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Feb 8th, 2008, 06:20 PM
So I visited the tournament on thursday.
1st match : Anna def. Dechy
No worries for Anna. Easy match. Nothing to say !!!:drool::drool:

2nd : Daniela def. Srebotnik
great match with a good Katerina. Daniela played very well at crucial moments and made the difference. But in my opinion, Katerina can pull good lessons on this defeat.

3rd : Bartoli def. Cibulkova
Domi was so nice. Great outfit, great all ... :drool::drool: Good resistance on a first time but she broke down in the second set. She msut have a lot of worries. Bartoli sicken me. How can be so fat when you are a sporty of high rank ???? :eek::eek::eek:

4th : Razzano def. Cornet
I slept so ... Without joking, it was a tough match, great points, high intensity. The best match of the day for sure. Razzano was so impressive, i never saw her like that before.

5th : Mauresmo / Daniilidou
What match ! without comment !

6th : Bondarenko sisters def. Likhovtseva & Voskoboeva
the last match of the day. Few people in the stadium. 100 ou 200 at maximum. Great match. It always a pleasure to see doubles, above all at this intensity. But the ukrainians were too strong. I didn't know Galina (she wore an outfit with big flowers, it was so funny) but she's very nice. I saw here during her trainig session on court 1 with Lena, she was joking all the time with Meilen Tu who was also here. Great moment, we were 3 to see this privileged moment. Who is the coach of Tu, he seems to be french but i never saw before too?
I also saw Kateryna Bondarenko against Fedak on court 1. I was just above Alona in the grandstand. She was all the time with her phone or a book. She saw the match with only one eye for sure !:lol::lol:
And i went to an autograph session of Szavay, nice girl ! so kind ...

(excuz my english ...) Just a few pics of my great day

Feb 8th, 2008, 08:14 PM
Voskoboeva's dress :lol:

I'm not being mean...I think it's funny. Original