View Full Version : Thing I loved about Berlin

May 11th, 2008, 11:22 AM
I found it really refreshing how the players embraced eachother at the end of the matches. A few off the top of my head.

Henin - Chan: Justine patted her on the shoulder, very friendly.

Azarenka - Bondarenko: Alone very eager to get off court, but Victoria held her and enocuraged a friendly kiss which I thought ws very nice.

Azarenka - Safina: Poor Victoria injured, but they still embraced beautifully, despite a few tantrums in the match, I think Victoria is a very respectful, dignified young girl.

Szavay - Ivanovic: Agnes laughs appearing to not be bothered, when deep down she knew she could have tied the match up the night before.

Bammer - Ivanovic: Dignified, Sybille studies her racquet, another chance, another loss, but another lesson. Ana smiling with relief, and rightly so.

Safina - Williams: I didn't see the match but I was surprised and delighted to see Serena so cool and friendly in defeat. I have more respect for her now.

Safina - Henin: I think Justine was very dignified in defeat, I thought she would appear much more demoralised.

Jankovic - Shaui: Jelena was nice to Peng, although Peng was clearly and rightly disappointed, their embrace was also easy on the eyes.

Those are the ones I can remember, please remind me if you saw any more.