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Jan 6th, 2008, 10:30 PM
A recent article from the Swiss paper, Blick

and a rough, literal translation, done by hingis.org member, igi.

[...] Close to the beautiful animal, Colibri, stands, proud and extremely in good mood, the owner, Martina Hingis.

[...] "I certainly won't say anything about tennis for the moment", she says, full determination.

But ... she is afraid that her horse sport could be affected by the cocaine affair. "I hope that the ban doesn't apply for the national horse jumping tournaments." Though, if she needs the license of the National Association to take part in a tournament, she can't compete.

Martina, who takes horseriding holidays in the region of Engadin since Monday without her new friend the Ukrainian billionaire Alexander Onishenko, seems completely to have found her happiness on the back of her new horse. On Saturday, she took part with 130 other people in a "Ride for charity". [then they describe the place where they ride through, including St. Moritz]

[money given to a working place for handicapped people, and to a family: each 5000 Franken] The organizer whispers, so that Hingis doesn't hear: "Martina gave spontaneously the double of the amount to the family. But she doesn't want everybody to know." She also seems to be very modest when it comes to her accommodation. She stays in a small hotel close to the stall. "I have the view on the Airport of Samedan", she says and smiles.

... "It was a fantastic day. I enjoyed the nature and the atmosphere with the riding friends completely", she said when she's back to the stall.

The cocaine-affair seems to be far away for her in this sane mountain world. It seems that she wants to let this feeling last still a little bit. Hingis: "I don't know yet when I'll leave the Engadin".

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Hingis!!!! :bounce::bounce::lol:

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Martina, good to hear that she´s fine! You´re being missed so much...

Jan 6th, 2008, 10:46 PM
I Fu**** Love And Adore Her. Everybody Does In Some Way. Farewell Martina. Remembered Forever.

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Thanks for the article :)

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Hingis !!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: