course of the set - Nenad had wanted to challenge but it was too dark by now, and the original call stands in that circumstance... he was not a happy puppy but it had given Jamie/Liezel the break back and the confidence to go on...


It was getting so dark by now... and at once stage Cilla texted me saying that they'd need a rain break to save them! But they all went on...

Jamie and Liezel closed it out well... and again - this just gives you an idea of how dark it had become when they finished, getting on for 9:30pm again:


And soooo... I trundled back to the bus stop by now feeling like death warmed up!

so 4 days of tennis... and not sure whether I'll be lucky enough to get another chance... and if not - I'll finish up with some of the pics from the Centre court Celebration in May.

Jun 29th, 2009, 12:04 PM
Update: Got a Single Ticket for Wednesday... and the Blog just keeps on rolling!

Jun 29th, 2009, 12:25 PM
nice Roz :worship:

Jul 3rd, 2009, 09:39 AM
Day 9: Aorangi Practice Courts/Outside Courts - Knowles/Bhupathi & Hewitt

So here it is then .... the final blog from Wimbledon from Rozzie this year!

I managed to get a return ticket online (having had NO luck really this year with them) as did a couple of good friends from am.com.
The key with these tickets is to get to the gate as early as possible as the seats are allocated when you collect them...
Ironically I found myself leaving not that much later than my friends (who live in the Midlands!) to get there for 9:30am

Now... as most of you have read.. the Rozzie Blogging Machine tends to also be the Rozzie Blagging Machine... and having gotten through rush hour traffic... I managed to get myself on the STAFF BUS at the Park and Ride. heee!

I had fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I'd get a good ticket and thanks to a moany old grandma who was tired of standing at the gate, they let the for of us queueing early that morning in VERY early - around 9:30! However - I got my ticket in Row X... so more titchy pics for Ros today!
I sat myself down to wait for Dave and Fiona as they were experiencing Rush Hour Tube Travel. For the first time. In a Heatwave. Nice!
So I was chilling, chatting on the phone when I heard an almighty shriek-and-holler of "DAVE!!!" I ambled up to door and asked if I could check/say hello to my friends, and once they got their tickets... I realised that the holler had come from... our very own Michael... who'd been in the queue that morning.
There was another am.com-er who'd been behind him a little way and she's managed to get through (without us seeing her) AND get herself up to the ticket resale queue (about 30th in the queue!)...

Anyway - in all the (cough) many (cough) years I've been coming to Wimbledon on and off, I have NEVER gone to the practice courts! When Cilla and I went to the Centre Court Roof thingy, I remember her saying she always heads there... anyway - after a bit of chatting we headed off there to see who we could see...

Mark Knowles/Mahesh Bhupathi





I also spied Ruano Pascal, Wes Moodie and Dick Norman but they were all a little too far and their courts were along a really active and very thin corridor so there was a fair bit of jostling.

We headed back to the nearest food court for some beverages as we were getting close to sitty-downy time... but as the tourney gets towards the end - you often find people practicing on the outside courts in the main grounds... so as we were heading back to Centre Court we just stumbled across Lleyton Hewitt as well!



Still.. time to head to the seats... thankfully me, Dave and Fiona were just one staircase away from each other.
Michael scooted off to camp on Court 4...

And off to watch the... well I hesitate to use the word "match" between Fed/Dr Ivo....

Jul 3rd, 2009, 09:50 AM
Day 9: Federer v Karlovic

Typically ... my ticket was slap bang in the middle of a row of people all sitting down... sigh! So I edged past, getting an almighty glare from one woman!

The general feeling was that people thought this was going to be a tricky affair for Fed - tight sets and coming down to the TB...

Ummm.... not really so!



Warm up done... we settled down to see what this match would be.
Ummmm..... dull as dishwater was what it was!
For me anyway - Karlovic was a total disappointment. The facets (such as they are) of his game that had gotten him this far had totally deserted him... pushing volleys out... netting backhands/forehands.. well ANY kind of hand really.

As meh as I can be over Fed - he basically went out there to practice his serve game today... and it was actually a bit of a welcome surprise when he broke Karlovic.. at least we'd probably see the first set go quickly (and as it happened... the 2nd & 3rd).

I tried to get a bit of shut-eye actually 'cos it had been a late night and an early start... but the guy next to me kept nudging me saying "oooh are you dropping off, haha"? Answer... (should have been)... YES Ass-hole, quit digging me in the ribs!


Some titchy pics for Tashi...




Thankfully - Fed despatched Dr Ivo nice and sharply... phew... I was staying put... MUZZ!!!!

Jul 3rd, 2009, 10:17 AM
Day 9: Murray v Ferrero
The stadium emptied out immediately after Fed's match so there were LOADS of empty seats when the guys took to the court - but it was blisteringly hot out there again, and people who'd been sat out in the stands must have been totally toasted. Of course for me, Dave and Fiona up in the gods and in the shade - we were fine, except I had no food except some now very stuck together wine-gums. I'd texted them during the Fed match that I was starving, and they kindly let me have a couple of mini-scotch eggs (Hee! appropriate!) and some sarnies... bliss!

There was a bit of nervous tension in the air - I'd watched Ferrero against Santoro... and whilst he's not as agile as Wawrinka, and not as young as he once was - he's still pretty versatile on the court.




I had some tall guy in front with the fluffliest buzz cut I've seen since Novak!!! So I had to take my photo ops when I could... because he'd often block my view completely...

Andy made a great confident start - if people thought he'd be weary after the marathon against Stan, it certainly wasn't evident in the first set.


That's not to say that the first set was a push over though... JC was playing very well and it really was a good match up between them, good rallies, great angles, great points... and more importantly after the boredom of the Karlovic/Fed game, it was a real match



Second set... started out a bit of a worry! Andy broken straight away and I have to admit I thought that this would be his lapse and we'd look at a 4-setter... but he really got his focus back quite quickly...




If the 2nd set was a good demonstration of focus, the third set was even more so.
To me it seemed that after that initial burst forth from Ferrero with an early break was effectively crushed, he kinda lost any momentum after that...
Andy closed out the 3rd 6-2... and I was left to grovel to mum for her NOT to come up and visit on Friday just in case I could get tickets :devil:


Our dilemma was... Jamie's match had started during Andy's match, on a court with totally unreserved seating.
Rozzie needed food
Fiona wanted to watch Hewitt and Roddick on the hill (well... they were on the court, we'd be on the hill.. oh you know what I mean!)

Jul 3rd, 2009, 10:47 AM
Day 9: Jamie Murray/Liezel Huber v Bethanie Mattek-Sands (YAY!!! BETH!)/Mike Bryan

Forsaking food (not an easy thing for a hungry Rozzie to do, let me tell you) we headed over to Court 4 to catch this... Jamie and Liezel had taken the first set in a TB, but lost the second...

But... BIG treat - nice and close and the FIRST time I'd seen Beth play! Actually come to think of it it was the first time I'd seen Mike Bryan, but seeing as he's a twin, I figured when you've seen one Bryan, you've seen 'em all :devil: !!


Was sat next to a couple of American women who were saying that Mike had looked sluggish all match, and that the Bryan's had been suffering with no air-con where they were saying (followed by them kvetching about why apartments had no air-con... ummm... well... cos we don't have heatwaves all that often!)
but they reckoned that Mike was maybe trying to conserve energy for the main dubs as he and Bob were still in.


Again some issues on Jamie's serving - hardly any first serves in but 2nd ones were good, hard and central and sitting up awkwardly for Mike and Beth...
His service games were a lot stronger than I'd seen of late...
Liezel had to have a 10 minute timeout after suffering from the heat - but boy she was game... she did look like she was feeling fairly crap but she hung in there...
and she was still all fist-pumpy on the good shots.




It's actually a real treat to see dubs specialists playing - sharp rallies, great reflexes at the net - Beth is pretty awesome to watch actually. Next year I'm going to try and catch her in proper dubs (with Mirza?) if possible...




Jamie to serve out for the match... and although first serves again were iffy - I have to say he held onto his serve well and served it out with a lot more confidence that I'd seen in the other two matches. Of course it helped that it was in broad daylight this time and not by instinct and sound!!




I had ANOTHER JJ moment, where both Jamie, and then Liezel walked right past me and this time i had warm evian instead of warm 7-up... but no WARM CAMERA!!!!

Note to self... swap those pockets over next year!

To finish off (after some ice-cream and a long-overdue lunch) we headed up to the hill... it was packed with loads of people watching the coverage of the Hewitt/Roddick match. Between a mate from Florida, and one from Australia texting me ... it was quite the experience. I would say... I'm glad I've done the hill... the crowd seemed to be overwhelmingly for Hewitt - he's definately a great people's favourite... BUT it is bloody uncomfortable sitting on the hill. If it's not people standing by the tables, blocking the seats, the banks of the hill itself are really steep... so bags, caps, flip flops, empty cartons/glasses all comes rolling down where people have left them and the busier it gets the less change you have to stretch out a bit ...
Like I said - I'm glad I've experienced it for a big match but I made up my mind that if I didn't get tickets for the men's semi :bigcry: I sure as hell wouldn't be spending £20 + all the extras to sit on the hill and watch.

And so... ends Rozzie's 2009 Wimbledon Blog.
5 days.. some AWESOME matches... and a sun-tan to boot!
Pity the credit card has melted!

Until next year... :wavey:

Jul 3rd, 2009, 03:14 PM
Thank you Rozzie! Awesome blogging as always.:D

Jul 4th, 2009, 04:17 PM
Thanks for the great blogs, Ros :worship:

Jun 6th, 2010, 04:55 PM
Bump :angel:

Bonus Blog - some photos from the Wimbledon Centre Court Celebration!

It totally threatened to rain before hand - handy really when you are testing a roof!
We arranged to meet with some friends once inside and they were predicting rain during the day
Quite cloudy – perfect roof testing weather

Been to a ball just after Wimbledon – and the courts are all battered and bruised from the playing etc – this time – everything pristine – just waiting for the season to start
Headed to the courts – Sue Barker as MC
Lots of classical music stars to sing the roof shut (yes really!)
Kathryn Jenkins
Faryl Smith (a classic singer who was on Britian’s got talent)
Blake (male classical vocal quartet)
Amazing Grace & hallelujah – amazing to have it closed

Mixed between Kim&Tim (heh) and Andre/Mrs Agassi











Andre’s speed of return up close (quite close to the front) was fierce – incl the shot that hit Kim fair in the stomach
H/C – 7-6(6)

Agassi/Tim – 6-4
Agassi taking it pretty seriously in terms of shot making – Tim making faces about having to run for the ball – often letting them whistle past him
Single break but very good fun to watch – but only really got shots of Tim at the end!


Highlight was Clijsters/Graf (64)
Never seen Kim play – had seen Graf MANY times – but clear she had lost NONE of hewr competitiveness
Especially after a couple of wayward shots – Graf was about to roast the guy, and checked herself, remembering where she was and planked herself on the edge of the court to have a gentle chat with him!


Oh yeah – and it PISSED down and at one stage in the match – Kim looked up at the roof where you could hear the rain thundering.

All in all - the guys gave it the thumbs up - there had been a couple of slips from them every now and again... but it seemed to have stood up well.


Jun 6th, 2010, 05:16 PM
Day 10 – USO
So – part of the Washington trip was to have a jaunt up to NY for the USO. One of my best friends from IBM in the US gets staff discounts for the tix, so her husband went for two tickets for us on Day 10.
I had to get up super early – like as if I was at work! That and jet lag – oi vey
The train journey is about 3 and a bit hours and redsonja did warn me not to get into a crowded carriage – and I could see why – I have never seen so many people on phone calls!
Got to Penn Station and pinged Les – and had to head off to the local Maccy D’s – something a bit disconcerting listening to classical music being piped through … but hey ho!
Fed and watered – we made our way on the subway to Flushing Meadows… if I thought our tube system was sometimes troublesome – Lord have mercy! Thank god for Les having studied it for ages while waiting for me!

