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Jul 24th, 2002, 06:27 PM
Why Damir's still the tennis father from hell

CONTROVERSIAL father figure Damir Dokic has been accused of trying to make a sexual slur against tennis champion Martina Navratilova on a website dedicated to his baseline-dwelling daughter Jelena.

On Tuesday Sydney Confidential was interested to note that Jelena-online.com's homepage carried the blunt statement: "This website will no longer be updated."
The article prompted the release of a statement by Jay Prout, main webmaster of the Damir-approved site, who claimed the trouble began when Jelena was denied a centre court appearance during the Eastbourne Championship in June.

Dokic, the daughter, played – and lost – on an outside court while Navratilova, making a brief but crowd-pulling comeback, played in the main arena.

(i see why at wimbledon martina said that she didnt like dokic's game)

The 19-times Wimbledon champ beat 25-year-old Russian Tatiana Panova, but was bundled out in the next round.

Prout recalled a conversation he had with an angry Dokic Sr who, using son Savo as his translator, demanded an editorial attack on the crusty old tennis club and Navratilova.

"The nature of the intended article was to attack the Eastbourne organisers' decision to give [Martina Navratilova] the centre court on the basis that [she] is a 'dirty old lesbian'," Prout alleges.

Prout, who could seriously claim to be the young tennis star's biggest fan, said all attempts to convince Mr Dokic of the potential fallout failed.

"I gave a detailed argument as to why we shouldn't publish such an article on the grounds that it would result in the worst publicity the Dokics had ever suffered," he explained.

Prout also admitted it was futile to mount a morally-based defence because he knew it "would be unsuccessful".

"In any event I made it clear to them that I would not be writing the article," said Prout, confirming the website won't be updated nor the webhost contract renewed in four months time.

All attempts by Confidential to contact the Dokic family, who turned their backs on Australia, went nowhere.

More intriguing was the effect the official website's woes have had on an unofficial on-line tribute site dedicated to Damir's little girl.

Accompanying Prout's statement is this one from Matt Morelli, the webmaster of dokic.news.com

"Our staff have been informed of this situation and we have shut down," Morelli said.

"We are considering our options and may reopen but this is unlikely."

Jul 24th, 2002, 07:21 PM
Ah, I was wondering when the press would get wind of this. Well done to the Daily Telegraph, only a week or two later than they could have got the story. :)
Ok, I just want to point out that in no way did Jay try to sell the Dokics out. Quite the opposite in fact. Not only did he try to save the Dokics from this PR disaster, but more importantly, he didn't go to any newspaper / organisation with this story like so many would have after being mistreated the way he was by the Dokics, however, he's not gone out of his way to defend the Dokics or cover up the story. He's given the same statement to everyone who have asked, and has even taken part in a jelena-dokic.com chat with all the members giving them a fuller explanation of the situation regarding Jelena-Online's closure. Typically, he was branded as a liar and an attention seeker by many of the blind and indenial Dokic enthusiasts, and has withstood some outragous claims (for example, someone claimed that Jay closed the site after hitting on Jelena, and failing :rolleyes: ).
I hope we don't get a re-run of the situation here with everyone attacking Jay without any reason.

It's such a shame.

Glyn (ex Dokic fan).

Jul 24th, 2002, 07:40 PM
So, finally, the supposed fans of Jelena got what they always wanted - to discredit her family further. I wonder now, that the whole reason behind the WS closure is public, whether the people who claim that the Dokics are homophobic family will disclose their evidence. What is keeping them from divulging this proof now? Surely, they are not now trying to "cover up the story" or trying to "protect Jelena." Oh, please, don't take all of us as foolish sheeps who march where you led us. Give us the proof and let us decide. (Please, notice also that the article posted above doesn't mention this proof and is based on an account of a person who may or may not have other motivation for making those outrageous claims)

What a bunch of hypocrites! They claim they are trying to protect the dokics from PR disaster but they release private conversation held b/n them and dokics to the tabloids. No wonder celebrities are really afraid to approach people who claim to be their fans; because, in a blink of an eye lid, those people will butcher you and auction you to the wolves.

