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Jul 29th, 2002, 03:54 AM
I know this has been done and said one thousand times before in relation to the infamous Jelena Dokic controversy here in Aus...

but today i conversed with Australia's former no.1 female junior before Jelena came ofcourse and took over as the new princess of Aussie women's tennis. Anyway it sparked some interest in me in regards to the way the tennis Australia runs its player development. The girl told me she 'quit tennis mainly because of all the politics'...and that tennis Australia didnt care about all the players, with the funds being consumed all by a select few players. :(

anyway the opinions she had on Jelena i wont get in to, what im interested in is how tennis Australia is handling things these days. I told the girl it was sad to see someone who obviously could play totally quit and she once again seemed upset about the 'politics'. So, obvioously this was a biased perspective coming from someone who was adversely affected by the program, but i just wanted to know if u guys think the biased system of player development is a good or bad thing? is it better to concentarte it on people like the next Jelena Dokic or more equitably spread it out so less are deterred from the game...

Crazy Canuck
Jul 29th, 2002, 03:59 AM
That depends if your country is looking for a broad base of talent, or one superstar who can be one of the best in the world.

Jul 29th, 2002, 04:02 AM
well after Jelena left, we havent had hordes of players rushing in to fill her shoes so..

Cybelle Darkholme
Jul 29th, 2002, 04:08 AM
I think they should focus at first on quantity and giving new and upcoming and undiscovered players the time to develop. I mean not everyone is a pre teen phenom, some girls need more time to develop their games and tactics and may not show great results until they are in their twenties. I mean if you are dedicated to your cause of developing talent then you should be willing to take the time to invest in various people and not just the hot flavor of the moment.

Crazy Canuck
Jul 29th, 2002, 04:17 AM
cybelle has a good point - take someone like Linsday, who didn't mature her game till her 20's.

Jul 29th, 2002, 04:50 AM
Well Tennis Australia are a lot of things, and biased is one of them. That's the way it goes with pretty much all tennis federations, throughout the world. They always have their favorites.

Its a shame that some players are disadvantaged (lack of funds etc) but its all the more sweet when they let their racquet do the talking and show these people up.

As for the state of TA now...Ive also conversed with a current Australian player and nothing really has changed in that regard. They still have their favorites.

Jul 29th, 2002, 07:12 AM
Tennis Australia is very biased. They tend to support the more anglo-saxon based players rather than those of european descent.

Jelena may have been world no 1 junior and world junior champion in 1998 but more money was spent on Melissa Dowse and Carol Black than for herself and Evie.

Jul 29th, 2002, 07:45 AM
Dowse and Black got more funding...wow...so ur implying that there might even be racial motivations ;)!

well its ok to be a little biased and concentrate mor emoney on the most promising, but i think they have to accomodate for more players and this girl i spoke to seemed badly funded by tennis aus..

Jul 31st, 2002, 03:03 AM
Who was Australia's no.1 junior before Jelena...cant think...??

Aug 1st, 2002, 11:18 PM
We all know Tennis Australia are biassed.

You are stating the obvious. And whoever u were chatting to obviously didnt have enough fight in herself or motivation to achieve her goals, to pass the blaim on to Tennis Australia for not funding her is ridiculous. Not point crying over something that isnt forthcoming, there are plenty of Australian players now that havent received much assistance from Tennis Australia and are doing well, e.g Van Elden, Dittmann, Sekulowski, Stone, etc.