OK so USO vs Wimbledon!


And more security conscious – I had to check my back pack in and make do with a bloody plastic bag! Pffft.

Anyway – we stopped to get summat to eat – first of a couple of disasterous food choices – poor Les – I kept having to resort to nicking his food!

Firstly – the Arthur Ashe stadium is a fucking MONSTER!
Escalators to get up there – I mean it is bloody awesome – to behold – the first time I sat on Centre I was blown away – this was something else ENTIRELY! We did say we were going to gallop up to the gods but we never got round to it!


Jun 6th, 2010, 05:21 PM
USO Day 10: Bryans v Dlouhy/Paes
Anyway – first up on Ashe was the Bryans-Squared vs Gluey Dlouhy and the evil dwarf Paes- Les very amused by my subtle booing of Paes
However – my attempts to use mind control failed – epically – Dlouhy/Paes saw off Bob and Mike …64 36 76(6)

Ah well...





Jun 6th, 2010, 05:25 PM
US) Day 10: Practice Courts and Clueless Watchers

A quick wander about to go buy souvenirs... and a little snoop over the praccy courts - Serena and Max Mirnyi & Andy Ram (explaining to various uninitiated passers by who was who)!





Jun 6th, 2010, 05:30 PM
USO Day 10: Wickmayer/KBond. 75 64

Katerina had an amazing run – up until now… from the outset she seemed very bunny-headlightly – Wickmayer was swinging free and granted KBond was strapped up by now but it really seemed that the occasion had gotten to her – her amazing run of form and freedom on hard courts seemed to come to a juddering stop. She was pretty inhibited and just never really got herself going… losing in straights

A word on corporate hospitality - working for a corp myself - it's not an alien concept to have debenture users flitting back and forth from freebie bars - hell on Ashe you could hear conversation, laughing, joking and cutlery rattling from the restauarants.
But we had a couple of guys who really could not have cared less about the tennis in front of us ... one with a very girlie man-purse to boot!
Les deferred all tennisy knowledge to me - which consisted of trying to explain how seeding works (they thought the numbers in brackets were the girls' ages!)
What can you say - it happens... can be amusing and sad all at the same time.






Jun 6th, 2010, 05:31 PM
Yeah, AA Stadium looks impressive even on TV, can't imagine how you felt there. :speakles:

Can people sitting high up even see the ball?

Jun 6th, 2010, 05:34 PM
I don't know - I mean - we felt pretty high up where we were - and we really wanted to go up and see what it was like up there.

because it's SO VAST, and SO HIGH - people move about all the live long day!!! Wimbledon and RG - you are kept very much behind the barriers until the change of ends. Here - they kinda do that - but a bit half heartedly....

Jun 6th, 2010, 05:40 PM
USO Day 10: Djokovic v Verdasco 76(2), 16, 75 62

By now we were getting close to having to plan to get back for our trains – so it was pretty clear we weren’t going to get to see all of Nole/FerVer 76(2), 16, 75 62
And Oh. Those. Kits.
Just NO!




Nole just didn’t seem to start confidently – body language towards the end of last year was lots of shrugging to his team – seemed to be struggling with his serve and Nando wasn’t rolling over for him.
This first set was pretty amazing – both really going at it – and I think on balance Nole was pretty lucky to get the 1st.




At that point we really had to mosey – so we left as Nole was coallpsing a bit in the 2nd…
And here’s the BEEEG differenc e between Wimbledon (and RG!) and USO – this whole day and night deal.
As we left people were queuing up for the night session – but of course weren’t going to be able to take their seats until the “day” session had finished.
I would take the day session at events like USO/AO for that reason – although I would LOVE to see a night match at either of those two.

We headed back to the trains – and the loooooong journey back for me to Washington.
Christ alive – if I thought that a full day at Wimbledon was tough – try tagging along a 3 and a half hour journey home!

Final passing thought – I was ONE LUCKY ROZZIE – the next 2 days were completely rained out at USO.

But a fantastic experience... one I was so lucky to have so this section of blog is dedicated to Les and Emi Olsson :-))

Jun 6th, 2010, 05:41 PM
Love how you subtly booed Paes! :lol:

And I love your blog Rozzie. Can't wait to read the rest.

The roof on Center is love. :hearts:

Jun 6th, 2010, 05:45 PM
Just waiting for the ATP finals to load up and then.... it'll be RG baby!
Including - JJ in winninng ways!

Jun 6th, 2010, 05:54 PM
ATP World Tour Finals - O2 Arena, London

So – Cilla and I were headed to the WTF (heh) finals at the O2 arena…
We had day and night session tix and knew that a couple of friends from am.com were going to be there too…


First things first - for my friend Fitzy - we found Mark Knowles having a practice in a court slap bang in the middle of the O2...



Oh and we were sat RIGHT UP AT THE TOP!
Pictures from there were nigh on impossible and don’t even do the lead in justice – the whole stadium goes pitch dark and there is a thunderous lead in – videos, countdowns, smoke etc – pretty nifty. Aces, break points, match points are all beamed around on the ticker to get the casual bystander involved – all in all very jazzy!


Jun 6th, 2010, 05:56 PM
Group B Doubles
M Mirnyi (BLR) / A Ram (ISR) d L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND) 76(1) 64
B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) d L Kubot (POL) / O Marach (AUT) 63 64

Seriously what is it with me and bloody Dlouhy/Paes… Wimbledon, then USO, and now the WTFs… pfffft!
We amused ourselves with cursing Paes and betting on how many chest bumps the chest bumping buffoons would do.

Being up so high - it really wasn't so feasible to get decent shots ... my camera's been pretty good to me over the years but it's definately had it's day methinks... I might have to get a better one soon ... awwww - I feel like I'm cheating on it, by even TYPING that!

Dubs over – time for nosh – this is where the O2 falls down a bit – there are loads of ressies all around – but the sheer volume of the people (day session people getting something to eat and evening session people arriving) made it all a bit chaotic.
Cilla and I managed to get to a restauarant and they kindly moved us to a bigger table when a couple of friends from am.com joined us!

Jun 6th, 2010, 06:03 PM
Group B Singles
N Djokovic (SRB) d R Nadal (ESP) 76(5) 63
N Davydenko (RUS) d R Soderling (SWE) 76(4) 46 63

As with USO – Nole seemed to be more concerned with muttering to his team every so often – but sadly Rafa was struggling with injuries – including gratuitous body shots as he had a MTO and got treatment courtside. We also had Nole’s oldest fan-boy a couple of rows in front of us – an old geezer who let rip with a “woo hoo” every time Nole had any decisive points!



Nole won and on to… Davydonkey and The Sod!



Now – this is
a)where transport to the O2 becomes an issue with TONS of people having to head out before the end to get last trains home and…
b)I should have realised I maybe could have DRIVEN to the O2 – having stupidly gotten the O2 and the New Wembley confused in my tiny mind. DOH!
We couldn’t really stay to the end of the match – and seemingly left with half the stadium – but it was clear that the O2 had a cracking start to host the finals.

And that was all the tennis for 2009!!!

Jun 6th, 2010, 06:04 PM
And now... I need to go have a beer before I tackle Roland Garros - I was so excited (exciting?) to go to this... I think even more excited than my first time at Wimbledon at about 17/18 when my dad made me go to keep my mum company and it was like the FIRST AND ONLY time I cited exam revision as an excuse! He made me take it.
I never looked at it... and I was HOOKED from that first visit!

Back later with alcohol and food!

Jun 6th, 2010, 07:21 PM
OK - I have the rest of a bottle of vino blanco and have had pizza!
Roland Garros 2010: Day 5 - I'm only happy when it rains....

A friend had been before and already had tickets for Chatrier as a result of an Bercy package – and had registered to get tix on the internet – so on the day they came out – between us we tried ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY! I was at work so it was a bit tricky to keep checking and if you think Ticket Master in the UK is irritating for Wimbledon – that’s nothing on the Billeterie a la FFT !

However – perseverance paid off and we had tix for me to treat mum to a trip to France and a spare ticket for Chatrier!

What we DIDN’T bargain on … weather!!!

So – Arrived on the Weds – got a cab to the apartment hotel and having just gotten an iPhone – I was pretty stoked to be able to liberally use their free wifi!

We caught some of the coverage of Rezai – the French commies were hilarious!!!
I’d spent most of the journey thinking I’d figured out the right bus etc to get to Porte d’auteil… ummm just No!

The bus we needed was right outside the apartment! Took us by the Arc de Triomphe!
Now – what you need to know is that in France – it’s not traffic on the roundabout that has priority… non non non… it is traffic JOINING… so cars inexplicably stop dead on the roundabout as the bus hurtles along… holy crapoli – hilarity and terror in pretty much equal measure!

For my money – RG and Wimbledon are pretty similar in setup
Both are situated slap bang in built up areas… fairly long schlep to the stadium – e-billets at the ready we scanned through – and in we were.
And then it started raining.
Just spitting really – but enough to mean that play was delayed.
We divided and conquered with mum heading to Lenglen and I had my friend’s tic to Chatrier because she knew I wanted to watch JJ … not that we watched anything for a while!


11am start….delayed to “trieze heures”… then “quatorze heures” … we headed off to La Terrace where – yep pretty much the entire spectator population of RG had gathered! Mum managed to get some shelter and I tootled off to get some frites. I’d had a bit of fun chatting with the staff at the Chatrier and Lenglen gates – and decided to try out my French at doing that very British of occupations – joining the end of a queue, with a rather nice guy in front!


Just like in nightclubs – doesn’t matter where you stand – it seems to be a public throughway – a comment I made and to my surprise the VERY nice looking dude in front turned and agreed and we chatted all the way to the front of the queue… Mainly about how I would (hopefully, eventually) see the difference that playng on clay brings… in terms of court smarts.
Food gotten – I headed back to where we were trying to shelter and the daughter of a French family sat playing cards offered me a seat while she got her grub – so again – similarly to Wimbledon we chatted all about tennis here – the plans being discussed to move RG to Versailles or to have extensions to RG (think…. Converting the golf course next to Wimbledon to be additional court space).
I trotted back to chat up the guy at Lenglen to see how long – and initially they were outlooking no play until 4pm and then suddenly – out of nowhere – blue sky, and dryness.
We legged it to our respective courts and irritatingly JUST as I got to Chatrier– it bloody well started spitting AGAIN! But they seemed determined to get them underway…


Jun 6th, 2010, 07:30 PM
RG 2010 Day 5: "JaJa, Oh La La..." Jankovic v Kanepi 62 36 64


JJ and THAT dress. That is one yellow dress but at least we were spared that god-fugly frillapalooza jacket of Wimbledon!

Marat appeared in the guest boxes and was chatting to Sneki – jesus that man is HOT!


And our canary...





Oh – yeah – the game!
I was only going to be able to see the first set – and JJ started it well.
Her serve – the service action itself is the same as it’s always been – but she really does seem to be going for cheap points a lot more than she EVER did – a lot of good placement on her first and sometimes her second serves – ok maybe the odd powder puff serve crept in every now and again… but she really does seem to have focused on that.



Kanepi seemed very heavy footed in the first set – sure she whips up a fuck load of pace when she can – but she was sure having a bad day in the office in the first set – she’d whack the ball back with pace and JJ was just able to deaden it.
What I was saying to the French dude about court smarts – you really do see it – JJ has always had a good sense of building up points – but it’s very much more evident on clay.



Of course she was helped rather a lot by a LOT of UEs from Kaia in the first set. Personally I think the scary Estonia-flag face painted clowns put her off ! Man those fans were SCARY!