Jul 24th, 2002, 09:19 PM
Nice try Glyn but you can never convince a fanatic even of you do give them irrefutable evidence.They will always find some excuse/denial/etc. That's what makes them a 'fanatic' ;)

Well, eta psi, if that article had been released at Wimbledon time it would have been a PR disaster on a world wide scale especially as it would have been done with Damir's blessing, who knows? maybe he's glad that this article has broken in Australia. I can't see any reason why he should have changed his mind between Wimbledon and now, God knows I tried to change it for him and failed.

As Glyn has said (and so have I in that chat that Glyn mentions and on the www.jelena-dokic.com message board) I have backed down from my threats to write the intended article and release it to the press along with all my tapes.

However I also stated that if anyone did ask I would tell them about that phone call and nothing else (and just as well because that article is mild, it only concerns Damir).

So far only the BBC and the Daily Telegraph in Oz have asked. I am not going to try and publicise what has happened (and it would be so easy, I only have to pick up the telephone) , but equally I am not going to lie for the Dokics.


Here's a bit of evidence regarding that phone call:

www.jellyworld.freewebspace.com/jay/navrat1.wav (http://www.jellyworld.freewebspace.com/jay/navrat1.wav)

and there's plenty more of where that came from on my tape machine including the rant

"All the people like in England and in America and countries like that, you're scared to put something like this out in the newspapers, you're scared of politics and like the bigger people and over here, I mean, all of you people talk about democracy and over here we have democracy because we're allowed to say anything we want and they can't do anything to you"

so in view of that statement by Damir I don't really see how Damir or his supporters are in any position to complain about what has been printed in the media or what has been said on the message boards.

This is what he wants.

It's democracy Damir Dokic style ;)

Jul 24th, 2002, 10:53 PM
Plus he's got a beard. I fear them.

Jul 25th, 2002, 01:58 AM
Jay and Co., I think I should apologize since you guys seem to have an evidence/proof for your claim with regards to jelena's/her dad's comment and I might have judged you unfairly. But, you should understand that I know you less than I do Jelena and, therefore, shouldn't take anything you said at face value with out evidences. Anyways, as I have said you have shown the evidence now and I must give you the benifit of the doubt although I am not sure/convinced that is Jelena's voice on the phone conversation.

Anyhow, I think my second point stands in that damaging private conversation shouldn't be divulged with out the consent of all parties. But, why would I care? It's Jelena who trusted you guys and, if she misjudged you, then she should pay the price for trusting people too much, I guess. May be this will be a good learning experice for her?

Jul 25th, 2002, 02:11 AM
I thought it was her bro on the phone?

Jul 25th, 2002, 02:16 AM
oh, is it? That sounded like a girl voice to me. As I said, I don't know her much and don't even know how she sound when speaking.

Jul 25th, 2002, 02:21 AM
Jay - I jsut want to offer my congratulations...

You've handles yourself with more class than i would have in the same situation..

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Jul 25th, 2002, 04:16 AM
That sounded like a ladies voice to me too! So who was that exactly?

Jul 25th, 2002, 04:54 AM
Jay- This was a tough situation and I think you handled it as best you could.

Jul 25th, 2002, 08:33 AM
eti psi

I had their consent to divulge that 'damaging private conversation'.

and yes, it's Savo's voice on that sound file.

If you look at the Telegraph article it clearly says that Savo was the translator.

This was normal procedue whenever I spoke with Belgrade. Damir would get Savo to translate for him. If Savo wasn't there then Damir would talk to me direct but often I would have to repeat myself or rephrase a question.

Savo is only 11 years old but he is a remarkable 'kid'. He has a black belt in karate and he is a very important member of Team Dokic. Not only did he act as translater between myself and Damir, but he also used to attend meetings between Damir and the American lawyers for the same purpose. In fact, out of the entire Dokic family I would say that Savo has the best understanding of what is happening and what is likely to happen in regards to the legal situation.

Also, Savo was the only one who showed any interest in contibuting to the fan side of the website.

Jul 25th, 2002, 11:23 AM
Hey Jay....I see you're still having to defend yourself. Why is it so hard for people to believe Damir said these things? Most of the world is not homosexual and definitely not tolerant. This is why the need for the Gospel phrases...."preference" and alternative".

Unfortunately, they have not convinced Damir!

Anyway; you Jay have handled yourself with dignity! Thanks.

