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Feb 14th, 2008, 10:12 PM
AUSTRALIAN OPEN (Melbourne, Australia; outdoor hard (Rebound Ace); Grand Slam)
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For last year's Australian Open, I have added a new TV-report of Anna's quarter-final with Maria Sharapova, which I recently acquired from Tennis Videos International (http://www.users.bigpond.com/tennisvideos1/).

My report is at:

It also includes reviews of Anna's first four matches, adding no new information to the reports I posted here at the time - except a link to Anna's fourth-round press-conference.

Articles from Australian Open 2008

Venus makes her presence felt
By Clive White for The Sunday Telegraph (20th January 2008)
Two of the top Russian seeds went out, but that wasn't a complete disaster because one of them - Anna Chakvetadze - went out to another Russian, Maria Kirilenko, who, if she was a shade more successful, might start challenging her friend Maria Sharapova for some of the game's bigger contracts because she certainly has the requisite looks. Maybe she just needs a little more confidence.

"Usually I'm losing like every time first round in the Grand Slam," she said, which isn't exactly true. The fourth round here will be as far as she has gone in one, and she might well go even further.

<snip discussion of other players>

Chakvetadze normally sheds enough tears both for herself and all her fans when she loses, but on this occasion, one could not help but feel for the No6 seed, who was the victim of a frightening robbery at her family's home in Moscow just before Christmas when she, her father and a maid were tied up and robbed. Her father was struck over the head - he thinks with a pistol-butt.

Even so, the 20-year-old could have done without him walking out of the arena just as she fell 2-5 behind in the third set; there's nothing like having the support of one's family when you most need it. After staving off four match-points, somewhat inevitably, she lost 6-7 6-1 6-2.

In a press-conference ahead of the Paris Indoors, Chakvetadze says playing in Australia was a mistake as she had not fully recovered from the armed robbery at her home in December.

I don't regret Anna playing the Australian Open, but playing Antwerp was certainly a mistake. I know Anna was considering pulling out for rest and recovery after winning Paris with injuries!

Anna's official website

has moved from

It seems that the old URI has already been taken over by a new website called "Hot Tennis Celebrity Anna Chakvetadze"!

Andrew dreams of Anna

A few nights ago, I saw Anna in a dream. I dreamed that I arrived at some tennis-tournament, and as I went past the queue to get in (which was surreal enough as it was the players - not me - who had to queue), I saw Anna close up and she smiled at me!

According to Freud's interpretation of dreams, if you recognise someone's face in a dream, then she is not herself but a symbol for someone else - she is only herself if you don't see her face but you feel her presence.

Well, I /did/ see Anna's face, but I still feel rather certain it was her! Unfortunately I couldn't take a photo, because I had forgotten to take my camera into the dream. Perhaps one day we'll be able to record our dreams on video.

UK TV-alert: Anna in Transworld Sport

Congratulations to Anna on winning Paris and extending her record in finals to 7:0!

Look out for brief highlights of the Paris-final in the next Transworld Sport, which - for those in the UK - is televised from 06:35 to 07:30 GMT on Sunday morning on Channel 4.

Dr. Andrew Broad