JJ was pretty workmanlike in the first set – and once over – I had to scuttle back to Lenglen to do a ticket swap…


Jun 6th, 2010, 07:46 PM
RG 2010: Day 5: Roddick d Kavcic 63 57 64 62

Now I’ve seen Duck Boy play a few times now at Wimbledon and have always been a bit meh about him – his attitude can suck bigtime (his meltdown and loss against Tipsy) and the lack of variation in his game at that time made watching him boring as hell!
Until last year and the Stepanki effect (sigh – Wimbly semi/final)… so I was curious to see what he was going to be like on clay – and was NOT disappointed. For someone who once upon a time had NO backhand to speak of – I was totally discombobulated to see him backhand slicing, coming to the net – dropping back – unreal!




That’s not to say Kavcic was outclassed – he took a set off Andy and there were some real flashes of brilliance – but just not consistent enough.
But … hey some more about that rain. The second bout was UNREAL! The clouds came over so fast and the brollies shot up – Roddick started to bitch and moan about the movement in the crowd – uh huh buddy – I’m gonna get double pneumonia for you? Just NO!
And it rained HARD! I was bloody soaked through in seconds! And there was treally nothing you could do/go to get out… so I stayed put. Wet.
Mum came back from having been wandering with a hot dog. Not hot. Wet.
Getting the picture?
Note to self - next time the apartment-hotel offer you the loan of one of their umbrellas - freakin' TAKE IT! 'Cos let me tell y'all - a commuter-sized mini-brolly ... NO FUCKING USE IN A DELUGE! Just sayin'.....

Then to our immense surprise – in a brief let up to light spitting – the guys came out to sweep the rain off the covers, and they were off!! Unreal – at Wimbledon the stroke the grass and sing it soothing songs and buy it a clotted cream tea before letting the players back on it… here … covers swept, covers off, players on – ALLEZ!



Well ok – actually – their weather cover states percentages of money back depending on how many hours of play. Over two hours – no euros back – so they had had 1 and a half before the rains came down – so play started up toute de suite!

Roddick came out very very much on the back foot at the restart. Those flashed of brilliance from Kavcic started to be a lot more consistent … hence the loss of that 2nd set – but again – the rain – and at this point we all decided that we’d had enough for the day!

Of course – sod’s law – by the time we’d walked back to the bus-station and gotten back to the hotel – the shower had passed and they were off again… I got a reminder from the RG iPhone app that Bartoli’s match was about to start!!! Ah well… I could live without Cakeoli!

I took my soggy self off to bed... ready for better weather à demain

Jun 6th, 2010, 08:02 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: Allez Olla Ole!


This could not have been any better a line up:
Serena def Julia Goerges 61 61
Bartoli d Sanchez 75 62
Fed d Reister 64 60 64
Murray d Baghdatis 62 63 06 62
Demented d Wozniak 67(2) 63 64

Jun 6th, 2010, 09:02 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: S Williams d Julia Goerges 61 61

First up – a very workmanlike Serena – ominously silent against Julia Georges who reprised her role of leaking UEs into the net, out wide, pretty much every damn place! It really was a white wash.
And today was the day of the WTA reduced service actions!
Julia did this weird cut down action – as did Olivia Sanchez







Jun 6th, 2010, 09:07 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: Bartoli d Sanchez 75 62

For some reason I figured that Bartoli might not be as popular as maybe some of the other French stars – indeed she was behind in the set as they started…. Lots of cries of ALLEZ Marion and no sign of the evil Dr Walter.


Ballet 2nd position serve seems to be the favourite de jour – better than that ridiculous bunny hop and that god awful knees together – and love her or loathe her – she comes up with crazy ass angles.



And interestingly – when she lets go of that frying pan slip action to do a single handed running pass – guess what – it’s unreachable! Just putting it out there Marion... sometimes the single handed play is more helpful to ya!

Sanchez was a lot like Kavcic – there were some flashes of real brilliance but also plagued with UE leaks… and experience really showed – Cakeoli really took her apart in the second and Olivia’s form just evaporated. But she’s one of promise and I think one to look out for.





Jun 6th, 2010, 09:17 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: Fed d Reister 64 60 64 (with added Flemski...through bars!)

Next up – Fed v Julian Reister
In the preamble – they made a HUGE big deal out of how Fed is Resiter’s idol - even waves like him!


I promised Tashi loads of Fed pics – so here you go hon... fill ya boots!





First set – Julian did well to stay up with him – idol or not he was not going to roll over...



So... with that in mind – I strolled off after the first set for a bit of grub and spotted Flemski through bars ...


RG is quite a bit smaller that Wimbledon, although I would say the layout is similar – but it is nigh on impossible to get onto the outer courts in the same way as one can amble around in Wimbledon. A photographer very kindly let me quickly snap the guys... I know it’s the back of them – but ... well... best I could do!

And meanwhile on courtski- Reister had gone and gotten himself bagelled!
He put up a bit more of a fight in the third but really – foregone conclusion!


Jun 6th, 2010, 09:32 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: Murray d Baghdatis 62 63 06 62

So... who next but Baggy and Andy!


One word: Rallies
The rallies in this match were freakin’ AMAZE!




For my money – Andy did take a bit of time to get going in the first couple of games – Marcos seeming to rattle through his quite a bit quicker... but then Andy is a lean mean machine, and Baggy – well was sporting a fine pair of moobs! Less of the kebabs methinks, my son!




But for all that – and the great rallies – baggy was just too inconsistent in the first two sets – for as many great shot making passes he could come up with, he was also UE-mongous! So... you can imagine we were all a touch discombobulated when Baggy stomped over Andy in the 3rd with a Bagel... seriously Andy – WTF???


His body language was shlumpy and at one stage we were wondering if this was going to descend to another 5 setter.
Then ... I looked up... and guess what... Saltire in the Sky – I shit you not, people!




I don’t believe in signs myself... no? Don’t believe me? Come take a drive with me sometime! I always have roadsigns obscured by lorries in front of me... oh sorry – where was I... yes Saltire in the sky but Andy really looked pretty knackered after he closed out the 4th... and probably mightily relieved, I dare say!.


Jun 6th, 2010, 09:42 PM
RG 2010 Day 6: Demented d Wozniak 67(2) 63 64

Well not surprisingly people tipped out of Lenglen (myself included). See where we were was sheltered a lot by the stand... which would have been GREAT if it had been a hot day – but it wasn’t that warm. Had we been maybe 3 or 4 rows further forward it would have been quite pleasant.

AWoz- has a lot of Puppy-like mannerisms (except maybe the fistpump, thank Christ!)...


but what struck me in this match (and we were to see sadly in the semi) was that Demented was already by this stage severely hampered.
Her movement was such that she’d often slide and stop judderingly short – man that would HURT. At one stage she shot a look of pain to Mommy Vera and actually looked close to tears.




And the games – lord in heaven – deuce/ad/deuce/ad.
Mum had gone to get ice-cream and was stood for ages waiting for them to finish to come back in!!! I was surprised all of mine was still there!

In the end – sadly we gave up as it was getting too bloody cold and mum wanted to go back- so that was the end of our RG...


I would definitely try and go back – maybe pre-order ground passes for the first couple of days and try out their version of the resale queue... and then hope for getting tickets via the internet ahead of time.
As for the weather – well ... it happens. I realised how lucky I was to have not one but TWO Slams on my door step. And not only that – but to have had a chance to go to the USO last year too... only one more and I’ll have my blogging slam!!!

Be back for as many rounds at Wimbledon as I can manage!


Jun 7th, 2010, 01:40 AM

Yummm!:hearts: Thanks Rozzie!

Jun 11th, 2010, 09:44 PM
Well my ex boyf warned me it would be like a labour of love to do this... but I did it anyway!
It has taken about a full week - but I have FINALLY gathered all the various tennis blogs I've written and they are also now housed in a new site
Rozzie's Tennis Blogs (http://rozziestennisblogs.blogspot.com/p/archive.html)

BUT that being said - THIS forum is the spiritual home of the Rozzie Bloggy - and I've found it's easier to lift them from the vBulletin set up that which makes it extremely easy to manage the HTML composition bobbins I have to do.

Anyway - it's done in time for Wimbledon

Ladies and Gentlemen, Quiet Please
Players ready?
Play ...

Jun 12th, 2010, 10:15 AM
Looks great Rozzie! I bookmarked it. ;)

Jun 12th, 2010, 11:42 AM
Meh - I can't good rep you - must go around giving some random good reps so accept this :kiss: instead :angel:

Jun 12th, 2010, 12:13 PM
Thank you Ros:worship::D:worship:

Great work and a big round of applause for all the time you put in this.:clap2::D

Jun 20th, 2010, 09:09 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen..... Wimbledon 2010 has begun - you wanna know how I know...

I got me and my ma two tix to Centre Court -
Fed vs Falla - meh - well ok for Tashi - I will have to test out the camera...
Then... oh my DAYS! Glittery Goat vs LRob... Jamie's ex Mixed partner vs his new one!
Oh yeah - and Ol' McNoleo and his farm...
AND it looks like they'll put Puppy/Peer and A-Bond/O'Brien on any spare show courts after 5pm ... so it may be a Serbia 1-2-3...
Otherwise - what's the bet I get Puppy first up on Court 1 on the Tuesday? Oi vey!

THIS is the spiritual home of my blogs and it always will be - they will be published here AS USUAL, and will be available on my blog-site shortly thereafter...

This is your loyal JJ correspondent, signing off...


Jun 21st, 2010, 09:53 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 1 (Preview): Oh my days... where to start?

Let's start at the very beginning ...
We got in... bonus lulz... mum being like 10 miles aware of where we were - like a defective SatNav ....
Grumpy Brits getting uppity because no-one was around to drive the parky-ridey bus
Galloped to Court 12 - Baltacha v Martic - some know-all declared Martic as "some goat-herder"... uh huh....
Then Centre at a gentle amble... 'cos Fed was only gonna be on for a little while, right... Holy. Freakin'. LORD is all I'll say about that for now...
Then JJ/LRob - and what stands out for me here is a comparison between Laura and Elena... girl is FIERCE...
Then a distinct lack of Scones and clotted cream/jam meant I had to force Strawberries and Cream down my gullet.
It's a HARD life blogging y'all...

Then... Ol McNoleo and his batshit insane farm.... We left with Rochus up a break in the 3rd because inexplicably my eye started streaming and my snout-a-dribbling - a cold? In the middle of summer? WTF!
But in the spirit of Lady Jaja - Serbian Warrior Princess of Glitter - I will be dragging myself off my deathbed (although I suspect this is more an allergy of some sort given the itchy eyes) as... we have MUZZ tomorrow. Why he is on Court 1 I do not know... am.com was going mental when I checked it as we left - but Andy's webby has a major revamp and the forum bit has gone awol for the minute so I'm not sure what's going on...

I'll be up early tomoz to sort out the pics... but all in all a pretty glorious first day!

Jun 21st, 2010, 10:23 PM
Thank you Rozzie! Great blog :worship::wavey:

Jun 21st, 2010, 10:31 PM
Thank you Rozzie! Great blog :worship::wavey:

So many notes and loads of photos to come - it was a great day ... but we're there tomorrow too so not sure how much I'll get done... because here I sit - STILL watching Nole!!! Makes me realise that being in the Park and Ride and having tix for centre don't go well - as they IMPOUND your car because you can't leave it when the car park shuts!

Jun 22nd, 2010, 09:35 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 2 Preview

And once more with a bite-size of chunk of what was seen as what's coming up when I finally get to write this deal!
Court 12 - OPEN SEASON! So many people scampering to see Anne Keothavong in her R1 match
The Odyssey around the Food Village starts in earnest for the 2010 season....two concessions down and I keep meaning to head to Aorangi for roast boar one day...
Jo-Wilf throwing himself at me constantly... well ok not really - but that boy was prone a WHOLE LOT today...
Some guy called Murray - I hear he can be quite good sometimes :devil:
And then more Food Court Odyssey before catching the final two games of Caro-verated's annihilation of Garbin
Then the first set of Hantuchova/King before heading back....

