View Full Version : John McEnroe finally says 'sorry'

Jul 31st, 2002, 08:22 PM
Last week I reported a bit of gossip regarding the great Johnny Mac. For those of you who missed it the Mac was in town to do a series of 'The Chair' for the BBC. After he had finished the shows he thought it would be a good idea to pop into Queens Tennis Club (home of the Stella Artois Championships) and have a quick knockabout on one of the courts.

Thing is, Queens is a strictly members only club and the Mac is not a member. He should have been as he is a past winner of the Stella and usually the winners are given honourary life membership. However the Mac was involved in an incident in which the he yelled some expletives at a woman (who later turned out to be the wife of the Chairman of Queens) because she was a bit slow in vacating a practice court for the Mac's liking. As a result the Mac's membership was witheld (I originally reported that he had been stripped of his membership, not correct, they refused to make him a member in the first place.)

Anyway, despite this membership boycott still being in effect, I reported that the Mac turned up at Queens and as bold as brass he walked into the locker room where he got changed and subsequently helped himself to a court. This cheeky display did not go unnoticed by the members especially as the Mac was wearing a black top (Queen's have the same all white dress code as Wimbledon that applies even to the members having a knockabout)

However none of the Queen's Commitee felt brave enough to confront the Mac :) probably because they were fightened of getting another verbal volley from him.

Anyway, I understand that the Mac must have felt a bit guilty for cheekily turning up at Queens in that manner and has written a letter of apology to Shiela Bolden the woman in question.

17 years after the event ! :D

Double Fault
Jul 31st, 2002, 10:32 PM
He sure did swear at the wrong person. All those people in the crowd and Mac swears at the Chairmans wife. LOL.