Jul 25th, 2002, 11:58 AM
this is so interesting. I had no idea there were people on this board who actually ran official players websites, and were in direct contact with players/their families. I'm sorry it ended so badly for you, Jay. I wonder if you are still a fan of Jelena's after all that's happened. is she still your fav?

Jul 25th, 2002, 01:53 PM
its old news...i also heard some homophobic comments regarding Liljana....theyve now been branded as racist, homophobic, headline hungry and what not!

all this negative attention Damir brings to the family is gonna have a destructive effect on Jelena's tennis which is sad, i wouldnt want to see any player face soo much interference..

btw Jay 'if he says that to any reporter he is gonna get crucified'...hes been there done that, its damir politics, he loves it cos its the only way hell ever make the front page!

Jul 25th, 2002, 05:46 PM
This has nothing to do with Damir calling Martina a dirty old lesbian:

Jay, you broadcast an eleven-year-old boy who was following the dictates of his father. Involving him in a discussion like that is reprehensible and you are as responsible as Damir is for Savo's conversations with you. I think you should have struggled with Damir's abilities or have found a translator or have not spoken with him at all on issues like this if you had to use Savo. I know you can say that it's Damir that does that to his son, but you did not have to participate. You should not have broadcast that boy.

Your "Savo is a remarkable kid paragraph" looks like an attempt to justify it. I can't help but wonder why else you would have included it. To me, the bottom line is that you had something to gain all along, even if it was the satisfaction of your website or access to a tennis star instead of money, and you had to use Savo to get it. You should not have been using Savo for controversial issues or issues with consequences. In addition, your tone of voice to him was terrible. You were castigating him. He is a kid. He was translating, not arguing with you.

"But I'm only saying what my Dad...."

said by Savo, Interrupted by Jay Prout

I can't help but think that you all are doing damage to him. And, you are part of 'you all': the people who do this kind of business with Damir through Savo are the people who are willing do it, as well.

As a separate issue, the taping is questionable. Taping for transcription is one thing, but taping and broadcasting it? Damir agreed to broadcast that tape, is that what you said?

You were just proving yourself to people who questioned you, Jay, and Damir had not even denied saying these things. If he had, the broadcast would have been different—but not with Savo's voice.

Jul 25th, 2002, 09:48 PM
lol Bella,

Savo was not my choice as a translator and I certaintly don't have a Serb translator on the payroll of my garage. As always it was Damir's decision.

Often I would phone and talk to Damir and after a few pleasantries were exchanged Damir would ask me to hold on while he went and fetched Savo. It was strange at first communicating via Savo but I soon got used to it.

And I'm sure the same can be said for the lawyers who would visit Tampa and discuss a multi-million pound lawsuit with Damir via this 11 year old boy.

I admit I did talk to Savo like a grown up, after a while I found this quite natural. Also, there were occasions when I would phone and ask Damir for a clarification regarding a detail of the lawsuit and often Damir would tell me that he couldn't remember and to call back and ask Savo when he got home from school. If I had refused to participate in any discussions because of Savo then communication would have been impossible especially those communications that concerned the legal stuff.

I can't stress to you how big a roll this 11 year old boy has in the affairs of the Dokic family. This isn't news to the likes of ILUVJELENA and Howie. Yes, in this instance Savo was only the translator but make no mistake, he is not like a normal 11 year old. He is the most grown up kid I have ever spoken to. For example, how many 11 year olds have a black belt in karate?

As for my tone in that sound clip, I couldn't help it because it knocked me for 6. It was I who telephoned Belgrade informing them that we had a situation regarding Jelena's 'ridiculous match' comment and I said something to the effect that if you want good press everyone has to learn to watch what they say to the press and more importantly learn when to say nothing.

30 minutes after I tell them this Damir rings back and asks me to write and release to the BBC 'dirty old lesbian'.

I'm sorry Bella, but I bear no responsiblity in the use of a minor for these kind of discusions. The damage was already done. Savo was being used in this way long before I arrived on the scene. In fact some of the Aussie posters may remember an incident in Oz in which Damir made sexual remarks and suggestions to a female television reporter. Damir claims that he said this in friendly jest (and I believe him on this) but guess who was the translator in this incident? yep you've guessed it, it was Savo and at the time he would have been only 8 or 9.

And yes it was highly questionable my posting that sound file but not half as questionable as some of the things that I have done or been asked to do on behalf of the Dokics.