Oh - I learnt useful shit about my camera. Wish I'd done that homework the day before huh!

Blogeroo to the next clue tomorrow in full before hopefully 3 continuous days of tennis coverage


Jun 22nd, 2010, 09:47 PM
^ :haha:

Sounds promising.

Jun 23rd, 2010, 11:13 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 1: Baltacha v Martic

It occurred to me while driving to the Park and Ride that I never truly realised how exhausted I was last year with being on a new project and having to learn stuff from scratch – because I totally had no recollection of how to get there.
This year – no such problem – Knowledge is a marvellous thing! Mind you – mum was good value for hilarity on the way up from Colchester at the weekend – commenting that she thought that my new SatNav wasn’t as rude as the old one... mmmkay... moving on...
She was a bit like defective Sat Nav today though – pointing out turnings and signs about 10 mins after I’d turned! Although we now have the new national sport of “spot the person driving to the Park and Ride for the first time”... especially one or two tricky lane changes...

Some typical Brit moaning on the bus – pretty much everyone on there had confirmed tickets – and the drivers were all off in the distance having a cuppa and a natter... I was noble and offered up my seat to someone, but it was politely declined...

The iPhone App is bloody awesome – actually much nicer than the RG one – so with that in my trusty paw... the plan was to get through security and get ourselves over to Court 12 for an hour to catch a bit of Bally....
I had to chortle at some random in front of us, large fella, purporting to belong to a tennis club and declaring Martic as some “goat-herder”... Turns our Elena is the patron of his tennis club so he was turning out to support before he and his wife also were heading to centre.
Court was getting pretty busy and she got a rousing cheer as she took to the court from the Britskis...



I’d never noticed before but Bally has her strict routine... doesn’t get up from her seat unless she absolutely is at the end of time, and does a bit of a Hantuchover and goes to the corner of the court, and then turns round for the point.


For my money –she looked a little nervous – prolly understandable – opening up proceedings etc... In the first set she seemed solid enough in her games and was helped by the fact that Martic was struggling to find her range a lot.



Both of them slug it out from the back – but it was good to see Bally mix it up and come to the net, and all the while Petra was getting quiet frustrated – chucking her racquet down at one stage and earning an “ooooh” from the crowd...
But then the nerves seemed to kick in for Elena – she had a nervy hold to go 4-2 and then broke, and to be fair she was pretty pumped and put on a strong game to take the set. We had to go by that point... and Cilla texted me to tell me that she’d struggled to serve it out for the set – and Martic had obviously settled into her game by now so the 2nd set went to her.


What we weren’t prepared for was the absolute collapse in the third? The scores get flashed up in Centre at CoEs and people were all “huh? What happened” ... I think this was a winnable match for her and I can only assume that she’s as gutted as everyone else as I think she and Anne had the best chances this year of going through to the next round....

Jun 23rd, 2010, 12:54 PM
Wimbledon Day 2010 Day 1: Federer v Falla
No chance of pics for Tashi of Federer’s entrance cos a hotdog beckoned ... Sorry hon – food/Fed? Guess which wins out?
Now – back in the day... when I used to queue with mum when I was a student – she would scamper round watching loads of matches on the outside courts and I would stay put on whatever court we had tix for. As soon as mum knew that Monfils was on 5 she was deadest on going to watch him so once we’d sussed out where the lift was because our seats were up in the gods, she scuttled off – scrunching the A4 e-ticket ... I swear I was convinced we were in for a lost ticket nightmare...


This was the first time to start experimenting with the camera – but sat behind me all the while during serving actions I heard precise motorised clicks – the woman behind had an AMAZING camera that could take rapid pics... note to self – read up MORE on my camera’s capabilities!
She was an American who now lives here but she knew her tennis (makes a change from the generally clueless people who need to have the basics explained!)... we had a good natter over the course of the day about the USO and the MONSTER that is Arthur Ashe court vs Centre here...
Anyway – we’d arrived for a typical Fed challenge fuck-up which never ceases to amuse me! Falla was clearly not just going to roll over for Fed but at that stage we all thought it was a foregone conclusion... uh huh...



Falla took a break and although it was chokey as hell – there was a massive roar when Falla took the first set... but – that’s just a glitch, right... Roger is going to PUNISH him...?





There were times when Roger looked all kinds of discombobulated out there – a lot of the time he looked like he was off balance – he’s play a strong game one minute and then totally have a brain fart the next – in the 2nd set the atmosphere was changing in the court ... what was initially “Ok well he let Falla have the first set – normal service will be resumed” to... WHUCK?


On the 2nd set – I think it took Falla 5 attempts to take it – jeez that guy makes watching JJ easy!!!
However – at the end of the 2nd – Falla called for the trainer... – and it was clear Roger was gonna have to do this the hard way...


There was a typical casual-looking-but-genius reverse back hand volley that I thought would be th turning point of the match... Cilla texted me saying that if Falla couldn’t hold at 5-4 in the 3rd it would be all over... and.... Rog took the 3rd.


Our hopes were raised again when Falla started with a break in the 4th set – but failed to serve it out for the match at 5-4. He totally choked the TB away and FINALLY we saw the real Roger in the 5th.



It’s often said... when lower ranked players push the higher ones “they can’t maintain that level of intensity”... Falla had done extraordinarily well... but the TB finished him.
He just looked totally spent, lost and tired.


A lot of the match was spent tsking at Roger’s biggest fan boy in front and some stony faced Rogi fans sat next to me... The fan boy was a lager swilling aggressor who kept demanding why people were clapping and cheering Falla on.
Mind you – I have to say – I have always been a bit meh about Roger and have always said so... and I think it’s because I’ve just seen him stomp over people at Wimbledon (and now RG, lucky me!) and it’s been straightforward straight sets victories. The only time I’ve ever seen him taken the distance has been from the comfort of my sofa!
So this was... a bit of a revelation for me... to see a full match. I am not the biggest Fed fan in terms of his character – I freely admit that. Of course to be the best you have to have a certain sense of arrogance... but Roger’s disdain at times, in the past, for someone who is supposed to be the epitome of an ambassador to the sport is, quite frankly, unforgivable.
This was a match and a half... and there were ironic chuckles at the post match interview when the interviewer was trying to ask him if there were any injuries hampering him... Fed: I’m perfect...


Jun 23rd, 2010, 01:51 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 1: JJ vs Laura Robson

Predictably... the world and his wife left the stadium en masse... and they weren’t hanging around getting the girls out





Strong start by JJ with a break...with a DF from Laura helping...



Laura comes across as fearless (compared to Bally earlier in the day who appeared really nervous)... Girls’ got game but at times inconsistent... her footwork in particular ... I think JJ’s experience was really going to stand her in good stead here... lord – JJ even came into the net once in a while!



Mind you saying that – she got herself broken to love, dammit when serving for the set! Pfffft!
She took it though at the second time of asking...



What struck me most was JJ generating and whipping up pace... not sure I’ve seen her do that too much on grass...she’s very good at constructing her points and forcing those UEs from making her opponents play that “one more shot”... she didn’t get her own way with Laura though.



What I mean by “fearless” is this kid is more than capable of breaking JJ to love when she (JJ) was serving for the set, and holding her own serve to love.
She has a freakin’ hefty serve and the leftie aspect did case JJ some issues in the second set
I also think that more of the crowd filtered back in 2nd set and the support was more evident...




Loved JJ giving Sneki a mouthful as she was consistently cheering her “Come ON JJ, Come ON”...

JJ had that MUST HOLD game at 3-3 and finally scrabbled it – it wasn’t the most convincing of holds though...



Again – JJ got broken I think serving for the match... and had to dig out 2 aces... (ACES?????) to stay ahead at 6-5.
Laura really dug deep – saving 3 MPs to take it into the TB and started it well... but JJ and rallies were to finally do for her.

I think that Laura has superb weapons in the making... and her serve is scary...
And the thing that impressed me is that she doesn’t appear overawed by the occasions... it’s all “Centre? Yeah ok then”... she’s going to be exciting to watch next time.
As for our glittery goat = I think she was very gracious in her interview and I think she knows she has to play herself into form here.
Laura was probably always going to come off worse once JJ got her into rallies because of her movement. I can’t see CanWoz causing her a whole load of issues – if Dementieva-on-one-leg can come though against her – I think JJ will do just fine... but she’s going to have to step it up to get her grass legs under her.




Jun 23rd, 2010, 02:18 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 1: Djokovic v O Rochus

We had to go have a break after the Fed rollercoaster and JJ
Hmm – the people in the concessions may be students of the highest calibre (they used to only be made up of Oxbridge students but I think nowadays they take anyone!)... but LORD are they ever SLOOOOOOOOW!
They just have no common sense at all either!
On day one – it’s a bad sign that they ran out of scones and clotted cream/jam so I had to force strawberries and cream down as a tea time treat. It’s a hard life.
We met up with my friend Jason who chatted with us for a bit and then we headed back...

I can tell I was tired – I looked up at the score and saw 5-3 and just assumed it was Nole in the lead.
I did a total double take when I realised the little hobbit had taken the first!



Recently when I’ve watched Nole – he’s been moaney as hell to his crew and today was no exception – on am.com the folks are alarmed when Andy’s body language betrays his emotions... and Nole is no different – sometimes he actually looks like he really doesn’t even want to be there. We know that’s not true – but possibly something for those guys to consider...


By now it was getting later and the court was pretty slippy and slidey – Nole looked like Bambi walking for the first time half the time!
Actually all joking aside – it looked as though one slip had tweaked his back but he was a lot more controlling of the points in the 2nd set.



A lot of effective use of the serve out wide – but that being said – he failed to take set points at the time... and it was a scramble for him despite the score.
Again like with Roger we thought... Nole back in control. Then he got broken, at the start of the third! I wanted to go down and give him a good shake! Olivier was all over Nole like a little hobbit rash in the third... and Nole’s body language was just fucking appalling.

Now remember we’re up in the gods so it’s quite cold up there and my mum was getting bored of Nole and restless... we were going to wait out the set but decided to call it a day with Rochus serving and being up a break.



And for some reason at that time, my eye started to feel really irritated and my nose was just streaming... mum was all “you have a cold” ...like accusingly... uh huh – didn’t get one on purpose.
But I was feeling crap! And being sat next to the bus engine wasn’t helping... however today no such sniffles so I wonder if it was hayfever or some kind of allergy!

I was convinced it would be all over by the time we got home – takes about an hour or so to get back...
So imagine my surprise when I got home to a few texts from Cilla saying it was dragging on...

So – watched it on the red button to the end – talk about epic – and to finish like 1 minute before the curfew!
Interesting thing though – where we park for the free buses – they don’t allow overnight parking and the park closes at after the last buses leave Wimbledon at 10pm... so even if we had wanted to stay longer – we’d still have to have left before the end.

Maybe I need to rethink that driving and staying non-alcofrolic ethos...

Jun 23rd, 2010, 04:07 PM
Winbledon 2010 Day 2: Ree practising / Anne Keothavong/Rodionova

Ok well today was a day of lessons!
1) After talking to that nice American woman sat behind us in Centre, I set out early in the morning to find out how the hell to have sports-style photography! Apparently it’s NOT as easy as switching it to Sports Mode... oh no no... (well obvs, huh!)... I had to find some “Burst” setting ... anyway it seemed to work so...

