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Jul 29th, 2002, 06:54 PM
"To call itself in question"

"This elimination in Fed Cup all disappointed us. One had made a very good week, one was .fond with the drives and then... that was not played large thing. And result 4-1 is severe. There was not a chance either with the refusal of the selection of Mary Pierce and Sandrine which awaited a happy event. At the arrival, one introduced a a little reduced team. And it is true that in this configuration, I had the appearance of a chief candidate. I was ready to take this responsability and if I can bring that, I will do it very readily. One wanted to give best ourselves but one also fell on a strong Slovak selection and Hantuchova which made a super weekend. I repeat it, that was not played large-thing "

"preparation with the American tournaments"

"Now, it is clear, it is necessary that one calls oneself in question. It should be known if the Fed Cup is a priority for all the players, knowledge also what Guy can bring to us in more and other questions. We will gather and discuss. I did not have Guy on the telephone yet but there are time to see oneself to speak about all that.
After Bratislava, I crossed. I was in Geneva to rest me mainly and do a little golf. It was envisaged in my program this week of peace.
And then I took again more traditional days for my preparation with the American tournaments. I leave to Montreal on August 8 before connecting with New Heaven and the US Open one. Here for my last news. I find you the next week "

Sounds like the knee problem's not that serious :)