As for your claim that the "satisfaction of your website or access to a tennis star" was the reason for me using Savo is total bollocks.

It was the Dokics who made the initial contact and straight away they wanted us to publish a story about their lawsuit against Octagon as well as another article about their dispute with Konami and Dentsu. It was they who wanted to use the website for their own gain and we knew this but we went along with it because we thought we could get them interested in the fan side of the website.

And that is how it was. We had two sides to the website. One side was the fan side with the usual match reporting, galleries etc. and the other side was the Dokic internet mouthpiece which I mainly dealt with.

And there lies the other reason why the website could not go on. It was a question of respect. There was no respect towards the site, to players, to peoples' sexuality or even to the fans and I especially include Jelena on this last point.

We kept quiet for a long time that we had contact with the Dokics but we broke this when Jelena's birthday came up and we announced that we were in a position to send fan's birthday greetings to Jelena. This we did and yet we never even got a 'thank you everyone' from Jelena. I wrote to Jelena twice about other matters and at the end threw in a suggestion about saying a quick 'thanks' to the fans for the birthday greetings. No reply.

When the Rome internet chat came up I again suggested this to her as an opportunity to say thanks and again she couldn't be bothered.

At French Open we obtained a press pass for one of our staff Lali. He came back with some fantastic pics and a 'report'. I didn't publish this 'report' because it was probably the lamest and certainly the shortest tournament report ever written. One item that he did report was this:

The match is over ! I go to Jela and ask her towel, she give it to me after
that I'm walking with her and I tell her that I'm from
Jelena-Online.com ! She smile to me and answer me « really ! cool ! » I ask
her if she got something to say to all her fan, she answer me « yes but I
don't know what ! I will tell it to Jay later

Well, after a few days I wrote to her asking if she had thought of anything and even offered to help her. No reply.

And that is how it was. Whenever I asked for a contribution for the fan side I got blanked. Whenever I asked a question or a clarification of a detail regarding the Brixi/Octagon/WTA/Konami or other matters like the Kournikova doubles incident I got an immediate response.

The only Dokic who was willing to contribute to the fan side was Savo. Most of this stuff like names of pets, doubles partners etc. he used to give me over messenger. The messanger contact was the only time I would communicate with Savo the brother and not Savo the translator. When I told Savo that a possible reprecussion of the Brixi/WTA article was that Sanex insist we remove all the pics that we nicked off them, Savo told me not to worry about that as he was willing to provide plenty of pics that he would take personally after they had settled in Belgrade. He was even going to get his dad to buy a digital camera for this purpose.

When I saw for myself Jelena's indifference to her fans (as well as finding out more info about the locker room incident at Eastbourne) I knew that the website was dead. The issue regarding the tennis racquet is just a confirmation that there is no respect shown to the fans.

This is part of an e-mail I received by someone this morning and it tells it like it is.

"Jelena has always come across as being that sort of a person. When I went
to see her at the DFS classic at Birmingham in June at the autograph
session she seemed really abrupt with the security staff, in fact one guy
in the stand selling drinks commented "what's up, has she got a sore arm"
when she requested to staff that the queue wasn't moving fast enough and
another woman commented how it was so obvious Jelena just didn't want to
be there. Another had to beg Jelena to write the name of the person she
was giving the programme to. Even mine was signed in such a hurry it was
signed upside down.

I'm still a big fan though. It's really sad everything should be thought
of in terms of money. It makes me feel quite sick that everything she has
worked for will be eaten up in legal fees."

And that is the sad truth in all this mess. The only consideration is for money. By top player standards Jelena is broke. They haven't even got all the money they need to buy the house and land to build tennis courts in Belgrade. They're asking the government to help. Everything is tied up in the lawsuit and if Jelena loses it (a real possibilty) the consequences will be devastating.

The court costs of Octagon alone will probably ruin her never mind her own costs or the costs of the County Court. There's also the real possiblity of damages being awarded to Octagon which again will be astronomical.

And that's also the reason as to why she plays in so many goddamn tournaments, she needs the money to fund the lawsuit.

As to I'girl's question, I don't really consider myself a fan anymore. However I'm not the type to bear malice towards someone and I certainly don't bear any malice towards Jelena. I don't hold her responsible for being the person that she is.