2) Lesson #2 – get there as close to 10:30 is normally the plan because you kinda think “ooh time for a cuppa and some scones before a gentle amble to an outside court”... not today.
Regular readers to the Rozzie blogs might remember the whole walking in the rabble thing that goes on as they bring all the queue people in... so as we were strolling to Cafe pergola... there was a line of Security People leading a bunch of people in. And they were ALL aiming to get to Court 12. As were we! So... screw cuppa and scones... we turned tail and followed the rabble!

Anne is a big draw – everyone was scampering to Court 12 as fast as they could... I got a text from one of a couple of friends going saying they were dividing and conquering and one of them was on their way to 12... “look out for her in a Wimbledon Straw Hat”... you know HOW MANY people have those? Let me give you an idea... EVERY OTHER PERSON! But by some miracle they had half recognised me as they came up the stairs and I had left a space between me and mum because of some sleazy middle aged geezer and his extremely much younger, wispy haired girlie with big hats sitting right in front of me... as an aside – girl you need hair product. A lot.

So friend joined us and we nattered a bit – turned out she’s been in the same row as us the day before on Centre – a fair way along though...
While waiting around on Court 12... we spotted Serena knocking up ahead of her opening match




Anne and Rodionova arrived to huge applause - which was good to hear... and we thought this was a winnable match for Anne




Took her some time to find her range a bit – long first service game but she held so good start

Rodionova has some decent passing shots in her armoury but was also taking a bit of time to settle in and Anne broke her to love



Annnnd this is where we got into WTA Classic mode... Anne had hard service games – getting broken back immediately and was still struggling with her range – but was very committed on her shots.




Rodionova is a real mutterer – friend pointed out her Clown Shoes to me (and apparently Serena is sporting an identical style of comedy sneakers!




So comparisons with the other Brits? Anne scurries about a lot – some great retrieving skills and you can see her building a point – Elena I think can construct her points but yesterday she always seemed maybe too hesitant to go for a shot – there was a chance yesterday to bury a drive volley but Elena had just let it bounce to give herself more time and then ... UE-ville!

That being said – Anne was under pressure most times in that first set on her serve, and then would get broken, and then break straight back. She has great defensive/counterpuncher style and can slug away at the baseline quite happily.
She put in some variation in another tough service game but Rodionova is pretty good at the net so ... another break against her!
And went and broke Rodionova straight back – who gave herself a REAL talking to!

Anne started her service game for the set struggling again – but dig in to take the first set – HUGE cheers. We had to leave to get to Court 1 – but this (like Bally’s match) looked to be in the bag... uh huh... not so much!

Jun 23rd, 2010, 05:12 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 2: Jo-Wilfred Tsonga/Kendrick

Lunch... and so begins the task of sampling as many concessions as possible...
For those keeping score... today was Fish and Chips... YUM!!!!

We decided to take a gentle amble up the stairs – only to find that our gangway was the totally the opposite side. Now... no Wimbles would be complete without my flirting with a fireman... and I did ask him if he thought it would be ok if I could walk just over that patch of grass down there... he laughed but declined to let me try!
Anyhoo... off we schlepped. And schlepped. And Schleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeped! Fuck me – that was a long way round...
We got there JUST as there was a CoE so a quick scamper up the stairs for me (slightly less quick for mum... ooops) and we settled down.
I had a bloke who kept digging his feet into me.. many turns round with a Paddington Bear Hard Stare... that frickin’ SHOWED him!


We joined with JWT at 3-4 with serve.... he was looking nifty, both guys serving and volleying and JWT in particular looking quite pumped. And may I just say – so FINE in the flesh. God alive... that guy is fit. And a half!




However – he was pretty unlucky out on court – slipping a lot in the next game and resulting in a good strong hold for Kendrick.



There was great variety of shot making in this first set – really good tennis. More unlucky slips for JWT – I like to think he was throwing himself at my feet... but then I was 22 rows up from where he was... so... mmkay maybe not.
Into a tiebreak and JWT took it with a ripping return...

So... how could we go from great tennis to... dozeville.
The 2nd set was totally soporific – my mum shut her eyes... mine were flickering and I was contemplating shades so that the woman next to me wouldn’t see I was dozing.
Games were just going easy with serve.


And another thing! With the exception of the Bally match and the lunch bench... I have NOT BEEN IN THE SUN. AT ALL.
Hottest fucking Wimbles on record... and I have no tan to show for it.
Life. Is. Unfair. [/mehhhhh]

I’ve always found Court One to be a bit noisy – that match I saw with JJ against Savchuck – I was totally constantly distracted by people walking about in the corridors behind the staircases and bins being wheeled about.
Where we sitting this time was bloody unbearable. People shouting and screaming – it was a nightmare.

Anyway – between trying to get some shuteye... and listening to the clatter and chatter outside... the guys on court decided to liven up the crowd at 5-5 with a challenge on game point. I think Tsonga was actually on his way back to the chair and they both kinda stood there looking at the screens, and then finally they had to trudge back out and replay the point...


Meanwhile during this 2nd set they kept flashing up Anne’s scores – which seemed stuck permanently at 4-3 (Anne) – seriously this game had been put on the scoreboard at each CoE and it never seemed to change. Even on the iPhone App each time I looked at it..
Anne went on to lose... much to everyone’s total shock... oh and JWT decided to make certain everyone was awake by taking the next TB.

There was a mass exodus at the end of the 2nd so that people could go get lunch ahead of Andy’s match...
Meanwhile we were now joined by this woman sat next to mum who had obviously never been to a tourney before – she pulled out her mobile phone much to our collective disbelief and was chatting to some dude who was going to be sat elsewhere in Ct 1... we were all looking round at each other – but of course being all polite and British, no-one said anything.
Except this little 9 year old girl sitting in front of her... who turned round and said (as only a 9 year old can)... "would you mind being quiet ... I am trying to watch and you are not allowed mobiles". Heheh – little sweetheart! Anyway – woman apologised patronisingly to the kid (earning a frown from Kid’s mum!) and just carried on nattering to her mate... Too-Much-Pimms-itis in my opinion! Meh – I was just jealous ‘cos I’d driven!

Kendrick broke to go 4-2 up after YET ANOTHER JWT slip. He was slipping a lot now... perhaps he should have gone back to soporific stylie and stood still for a bit?!
Kendrick served out the 3rd set at 5-3 and I was hoping that JWT would be waking his fine self the fuck UP for the next set....

Actually all joking aside – whilst JW came out swinging in the 4th – he took ANOTHER fall – this time actually taking a while to stand up...
But he was ok – and really got it together for the rest of the set – crowd beginning to seep back in...
JWT took the 4th set 6-4 and the crowd atmosphere changed... Buzz in the air (no not the mean little bees)... next up ... MUZZ!


Jun 23rd, 2010, 06:18 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 2: Murray v Hajek

Crowd was filling up – not quite capacity and excited Pimms woman was trying to catch someone’s attention over the other side of the stadium. Yeah – good luck with that honey!





Good start by Andy – but then an early break against him – it was clear that Hajek was going to do his best to spoil the party...



It was a must hold game for Andy at 1-3 (which he did – phew!)
He had break points at 3-4 but it had to be said – Hajek was playing amazing! Drop shops wrong footing Andy and moving him all about the court and was juuuust staying that break ahead.




A decisive overrule by Carlos Ramos meant that Andy went on to get the break back.
He was settling down a lot more into the game – none of the really disturbing negative body language that we’d seen of late – sure maybe the odd roll-eyes at an UE – but much more in keeping with the context of the match.
A risky push at the net gave Andy break point (taken) and first set was his.


There was a good early break in the 2nd so while getting increasingly irritated by chatty woman who was now not watching the set at all, just talking to her mate, I was left to idly wonder if Andy’s red and white armbands were a subtle sign of support for England!


Hajek’s early intensity seemed to have left him as Andy took a double break.
The 2nd set went to Andy way more comfortably than the first – we were going to have none of the histrionics of the Fed game ... buoyed by a MTO for Hajek at the end of the 2nd.
The third set and I think it’s safe to say it was routine. A comfortable win after all the drama of the first day – but I think Andy (and Nadal) would take some comfort that they had easy runs into the next round.


I think it showed that Federer is vulnerable this year... and Nole.. well... you can never tell with him – he’s either going to play his gangly self into form or screw it up royally early on...


Jun 23rd, 2010, 07:06 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 2: Wozniacki v Garbin

After Andy’s demolition of Hajek – we had to get out of there for a while – we headed all the way round the stadium for some ice cream and more frustration with the slowness of the concessions staff...
So much so... that by the time we actually got back – Woz had breadsticked Garbin in the first and was pretty much about to do the same again!
We were pretty much going to get in for one game, it seemed, at 5-0 with Woz to serve it out.

The fireman at the stairs (not nice looking so not worth flirting with) reckoned that there would be another match on there.
Mum had been v keen to see the Williams-Squared in dubs but they were scheduled last on Court 12 and Fognini/FerVer was still going strong so we decided to stay put.

By some MIRACLE – Garbin chose THAT time to break Caro as she was serving for the set! Garbin tried to get the crowd cheering her on and people gamely bellowed their approval for her making it on to the scoreboard.




But to no avail – because Caro broke her straight back to take the match!





Jun 23rd, 2010, 07:31 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 2: Hantuchova v King
The fireman called it right – straight after the match – they announced that they would put Dani and Vani (hee) on. My friends had texted from Centre that as well has having had to put up with Ree and Larcher De Brito... they now had Azarenka! Heheh!


All holds all round – these two were pretty evenly matched so this was quite possibly going to be a 3-setter/continuation.






I have been fixated with Dani’s cricked-neck serving action since the... ummm AO or USO semi against Ana (remember squeaky-shoe-gate anyone?)- she's like the Paula Radcliffe of tennis with that weird action - you think it's got to be bad for her - but i guess she's always done it...
So I contented myself with trying to capture that in all it’s glory for ya!


There was no yielding from either – both playing very solidly and slugging away from the baseline – but eventually Dani was broken at 5-5.
However – in serving for the set Vania choked big time, getting herself broken back to love.
Into the TB and first set to Dani... and we were done for the night.



And just as well too... as the 2nd set also went to a TB (King) and the match was suspended at that point!
Day off – attempt to try for returns, and bloggeroo!
Will be back for 3 continuous days – so previews will be next up and the blogs will come on the Sunday, most likely :-)

Jun 24th, 2010, 10:09 PM
Bump :angel:
Wimbledon Day 4: Preview
Complementary Groundies saw me and Cilla heading off for an early trot around the outside courts...
We saw:
Good Queen Bess...
Practicey People
Good Queen Bess (again! With added Murray Minor!)
Jamie in a thrilling 5-setter against Hot Nenad and skinny rake Canadian dude...
and.... Our very own Glittery Goat WINNING (yes... you read that shit RIGHT) in Dubs!
Topped off with getting supplies for a VERY early start in the queue tomorrow and an encounter with an intimidating wall of bread.

Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow - we want to try for Court 2 - Kim, GOAT, Pretty Feli and the Williams Squared...

Toodle-pip, Tally Ho and Rule Britannia.

Jun 24th, 2010, 10:36 PM
Thank youuuuuuuu! :hug: Great notes and beautiful pics especially from match JJ vs Laura! :) :inlove: Can you post somewhere Jelena's pics in full size? I want to have it :)

Jun 24th, 2010, 10:52 PM
Thanks, Ros :)

Jun 26th, 2010, 06:23 AM
Wimbledon Day 5: Preview
04:30 wake up (ugh)
Batshit insane cab driver(s) :rolleyes:
JJ practising :bounce:
Marion, Bepa
More queueing... and a gamble on Centre for...
Jamie and LRob - but for one night only... sadz
And topped off with Lindsay and a stray Bryan ...

Last day of Week 1 coming up today and the full blogs will be out on Sunday (hopefully)...