I feel very very sorry for her and nothing will please me more than one day seeing her take responsiblity for herself and sort out this legal mess and detach herself from her father in all matters to do with her tennis and business affairs.

And that is why I have backed down from telling everything to the tabloids even though the racquet still hasn't been sent.

Jul 25th, 2002, 10:17 PM
Teaching bigotry like that to an 11 year old boy disgusts me.

Jul 26th, 2002, 12:21 AM
sigh. not only bigoted, but more bad news for Jelena's tennis if you ask me. All the publicity generated by her dad can't help but distract her from reaching top form. I hope she separates from him soon -- it's only hurting her.

Jul 26th, 2002, 07:14 AM
Last week on the "Connie Chung Tonight" show on CNN they were going to have an interview with Navratilova on some sort of contraversy. I didn't know what they were referring to so I tuned in to see it and it was pre-empted by some emerging news story. I was wondering if this interview had anything to do with this subject?

BTW, this thread is the first I have heard of this. Very bizarre and very sad.

Jul 26th, 2002, 03:11 PM
Originally posted by darinls
Teaching bigotry like that to an 11 year old boy disgusts me.

Yes, but Savo is not to blame and nor is Jelena. The children never had a chance.

Everyone on this board would share Damir's 'views' if they had been born into this family.

Jul 26th, 2002, 03:34 PM
Jay...once again, thank you for the enlightening post. Lot's of information and all very credible. From the beginning you have been straightforward with everyone here as well as yourself; even though you didn't owe any of us one single post!

A fascinating ordeal... yet sad.

Jul 26th, 2002, 04:32 PM
Thank you joneg2 but I do think that the fans deserve an explantion and that they know as much of the truth as I can tell them.

It's up to them as to how they deal with it. Some will desert Jelena and some will remain loyal to her and I certainly have no problem with that. For example the person who sent me that e-mail regarding the DFS autograph session is still going to remain loyal to Jelena, and this is despite the fact that he is gay. I respect that guy because he accepted the truth and even colloabrated it with a personal experiance of his own and dealt with the whole thing in a mature way instead of going on a Damir like rant and accusing me of all sorts of outrageous bollocks.

Jul 28th, 2002, 03:05 AM
Jay, are you still whining about being used and ubused, you big baby....

I haven't visited the forum for a couple of weeks - since you had your buddies close the thread bcause you were getting too much criticism. And here you are still trying to justify your pathetic actions.

For those that don't know the history, Jay alleges that Damir said something that he didn't like before Wimbledon. So, instead of being a man and telling him so, he leeches off the Dokic family for the next week+ and struts about the Wimbledon players facilities - coutesy of Jelena who arranges a player's pass for him; lets them believe that he is a true friend and confidante and then, after enjoying their confidence and hospitality for a week, decides (without anything else occuring) that he cannot support them any more and runs to the BBC - and this forum - with rumors and innuendo that he refuses to provide details of but which, he alleges, make it impossible for him to like his former friends any longer.

Jay, you make me sick with this nonsense. Leave the poor girl alone. The worst she has done is to trust you as a friend. So her father is outspoken. So what? He has a hell of lot less to say than you do - and there is far less hate and criticism coming from his mouth than yours. To many, Damir is a liability to Jelena. No-one knows her father better than Jelena and her Mother. While they support him, then no-one else has the right to say that they know better - especially someone who is so ready to run to the press with unsubstantiated rumors after pretending to be their friend and encouraging them to share confidences with you.

I asked you weeks ago to be a man and let this whole disgusting mess fade into the oblivion that it deserves and it sickens me to see you still trying to justify your pathetic behaviour so as to gain a little publicity. Go and find a good deed that can earn you some praise. You deserve none for your reprehensible actions at Wimbledon.

Jeff Davies

Jul 28th, 2002, 08:26 AM
I think it's time you let go Jeff.......Jay has every right to post his version of events.

Just because they don't fit your ideal Jelena image doesn't mean them are wrong....from my experience being devoted to a celebrity is a total waste of time - 99% of them are total losers who only care about themselves. This incident proves it but if you chose to support Jelena, that's fine - please do, god knows she needs <i>some</i> fans....

Jul 28th, 2002, 05:03 PM
erm I wasn't whining about being used by the Dokics, as I said I knew that I was being used but we went along with it because we hoping to get something out of it for the sake of the fans.

And it wasn't my 'buddies' who closed the threads. And when you say 'Jay alleges that Damir said something that he didn't like' , well I'm not allegeing anymore, that sound file that I posted speaks for itself. It's a fact and it happened and I was a man and told him in no uncertain terms that I woundn't be writing it. Also it wasn't the first time that I refused to write something they wanted. There were at least 5 or 6 other things such as the claim that Brixi was responsible for the transport not turning up at Wimbledon (complete bollocks, the driver fell asleep in front of the telly the night before), the claim that WTA are protecting Brixi cos there are an American organisation and Brixi is an American (again complete bollocks although yes Brixi is an embarressment to the WTA and that's why he's been moved out of harms way to China but nationality has nothing to do with it) and several other ridiculous accusations about WTA/ Tennis Australia and so on.

I have always been open minded and objective in my dealings with them and if they were able to provide me with credible evidence (as in the case of Brixi US Open) then I was prepared to write and publish.

And err I didn't run to the press and certainly not the BBC. I did approach my mate at the BBC with the Brixi/WTA story and when he saw the notice (website no longer updated) he asked me why and if it had anything to do with the Brixi/WTA article. I told him no and gave him my statement regarding the phone call and nothing else. In any case I would never have approached the BBC to print 'dirty old lesbian' because I know it's not their kind of thing (hence my 'not in a million years' comment on that sound file to Savo). As for the Daily Telegraph in OZ I've later found out that it was a Hingis fan called Brandon who tipped them off but it any case the Daily Telegraph also saw the no longer updated notice and so yes I gave them the same statement.

If I was out to seek publicity as you claim I could do it much more effectively then writing to some paper in Oz. For example I could write about all of this and put it on the front page of Jelena Online, I could then telephone all the major tabloids as well as writing to all the large sports sites overseas like CBS etc. If I was truely a vindicative person there is no end to the damage I could do using the website and the domain.

I've always been impartial in my dealings with them and yes this is where they have misjudged me. They assumed that just because Jelena is a top tennis player in the world and good looking that I was a fanatic and so grateful to be affliated with them and therefore I would be prepared to do anything they wanted and not question it and lick their arses at the same time.

That might be good enough for you Jeff but it's not good enough for me.

Incidently, it looks like they have now fallen out with that 'full time' fitness trainer Mike Nishihara as well. I understand he's going to reduce his involvement and only work with Jelena on the odd occasion at Saddlebrook and maybe travel to the odd tournament like US Open. It's getting be a long long list of people who were close to them and helping them who they can't seem to get along with. To date, that's 3 coaches in Oz, 1 manangement company, WTA, Tennis Australia, 2 sets of lawyers, 1 webmaster and now it appears 1 fitness trainer. Gosh ! she's only been on the pro Tour for 2 years.

And as for my 'leeching off the Dokics' it was the other way around. The only thing that I got off them was that pass (which cost them nothing) and to be honest looking back I am pretty sure that the only reason they got me that pass was because I was working for them (unpaid of course)

My mission at Wimbledon was to publicise the Brixi/WTA story. That's why I didn't watch a lot of tennis, I was too busy talking to as many reporters as I could and that's why they gave me the pass because they knew I needed access to the Press Centre. They wanted the story publicised hoping that it would sabatage the lawsuit in their favour and my mission was a faliure (and no one else could have done as much I did to make that mission successful) because the Dokic's weren't prepared to take the same risk that I did and make a statement.

I was aware of all of this and yet I still did it because I was hoping to get something out of it for the fans. Well, at Wimbledon and afterwards I found out that they don't give a shit about anything (apart from money) especially the fans and that includes you Jeff. Jelena couldn't even be bothered to say 'thank you' to all those fans that sent her birthday greetings so there's no chance that she's going to bother to sign and send a tennis racquet to that fan in Yugoslavia (unless it became mainstream public knowledge)

Anyway Jeff you carry on supporting her but don't bother me with your rants. I'm still protecting Jelena because I haven't made public the details of what happened in the locker room although if the media were to approach Martina Navratilova and she was to make a statement then it will go world wide and it wouldn't be a case of Martina's word against Jelena's. There were other players in that locker room who witnessed it and they will undoubtlely support Martina on this so I suggest you take Penne1's advice and let it go because the more you taunt me with your rants the more you tempt me to do something outrageous like go to the press with everything I have and re-direct the domain www.jelena-online.com to some lesbian porn site.