Jun 26th, 2010, 06:28 AM
Thank youuuuuuuu! :hug: Great notes and beautiful pics especially from match JJ vs Laura! :) :inlove: Can you post somewhere Jelena's pics in full size? I want to have it :)

I think those are the full size - will have to look on Sunday as they are stored in Flickr.

Jun 26th, 2010, 10:27 AM
Great, great work Ros:worship::D:worship:

BIG THX to you.

Jun 27th, 2010, 03:03 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 6 - Preview
Here I sit – not entirely sure it’s wise to crack on the beers after only strawberries, cream and left over meringue nests and having scored Returns for Tuesday 29th

Final day of the first week and Centre Court Tix courtesy of a friend.
Day 6 was the best of the alcofrolic days !!!
Le Froglet & Pimms O’Clock
The Sporting Heroes were usurped on Armoured Forces day by a moving standing ovation for specially nominated members of Her Majesty’s Forces in the Royal Box
Ree/Domi (and a touch of Zjelko watch!)

Blogs to follow… but in the mean time… COME ON ENGLAND!

Jun 27th, 2010, 05:23 PM
Ree/Domi (and a touch of Zjelko watch!)

I guess I have at least one thing to look forward to now after the football :p

Jun 27th, 2010, 06:15 PM
Wimbledon Day 4: Good Queen Bess and the Practice Courts/Outside Courts
Today was quite possibly the last ever time I’d get complementary Ground Passes as the demon of redundancy and the ogre of this recessional climate means my friend at the AELTC is being made redundant at the end of the championships.
Having just survived a round of redundancies – I really feel for him… although he already had an interview lined up for something new… so I am keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for him.

We did the Park and Ride today and as we came into the gates the Stewards were busy telling everyone where the best place to stand would be and where the queen would be coming along.
It’s kinda hard not to get caught up with it all – and so we made our way up to the hill and just as we got to the steps – I saw James (Jambon) and Kelle from am.com standing in a prime spot in the corner … but with everyone crowding up there – there wasn’t much time to do anything but wave at them as we tried to find a decent spot.

All the Umps and Linesjudges were in their kit and looking all smart and shiny and people were pretty excited… especially when the BBC showed a shot of the hill, people started waving causing a spur of expectation that she was coming!
You knew when she was on his way – the TV screen televised her car(s) arriving and the Doppler effect of applause as she was making her way along the hill with the entourage was a giveaway.

The pics at this stage were mainly of the top of her hat! Seriously – it could have been ANY old biddy under there – I was a bit disappointed but I got a chance for a decent pic later … woot!!!

So Queenie been-y gone-y … we wandered over to the Practice Courts…
Soderling was hitting with David Ferrer.



We also caught Justine…




… Oudin (who was either coming or going) and saw Stosur walking through on her way back.



We had toyed with the idea of trying to get to Court 18 for the resumption of the Isner/Mahut match and caught site of Mo-Lay…


Fitzy had asked me to stop by Court 9 if we could to catch Knowlzee and Fish – so I duly obliged from the corner… not sure about the matching headbands…!





Jun 27th, 2010, 06:39 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 4: Azarenka v Jovanovski
We got ourselves some seats down in the front and settled down to see Vika… noticeable that she doesn’t grunt/howl during the warmup… so we concluded she doesn’t NEED to do it really.
What is DID remind me of was when I used to have a flatmate who played some game on his PS1 with this sporadic howling, that I could imitate quite well when I’d had a skinful!






Vika was looking in good form – there was some promising shot making from Jovanovski but just not consistent and Azarenka was pretty much dictating play completely







Jovanovski at least managed to salvage a breadstick…



Jun 27th, 2010, 07:47 PM
Wimbledon 2010 day 4: Murray/Marray v Nestor/Zimonjic

We decided to leave after the first set to stake a place on Court 6 to see Jamie Murray/Jonny Marray take on the #1 seeds.
There was a forum wide groan when the draw was made – Jonny and Jamie have had some successes building up again on the Challenger tour and some tough losses when they’ve gotten into the main tour draws.
As it was we were a bit early and we managed to get a spot by the benches to catch the end of Hutchins/Kerr v Bogdanovic/Slabinsky


We were stood chatting a bit to Laura Fleming – Colin’s sister and all around was filling up quite quickly...





For all the discussion of this perhaps being a foregone conclusion – Jamie and Jonny broke the Nestor serve in the first game!
Jamie was struggling to keep his serve though, and so the trading breaks began…




The first set slipped away from them quite quickly.



The second set though – the guys started strongly, and found much more consistency. It was immediately more competitive a set as they settled into their game



The guys took the TB strongly … hope was up.

Somewhere in all this – the Queen appeared on the balcony with a couple of the AELTC hierarchy and was looking over this court as the game was going on –


And then Andy Murray and Jarkko Nieminen were introduced to the Queen on the balcony


The guys dropped their intensity a bit but stayed toe-to-toe … Nestor seemed to be the weaker of the two… and they had their chances to break.
Instead it went to another TieBreak – which went the way of the defending champs


At this point I needed to get off my feet which were burning! So we headed to Café Pergola for some tea …
The Isner/Mahut match had resumed and the games were marching on… and on… and on…
I was going cross-eyed because I fully expected Jamie and Jonny to go down in the 4th after losing the TB… and of course we were sat there when Isner FINALLY got the result…
We headed back out to try and catch the end of the Doubles match and get a position to see JJ in the dubs – Court 6 was HEAVING by this point – we were stood maybe a couple back from Judy in the corner and apart from seeing the odd racquet flying about for a serve we had to rely on the reactions of the crowd!


They fought hard – Jamie fought off match points on his serve time and time again… Jonny held his serve well time and time again and this could have gone either way – Jonny was so unlucky to be broken on his serve for the match and they took the #1 seeds to 5 sets, and they had to get to 15-13 for the win.

At the time of writing, we know now that Nestor/Zimonjic went out to another Brit paring next round.
Jamie and Jonny really need to take confidence from this – they fought hard – they CAN come through the tough TBs (good practice for those freakin’ MTBs on the tour).
Nice touch at the end with Nenad patting Jamie on the shoulder at the net… some hard grafting days ahead but I think they should build on this… they acquitted themselves very well and should be proud of that performance.

Jun 27th, 2010, 08:22 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 4: Jankovic/Scheepers v Medina Garrigues/Senoglu

As we predicted/hoped – people scattered at the end of that match and we had to literally jump over the back of a bench to grab some space – we got chatting to a couple of Spanish ladies turning out to cheer on AMG and an English couple on the other side of us. The guy was keen to see JJ up close and his g/f could see why – complementing the GOAT on her figure. I had to explain the whole glittery GOAT thing … and she was also not going to disappoint us with Goaty distractions, gawd bless ‘er!

Senagal-Igloo was in a bit of a strop for most of the match and me and the girl beside me amused ourselves A LOT figuring out what was really being said in the tactics chats… she was pulling at her skirt constantly so we surmised that actually AMG was all “no your skirt looks fine, really – your bum doesn’t look big at all”… JJ would have been more “nahhh you want to go shopping sat Westfield… SOOOO much nicer”…







This was always going to be hilarious – JJ was all smiley and bouncy and she seemed to have a good rapport with Scheepers. But obvs… Scheepers was calling all the shots…
Cilla and I figured out that with her lack of tourneys ahead of Wimbledon – she was doing this for the grass court practice.

AMG started things off – but JJ/Scheepers took an early break (more by luck than judgement!)





There were a few times though when it looked like AMG/Senoglu were able to take advantage of holes straight down the middle of the other team.
Much hilarity with JJ as a spectator as rallies carried on around her and then she’d be all “ooh me me ME!” .. LOVE it when she shouts “YOOUUUUUU” to her partner!
But in general great groundies from JJ and her mostly typical bunts when up at the net.

A couple of anxious moments during the match – JJ tweaked something and called for the trainer – who never arrived (maybe that’s why she called them out in the A-Bond match … figured she was owed a visit?)
She overran the ball a couple of times – whenever she does that I always wince at the remembrance of that knee injury against Caro. [/shudder]



Senoglu was in a bit of a strop a fair few times – not much smileyness from her!
JJ at one stage waved at some random folk on the balcony – I think they must have known her and Sneki… Scheepers was all “umm… so… yeah back to the game, yes??”
But they had a lot of laughs between them



JJ and Scheepers weren’t really troubled and took the match comfortably in straights…




We decided to call it quits at this point – I finally had some sun!

We toddled to the supermarket on the way home as I had nothing to feed us for the early morning start! I always hit the supermarket on a Sunday morning, after they’ve stocked up over night so we were faced with racks and racks of stuff waiting to go out. Including what can only be described as an intimidating wall of bread. A lot of it.
Safe to say – I got the bread!

We’d booked the cab for 5:30 using the iPhone app for that – and so to home and to turn in for hitting the queue – we wanted to be there to try and snaffle court 2 tix for Kim, JJ and the prospect of Jamie and LRob being scheduled on a court…

Jun 29th, 2010, 05:09 AM
Thanks, Roz, great as always! You are soooo lucky!

Jun 29th, 2010, 09:55 AM
Great, Rozzie!!!!!!! :bigclap:

Jun 29th, 2010, 11:25 AM
thanks :yeah:

Jun 29th, 2010, 07:51 PM
GOAT of blogs :p

Jun 29th, 2010, 08:37 PM
thanks Rozzie :)

Jun 29th, 2010, 09:21 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 7 - Preview
Well I started to write up the blogs on Sunday and tried for tickets Sunday lunchtime for Tuesday - and got them for Centre!
Then I half heartedly tried for Centre for Monday up in the gods... and got them!

So... starts the next round of bloggies..
Additional security checking for the first time since I've been getting these internet tickets
Queueing to get in to see JJ and the disappointment of seeing her have to retire
Fed and his impossibly advert-wavey hair
Ree, MaSha and surprisingly not any perforated eardrums
Didn't a chance to meet up with Cat but we at least had a natter on the phone
Murray v Querrey and finally a pic of "gay T-Rex hand"!
And for added entertainment - a mobile phone Nazi Steward that resulted in solidarity from at least 2 rows of people in the gods!

Jun 29th, 2010, 09:30 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 8 - Preview
This is quite possibly my last blog of the Wimbledon tourney - no no - I hear ya I hear ya - but I am at the hands of the world wide interweb gods tomorrow...
But if it IS the last day - dear readers... then I will have for you sometime over the next few days (Flickr-willing!)...
Clijsters v Zvonareva
S Williams c Li Na
A little chest bumping bufoonery from the Bryans-Squared.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and Rozzie and TicketMaster going head to head....

Jun 30th, 2010, 08:48 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: Practice Courts - JJ
I am SUCH a child of advertising … I saw the Addison Lee app for iPhone advertised on the TV and sought it out! This was a bit of a risk using it to get to the queue as early as possible – but it seemed quite impressive – it confirmed the booking, sent me a text when the car was allocated and what the contact details would be.

What it DIDN’T tell us was that we were getting one of those drivers that just loves to chat – and at 5:30 in the morning neither of us were particularly awake! Initially it was ok – he seemed to know about tennis, but after he swerved to avoid a bollard and swerved to avoid hitting a stationary car… we were more concerned about him concentrating on the road!

Not having done the queue route by cab before – I sent him to a car park that I’d used the previous time – which was spectacularly shut!
So we turned and headed back to where the initial “destination” of the Wimbledon Tennis Museum was showing on his SatNav. This resulted in more cabbie lecturing of “you should pay attention to roads and landmarks”…
Even when we got to where people were headed – as we got out he was all “drink water”… but it has to be said £20 from my place in Richmond to Wimbers was a good deal – pain-in-the-arse cabbie not withstanding!

Still I felt relatively confident – it was 5:45 and we’d made excellent time.
Except we hadn’t – we were 2000+ in the queue – some 600 behind the courts… sigh!