Jul 28th, 2002, 07:03 PM
Very well said Jay. Who knows how Jeff will react? There's two options, come up with another bullshit rant with false claims about a situation he knows nothing about, or turn a blind eye and keep up his 100% loyal support for 'Queen Jelena' :)

Jul 29th, 2002, 05:46 AM
More bullshit!!! Still the same old nonsense in your last paragraph - I know something but I'm not saying. You make an incredible amount of noise for someone who's not saying anything....

I'll make it simple....

I'm no more a fan of Jelena than I am of numerous other talented tennis players who provide me with many hours of enjoyment and entertainment watching tennis matches - nor any less of a fan because of some petty rumors that insecure people keep alive to keep themselves in the spotlight.

I am not the slightest bit interested in their sexual preferences or if their father doesn't care for the price of smoked salmon sandwiches. Some of it is amusing. When it gets to be bigotry and bad-temper, it loses its appeal.

I like to watch (and play) tennis and like to see it played well by experts. Jelena is one of them and I will continue to enjoy watching her play. That's it.

The rest is bullshit!


Jul 29th, 2002, 08:19 AM


I'm saying that 'dirty old lesbian' were Jelena's words.

Jelena said that to Navratilova and she told this to her father and her father asked me to print it but in his words.

Now I hope that's cleared up that last paragraph for you.

Jul 29th, 2002, 09:21 AM
Dokic is a huge whinger, always known that ,this thread just reinforces what I thought. However I kinda feel sorry for her only because she has to keep on working every week to support her family- at the rate she's going, she is going to burn out. For her sake I hope not.

Jay you did the best u could in a rather difficult situation

Jul 29th, 2002, 09:44 AM
lol,I just saw the topic.
hehehe, if I only knew before, I love you Jelena for that, because I still remember what Navratilova was saying for Monica while she was Yugoslav.

Aug 10th, 2002, 01:44 PM
I've just had a PM and thought i would reply to this briefly.

I think it's all a load hoo ha, not what she said/supposedly said but the amount of coverage this has got.

I am a big time fan of Dokic (note, i did not say biggest, i have never met the few billion people on this planet) and to discriminate against someone is incorrect but answer me these questions...........

1. Can you honestly say that you have never discriminated against anyone at all in your life (Could be something like race, nationality, clothes someone wears, occupation, way someone speaks etc etc) - you didn't have to mean it!

2. Has anyone ever been discriminating towards Jelena (but it being kept behind closed doors)

3. You've never thought about you and your own first?

4. Who knows Jelena really personally (i don't just mean interviews, i mean being a big part of her life and important to her like her family)?

5. Who sees if Jelena personally gets her fan mail/e-mails etc?

6. How many of you like your favourite stars criticised and wouldn't defend them?

Anyone going to answer them honestly? I doubt it, some people seem to think they are Jelena's minder/lover/best pal etc etc all into one and that they know best


I am a huge Jelena fan, if she says something wrong, i can disagree but i don't judge someone on comments that are infrequent, people can't wait to stick the boot in.

And for the record, the PM was completely inaccurate, so the person who sent it, please check your facts and don't judge me as you have never met me



Aug 11th, 2002, 01:20 AM
I've just re-read the thread as it is amazingly interesting and i still say 'I've never met Jelena so i cannot judge her'

I will remain her fan and wish her all the best, i'm not interested in rights or wrongs and who said what.

Aug 11th, 2002, 07:32 AM
I will remain her fan and wish her all the best, i'm not interested in rights or wrongs and who said what

i agree. do you also care about your fave golfer, fave basketballer, fave soccer players etc every move and action??
i get pleasure out of watching her strike a yellow fuzzluffy ball and thats all there is to it.


Aug 11th, 2002, 08:14 AM
I like Jelena and her tennis, I try to ignore her father.