We settled down behind a mother and daughter – their first trip and I bought myself a Fleecy picnic blanket (in the GOAT’s honour) from the various newspaper people.
We moved around the field periodically and eventually got in and were herded down the steps near the Pimms lawn as before.

We headed up to the practice courts and wandered up to where the players come in and out – and saw James (Jambon) and Kelle… again! What were the odds? Well given that Xenon21 from am.com (Zainab) was also there – I’d say the odds were small to none, as heading to the practice courts seems to be a tradition!!!
We chatted for a bit and it was nice to finally meet Kelle – but they were staying put for a while, and we wanted to get going to see some tennis.

We queued up for the practice courts, and we were talking about GOAT, and Cilla said “Speaking of Sneki… I’m sure that’s her there…” – she wandered over to the nearer courts, and wandered… and wandered – JJ was tucked away out of sight!

Today there were quite a few people waiting so we had to wait for a bit – and I was convinced we’d get there – and the goat would be finished! But luckily – she was in for the long haul!

We settled ourselves in for some pics – here are a few … once I’m done Wimbledoning – I’m going to go through my sets on Flickr and have a page for Gallery Links so please check there for more pics.












Jun 30th, 2010, 09:01 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: Bartoli v Arn

This was my FIRST day of not driving to the Parky-Ridey so I really wanted to at least have summat to drink – but again it was a blisteringly hot day – so we went to the bar at the Aorangi Terrace – where I had a craving for a shandy! But that wasn’t there as an option – so I halfheartedly asked for one – and to my surprise they were set up for them!
I know it sounds like a wussy thing – but it was the most refreshing thing …. Especially as my apple segments from the provisions shopping the night before tasted like sold cider… bleah!

We chilled for a bit and caught the first set of Kim vs MaKiri – which seemed to be going quite quick…. We decided to head off to queue for Court 12 as Bartoli was finishing up her match…
I don’t know if she’d been doing it all the while but when we arrived she’d been sending her serves into the net – so she started “shadow” serving before lining up to serve again.
The first couple of times I thought “fair enough – you’re DFing or netting your first serves” but she did them ALL the time once we were there :rolleyes: - this is obviously the new “thing” to replace the Wimbledon Bunny hop of her breakout run!





Anyway – she managed to despatch Arn without too much trouble – but a little later on when we were sat up by the hill again – we saw Papa Bartoli, Marion and who I can assume was Madame Bartoli all linked arm in arm walking.
Except it’s fair to say they were more frog-marching her down the path.
It was weird – not like a typical father, daughter, mother, Little-House-on-the-Prairie gambol along the path – but like she was some kind of prisoner.
Cilla thought her eyes looked all spacey… and also – it’s kinda CROWDED in Wimbledon. Normally players walk on their own, with a coach (in conversation) or with guards in tow. So not only did this look weird… they kinda brought extra attention to themselves by taking up so much space on the path.

Bat.Shit. Insane – that family!

Jun 30th, 2010, 09:38 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: Zvonareva v Wickmayer

Ever since Cilla posted that You-Tube segment of the Pammy interview with Caro and the boos when she said “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickmayer :rolleyes” – well pretty much cue me and Cilla referring to her as Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickmayer all the while!





This was a bit of a disjointed set – first game for Wickety wahhhh was looooong. Vera’s was quick.


Then they both had a spell of total yips on their serve!
They were both kicking up a lot of pace with their slugging and there were a couple of slips for Vera - her poor ankles!
She got her break and took the first set – in general she looked good – she has a lot of pace- good movement and more importantly can come to the net.




Meanwhile the closest we got to the GOAT was the scoreboard on Court 2 over the way!
Heh – we even heard the MTO and when we both checked twitter we could see Christina and Sarah discussing the self same thing – hah – JJ – SOOO predictable! We figured that as the trainer had never come to Court 6 last night, she wanted her medical dues!


Jun 30th, 2010, 09:58 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: Federer v Clement

We headed off for lunch (Noodles for those keeping score!) and then decided to go join the resale queue – we had to make a gamble and try and guess which court they were likely to put Jamie and LRob on for (quite literally) Mixed Troubles. Initially there was no worries – because this was the LONGEST queue I had ever seen…. An opportunity for a good doze!

The queue moved a bit from time to time as they squished everyone up and they had quite a lot of Ct 2 tix left – Venus was due to do dubs but after suitable rest – but the stewards were trying to flog those tickets! Meanwhile over on Ct 1 Roddick and Kohlschreiber were going toe to toe – and slowly to boot.

Which left us with Federer – who’d gone to 5 sets in R1, 4 in R2… we were constantly looking at his scores – and during that time the stewards split us into two queues – Centre and One. We found ourselves behind a sweet guy from the US who was desperate for Centre Court ticket to see Federer so was willing him to go to a 4th set. Meanwhile we had to make a decision which court to go with – we figured stick it out with Centre.
We were made up for the guy when some tickets started to come through at the end of the 2nd set and off he scampered.
We weren’t that close behind him – up in the gods – but on centre!


Fed despatched Clement quite quickly – so it was just more pictures-for-Tashi time…
I did post on FB that we had to endure Fed heh! So I guess I owe her!








Jun 30th, 2010, 10:47 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: Sa/Zvonareva v Murray/Robson

As we gambled – they put Jamie/LRob on centre – so high hopes here…



I’d seen Jamie and Liezel come through a very tight first match in 2009 – in fact Jamie and JJ almost went out first round – so I was confident that the occasion and potentially the more relaxed Mixed environment would be good – although we’d seen Jamie’s twitter about being tired, sore and bruised after that 5-setter in the scorchio sunshine!







They were broken early on Laura’s serve but kept things to that single break – and here was a big cheer when Laura subsequently held her next serve.
Unfortunately it was Jamie who was broken for the first set to go…




In the second set there were some flashes of the Jamie of old – as there was in the 5-setter the day before- but it’s probably been a while since Jamie has had to be on court that long and it seemed to take its toll – he did look like he was loosening up in the 2nd set but it was too late really.

Laura – same really – some solid groundies from the back and not bad at all at the net given that she’s also still quite heavily involved at this stage in her career with doubles … but as in her singles match – her movement could sometimes let her down and quite often Andre/Vera were able to catch the guys unawares with shots straight down the middle of them





Take nothing away from Sa/Zvonareva – Andre is a long established doubles specialist and Vera was playing really well – really sharp at the net and solid groundies at the back – she really seems to be enjoying this stint at Wimbledon.



We checked the iPhone App at the end of the match – because there were a few matches still going on – including… Lindsey Davenport and a Bryan of some description – so back to what has become my spiritual home this week!

Jun 30th, 2010, 10:58 AM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 5: B Bryan/Lindsay Davenport v Qureshi/Kudryavtseva

We managed to get in at the start of the 2nd set – Lindsay was a popular draw and lots of people were scampering over to Court 12 to see this…



Lindsay has lost none of her edge at the net and Bob was in good form too and they seemed to be the crowd favourites




It was beginning to get quite dark now – lots of warnings for flash photography.

Bob ‘n’ Lindz made a decisive break which pretty much sealed the deal – she gave Bob a huge hug – but I remember reading that her young son was a favourite of the Bryans during the Olympics so I think those dudes have a decent chemistry – that could see them go far.
Lindsay was very appreciative of the crowd as people just crowded round to snap photos as they were trying to leave

And that was us done – we headed out with the rest of the herd and schlepped up to Southfields and then tube and cab home.
This evening’s driver said he knew where he was going and then wanted to take us via Twickenham – ummm just NO! I ended up directing him up the shorter route as he may have been trying it on a little – but anyway – home in one piece but off again on Saturday (this time with tix) ...

Jun 30th, 2010, 11:53 AM
Wimbledon 2010 day 6: S Williams v Cibulkova

So Cilla and I parted company at Richmond after a WELL DESERVED Maccy D’s brekkie and I took the tube to Earl’s Court where I was going to meet my friend on the platform headed for Wimbledon.

By this time – I confess, dear readers, I was totally frickin’ knackered.
I found a seat and leaned back to doze until friend arrived … and subsequently was shaken awake by well meaning people assuming I wanted a couple of Wimbledon trains that went by! Even my mate said I was looked pretty knackered!

We scooted to Wimbledon itself (cue more confused looks from onlookers on the tube that we weren’t getting off there) … but we had ulterior motives. We headed off to M&S for some supplies…. A couple of little bottles of poppable Rosé and this AMAZING little plastic wine goblet (filled with more Rosé) and sealed with a sturdy lid – like a yoghurt lid. It was called Le Froglet and we thought no more of it until we got to Wimbledon and found ourselves a bench and decided to have our Froglets first. A couple sat next to us asked if we’d been to M&S and said that the guy who invented this had pitched it on Dragon’s Den but they’d turned him down. M&S had approached him direct – and this was the first time they’d actually seen them!

We had a few snacks, stopped by a Pimms counter and then wandered up to our seats.
Today being Saturday was Sporting Heroes day where some of the great and the good of sport are invited to the Royal Box. But today was also Armed Forces day and key Armed Services Personnel had been nominated and also invited to the box – and the standing ovation and applause was so loud, you could barely hear Sue reading their names. The response from the crowd was exceptionally moving… definitely brought a tear to the eye.

Meanwhile the players were behind the door getting ready to come out.



Cilla and I had seen Domi practicing and Zjelko walking by… and we know that Domi has some game…. But …

Although Domi was generating a decent amout of pace and zinging stuff back to Serena with interest – in the first set she had no range – it was a frustrating set to watch because we know she’s better than a bagel… Zjelko was totally waxwork-motionless at the slipping of the first set.




The second set – there was a bit more fight to her – and Ree stepped up her grunting. A lot more competitive and perhaps a bit of a drop in Ree’s intensity – and Domi showed some nerves of steel in a must-hold game at 4-5. But it was not to be – Ree got her break and bye bye to the Domi and Zjelko show…




Jun 30th, 2010, 12:54 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 6: Nadal v Petzschner

We stayed put (and waved at some other friends we knew a couple of rows away) for the start of this match – Rafa breaking in the first game, and we looked knowingly at each other, and planned dinner at Wagamamas in Wimbers before hitting the tubes to go home – ‘cos Rafa was going to finish this quick, as was Andy… job done, right? Ummmm….


When Rafa was taken to deuce in his own service game we thought “ok – Petzschner is going to make it competitive” … OMFG! And how. Granted – Rafa took the first on that single break and we toddled off for lunch … yep this time I tried THE BURGER… it’s HUGE. It’s like Cow-in-a-Bun. We thought about the nice ice-cream… we saw the queue, and we thought again!



We toddled back… and were just in time to see Petzschner take the 2nd set.


OK – we thought… perhaps slightly LATER dinner at Waga’s – maybe not the noodles – maybe just the starter dishes….

Petzschner was still giving as good as he got and indeed seemed to have much more of the initiative in the 3rd
Rafa took a MTO for what seemed to be his elbow and it’s fair to say Petzschner looked like the fresher of the two.
He took the next set on the TB… by now it was pointless trying to do anything on the internet now – I guessed that Twitter was trending away like it had done when Fed was in danger in the first match…





At the start of the 4th set Rafa took another MTO – this time for treatment on his knee. Those poor knees… given that me and my physio are trying to rearrange the mechanics on my knees – every time I watch anyone being treated on knees – mine twinge in sympathy. My knees are WITH YOU Rafa… (and much good may they do you!)


This was a long break – a bit unfortunate for Petzschner as he had had the momentum… and this worked well for Rafa because he came out and broke to go 3-1 up and the momentum shifted, with him taking the set.