Aug 11th, 2002, 08:29 AM
SM - love Soccer, that's my main Sport ahead of tennis and my love for my fave team (Middlesbrough) is very passionate, however, in Sport, Jelena is the individual I enjoy watching most. She is very pretty (obviously) but her game is so exciting, yet i can imagine with the right coach she can improve her game and especially her serve. And the best thing is, she's only 19, so barring injury she has a long future :)

Aug 11th, 2002, 05:09 PM
sorry it wasnt a question, just some rhetoric...cos i think some people just put Jelena under the microscope a bit too much for someone whos out there just to hit tennis balls

Aug 11th, 2002, 05:12 PM
I agree, i wish she was under observation for Tennis and not her personal life

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:09 PM
Originally posted by JelenaDokicIsHot
I agree, i wish she was under observation for Tennis and not her personal life

so I take it that you won't be participating in any future threads that my come up regarding stuff like moving to England or stuff regarding break ups/new boyfriends etc ? ;)

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:16 PM
If they are started i will participate and defend her as some people seem intent on dissing her.

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:28 PM
yeah Jay. you also hide behind the idea that you like spreading news/gossip...but yet also seem intent on talking about anything but jelena's tennis thesedays and often with what seems intent to damage her reputation

i think JDishot has a valid point there..

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:36 PM

when the Bernoldi story that was published in the Sun was posted on this board no one was intent on 'dissing her'. It was a trivial bit of gossip that was reported in the paper and the board had a chat about it. So I take it that you will rise above the rest of the board and refrain from participating in this idle gossip regarding her private life.

Incidently I hope that remark about 'some people seem intent on dissing her' is not aimed at me. I just tell it how it is. Also, I've just posted in 'Non tennis' a pic of Jordan gettin her one of her tits fondled in a car and another pic of the Countess of Wessex with one of her tits hanging out in the back of a taxi.

Gossip is big business, the personal lives of celebs always attracts more front page news coverage than the actual professional career of the celeb concerned. The same applies to the Dokics. If Jelena wins Wimbledon it makes the back page of the Sun etc. If she's caught on camera kissing someone like Jordan full on the lips it will make the front page of the Sun.

My point is that half of the posts on this message board have got nothing to do with the actual tennis of the players. So don't take it personally just because a bit of gossip regarding your particular fav happens to pop up on this board. Chances are this gossip would have been sourced from a major media outlet like Yahoo, the Sun, Mirror, CBS etc. If it happens to be negative what are you going to do ? write a letter to the editor of the Sun defending Jelena ?

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:40 PM
I'd just like to say that i'm not interested in petty squabbles with anyone, especially not on the internet as that is cowardly but i'm also not going to let things that mean something to me go unanswered.

I'm not talking about any individual here, and i'm a member of a few message boards, mostly soccer but a couple of others, when i say some people are only out to criticise people. Our fave stars are people too and have feelings, feel pain etc etc.

Part of being on a messageboard is to share opinions with others but you won't find me being vindictive towards others or knocking down anyone elses opinions.

If i don't like a star i won't even waste my time and effort in replying to a thread to do with them, it's pointless, but when people start attacking my favourites then i'm going to reply.

Unfortunately in this world their are too many people so bitter with their own lives they have to knock others down, none of us know Jelena personally as a friend so it would be wrong to judge her badly. If you don't like her then just leave it and let the people who actually enjoy her tennis enjoy it.

Sorry for ranting, i can't stand it when people feel the need to try and ruin someones career and/or try and turn others against them.

As i say not aimed at anyone, you get vindictive little sods everywhere these days

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:43 PM
Originally posted by SM
yeah Jay. you also hide behind the idea that you like spreading news/gossip...but yet also seem intent on talking about anything but jelena's tennis thesedays and often with what seems intent to damage her reputation

i think JDishot has a valid point there..

Marco, the only time I have ever talked about Jelena's tennis were the matches at Wimbledon. As you know, up to Wimbledon I had never even seen Jelena play. And I haven't seen her play since so there's no change there.

I think I have a valid point there...

Aug 11th, 2002, 06:46 PM
There is nothing wrong with talking about players private issues as long as it is a healthy debate and people who don't like her can debate without obviously at the same time ruin/diss her, i know who those people are and can work them out quickly, i didn't come down in the last shower.

As for The Sun etc, i don't read papers, they ruin people and don't believe anything until i see/hear the individual say so.

Pictures are pictures, if you had a picture of Jelena sucking another tennis players nipple then i'd probably find it funny, it's the suggestion in some peoples comments that annoys me, the judging of an individual they do not know.