At this point we decided to pop open the colder of the two mini bottles of M&S fizz and dug out our Froglets – not the warmest but went down rather well nonetheless…
There was a moment of controversy though – when Rafa was given a warning for a coaching violation! First time I’d seen him get a bit angry with the ump – and I can’t say I’ve ever noticed him engaging that much with his coaching team… sure Time Violations are not uncommon for him and he normally just accepts it and carries on doing his thing..
I saw later on the Wimbledon site that coaching was vehemently denied. Perhaps Cedric Mourier was feeling in need of a little attention!

Anyway – Rafa came through in another tense 5-setter.



So… the question was… could Andy come through again without dropping a set?

Jun 30th, 2010, 01:42 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 6 – Murray v Simon

My friend is a huge Gilles Simon fan and was pretty sure that this was going to be an easy match for Andy as Gilles is simply not match fit. I thought he’d have the capability of taking a set off Andy at least, on his day…



Andy started very strongly taking an early break – but Gilles was moving well – just needing to find his range. Andy really didn’t give him an opportunity to settle into his rhythm though and the first set was over in about 26 mins or thereabouts!




The second set – again there was an early break to Andy – but Gilles started to stretch him in the 3rd game…
It must be said – Gilles Simon and the net? NOT good bedfellows!
There were deep thumping rallies from the baseline and Gilles kept things to that single break.
Andy held commandingly to love to take the 2nd set…





At 2-2 in the 3rd – it looked like Andy’s chance to break… Blistering pace to a cross-court forehand and Gille did extremely well to save BPs – this was a much more competitive set and the quality of tennis was amazing.









Andy took that decisive break at 4-4 – the atmosphere was amazing and he served out the match in amazing form.

Take nothing away from Gilles – had he been a little more match fit – I think he would have given Andy a stern test here – and I hope this is the start of a decent run for him, after he rushed coming back from injury and had to take more time off.
This was the first time I’d seen Gilles play live – and I came away with some healthy respect for the guy’s game.

We met up briefly with a couple of am.com-ers afterwards (plus friend who’d given us the tickets) and it was nice to catch up while everyone was madly scrambling for the exits – me and my friend walked to Wimbledon and took the the tube there so that we could guarantee a seat.
When we’d met in the morning at Earl’s court she commented I looked tired and I was absolutely knackered. Day off from tennis on Sunday…

Jun 30th, 2010, 03:06 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 7: JJ v Zvonareva

Sunday was a much needed a day off from tennis. I was looking forward to NO fluffy tennis balls. ANYWHERE.
No – I had the football… hmmph… less said about that fiasco, the better!

I tried for returns tickets on Sunday lunchtime and was astounded to get them!
I kinda half-heartedly tried to get tickets for the Andy’s match on Monday and again – was astounded to get them – although this was going to cause a few logistics issues as mum was going to come for the returns – so the plan was she’d let herself in and make herself at home, and I’d come back after the tennis.

The bonus of course was that JJ had been put on Court 12 – there’s been some good matches here – I’ve spent most of my time this year on this court… but …
The stewards bring a lot of the queuers in much earlier and keep them gathered in a central area – and then walk them past most of the other gates and only let them ‘loose’ once the other gates are opened.

Which means all e-ticket holders are kept waiting outside … until the gates open.
Ticket holders can get in earlier and go have something to nibble… mehhhh

I was stood in front of two guys from Glasgow (hello Zahir and Manoo) and one of them was a JJ fan so we got chatting and initially all headed off to Court 12 where healthy queues were building up.
Cat was in the main queue and was in the queue for 12 on the other side from me so we were pinging texts back and forth, determined to at least make it in…
The guys decided to go check out some other courts but I wanted to cheer on the goat (sigh - SUCH a glutton for punishment!)

I just managed to get in before the start – hmmm… JJ arrived with strapping on her leg which was not a good start.





To make it all worse – she got broken straight away.


Vera had a few yips on her serves but that was nothing on JJ not being able to find the court with a pair of fucking binoculars! She got broken again and was DFing all over the place or leaking UEs.





She finally picked up and broke Vera in the fifth game and had started to look a bit more competitive – uh huh – Just no. She got broken straight back again and Vera held for the first set.


JJ had taken a slip in the first … but what was really doing for her was the amount of DFs on critical points – Vera was chucking in a few but JJ was choking all over the place.

2nd set started almost exactly the same as the first – DF and broken in the first, and JJ went to Carlos Ramos and asked for the trainer – I have to admit I thought she was going to retire at that point, but she had the MTO for her back…

She did shoot Sneki a filthy look at the ever present “come on JJ come on [/clap]” and retired the very next game – but it was obvious that her movement was really compromised in that game – she’d gone through the motions in the previous game – hardly moved for a ball…




Very disappointed to see her end like that … with the Oudin match she had her MTO but played it out so it’s rare for her to do that and Vera was very sweet at the net. I heard that she went to Sneki for a hug – mum’s forgive filthy looks!

Time for me to retire too – hungry and headed for Fish and Chips!

Jun 30th, 2010, 04:07 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 7: Fed v Melzer

Joined Fed’s match at the start of the 3nd set – early break for the Foppy-haired one.
We began to see signs of a characteristic “Melzdown” and he was having a lot of trouble keeping his footing on the dusty baseline.
Fed broke to go 4-3 up and then broke again to take the match.









We did have an extremely overzealous steward that was watching out for people texting, noisy cameras, sandwich munchers, coffee drinkers… feet-putter-uppers – quite frankly anyone with a pulse, someone commented dryly! He almost came unstuck when he told off a guy for what he thought was listening to the footie scores – turns out it was his hearing aid! And when he let another Hon. Steward in to watch a bit of the match and she pulled out her iPhone – heheh – one rule for one, eh!

There were three of us and the other Hon. Steward trying to find furtive ways of using it – I was charging mine in my bag and just updated my blog notes at the CoEs under the pretext of looking for something … the girl to the right was using hers as a camera and the guy to the left got his hayfevery g/f to lean on him and shield the phone!

I think even the fireman in charge of our door was thankful when he decided his shift was done! He did this MASSIVE :rolleyes: and we were all giggling in that corner!

Jun 30th, 2010, 04:53 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 7: S Williams v Sharapova

Cat did want me to scuttle out to meet her – but she’d gotten herself a really good spot on the hill – and me having never seen Maria play live, I didn’t really want to leave the match… so we decided to leave trying to meet up for the time being…



Match started strongly – games held all round, Shrieky… Shrieking.
Serena was basically giving a lesson on Serving! Initially Maria was needing to settle down and find her range a little.






They traded breaks next up – including an episode where Maria had her racquet up indicating she wasn’t ready – but Serena sent it down anyway…! Tsk!



The set continued with serve and Maria got it to a TB.
She was playing awesomely – she was very competitive and the TB was amazing… I think it’s fair to say that MaSha was the form player and Serena was being pushed, but a badly timed DF at 9-9 gave Ree that all important mini-break and was able to take that first set.

I think losing that set perhaps took away a little of MaSha’s intensity – there were more costly DFs in the 3rd game – giving Ree an early break.
That being said – a chronic miss by Serena which earned one of her frustrated squeals kept it to a single break.
Bit of pressure meant that both of them were being drawn to the net but again some amazing shots – a total reflex shot at MaSha left Ree beaten…

However – Ree served it out at 5-4 and that convincing lesson in serving means she’s going to be the favourite going forward to the last few rounds…


Jun 30th, 2010, 05:57 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 7: Murray v Querrey



Once upon a time, I started up a FB thread for a few of us from tennisforum.com and Tashi (a regular reader and commenter to these very bloggies) came up with THE BEST line I had ever read… that Sam’s non-dom(inant) hand/arm resembles that of a “gay t-rex”.
I swear – since reading that I have:
a) never really been able to take him seriously as he now reminds me of the dinosaur out of Toy Story… and
b) this was to be another one of Rozzie’s piccy fixations! We’ve had Paula Radcliffe of Tennis in Dani… time for Gay T-rex to take a bow…!


Both players started confidently – going with serve until a break in the 4th when Sam started dumping a lot of UEs into the net.



Then he got the total yips with a run of multiple Let calls but the quality of play despite that was amazing – blistering passing shots from both the guys at times in the 7th… it was easy to see that people thought this would be a stern test – but Andy had a comfortable hold to stay ahead…


But… Murray coaster ahoy – a DF at Set point let Querrey break back.

After a nervy hold in the 11th game – Andy was able to break to take the first set 7-5.

This was all good though, right – a decent competitive match from the two winners of Queens in the last two years…
And the second set started in the same way as the first with Andy breaking in the 4th game.
Sam started making a lot of errors when being brought in to the net



Andy had a good hold to take the lead at 5-2 but a busted string on the racquet meant that the intensity dropped after taking the set 6-3





The third set took a while to get going – the levels dropped a little for both players but they hung in there… but things shook up in the 9th game – amazing rallies and genius shotmaking and Andy took a decisive break at this point… whipping up the crowd in the process… A great 3 set victory.






Sam packed and left the court extremely quickly which was odd … he did at least wave to everyone…

Andy sets himself up a bruiser of a match with the mighty fine looking Jo-Wilf – this will be an amazing match up with the way they’re both playing… and if they both bring their A-Game…

Jun 30th, 2010, 06:21 PM
Wimbledon 2010 Day 8: Of Tix ‘n’ Things…

This was the first time this year I’d had luck on return tix.
Just to explain the whole Wimbledon malarkey:
1) You queue… you maybe camp… or you get there at stupid o’clock all for the chance of one of those little wrist bands… but in some way you join this fuck-off-bastard-sized queue and get in that way… Pros: you get in before some people and quite often get first call on the non-show courts; Cons: did you not SEE the shit about queueing?

2) You get tickets in either the public ballot, the LTA members ballot or via the allocations to tennis clubs where THEY have their own ballot. Basically the word here is BALLOT! Pay attention at the back!

3) Technology. Namely Ticketmaster. Returns tix that haven’t been redistributed by way of the ballot are flogged on Ticketmaster – but as we found out when we got in to get ours today – there were just 20 tickets that were returned and we got 2 of them. Special. And Brutal! In addition, Ticket master have a few hundred of the “in-the-gods” tix from where they added additional rows for the roof. These go on sale a couple of times in the day – the returns for two-days hence, and the evening ones for the next day. Logisitically – the returns favour travellers – the evening ones for people who can get there.

To get into Wimbledon you are really talking about every other day unless (like me) you have friends who offer you half of a pair or a spare pair! But this is the last year that’s likely to happen as my great mate in the AELTC is losing his job – so the pair of complementary groundies (I normally take Thursday) is no longer – sadz for him as having just escaped the same fate – and being of a similar age – I can totally relate to how this must feel – to give a shed load of effort for this amazing project that the AELTC has, and then it’s all over. Literally. I hope he sails through his planned interviews and get something lined up soon.

This year’s tally was:
1) Internet Tix for the Gods on Sunday night
2) Pair of tix for Court 1 from ballot allocation
3) Complementary Groundies
4) Queue
5) Accompanied a mate on her ballot tix
6) Internet Tix for the gods on Sunday night
7) Returns via the internet

It’s an expensive hobby- this… as I have been lucky enough to have one set of complementary groundies since 2008 to start me off. The rest as been just a case of luck.
And plastic. I have seen murmurings of “alright for some” and “ok for those who can” and yes – I am fortunate to
a) Live close enough to Wimbledon to be able to do this
b) Be able to use two weeks of my five to indulge in this.
c) Be able to AFFORD to be flexible in buying tickets.

This is just how it’s turned out for me – damned if I am going to apologise for it.
But there is another aspect to this – when the spectre of redundancy was hanging over my little self – my ex helped me with my CV – and he asked me two things.
a) what do we NEED to write to get you an equivalent job…
b) if you could do ANYTHING… what would it be…
… and that would be… Sports Writing in this stylie! There may be a couple of irons in the fire to help me indulge in this Sports Blogging… but… meanwhile back at the ranch…