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Jul 24th, 2002, 03:21 AM
Nancy Feber

Sonya Jeyalseelan

Siobhan DrakeBrockman

Sung-Hee Park

Aleszandra Olsza

Yvette Basting

Julie Steven

Catalina Cristea

Nino Lourasavilli (forget correct spelling of her surname, she was a top junior in 1993-4 or something like that from Georgia)

Jul 24th, 2002, 03:24 AM
Marzia Grossi

Jul 24th, 2002, 03:25 AM
Sonya Jeyaseelan is making her return from injury at the main draw $10k in Evansville, Indiana this week :) welcome back!

As for Cristea, you can chalk her up as one of those Romanians that just disappear without a trace....I'm sure someone else will comment on the trend.... :)

Jul 24th, 2002, 04:02 AM
ok, I have one, Andrea Studenikova, I know she was injured and had surgury, but is she coming back???

Lea Ghirardi, she is in the rankings, or was not too long ago, havent looked in a while, is she still playing?

Alexandra Olsza retired, not sure when but I remember seeing it somewhere and being very disappointed, I was always hoping she would be a good player after the good junior years

Jul 24th, 2002, 05:57 AM
Siobhan Drake-Brockman retired a couple years ago at a very young age. She is still only 23. She still plays tennis in Western Australia.

Im pretty sure Nancy Feber and Sung-Hee Park are retired, as is Katarina Studenikova.

Yvette Basting made a comeback from injury not so long ago but I havent seen her name anywhere for a little while. Not sure whats happening there.

Jul 24th, 2002, 06:18 AM
I think Nancy Feber is Elke Clijster's coach now.

Jul 24th, 2002, 11:58 AM
No, that's Ann De Vries, arn ;)

Nancy's only playing in small Belgian tournaments now, she retired in 1998 I think.

Jul 24th, 2002, 12:04 PM
Yeah ist good to see Sonya making her return in a 10k event this week:)

Jul 24th, 2002, 12:15 PM
and what about

Stephanie Rottier

Stephanie de Ville

Noelle van Lottum

Kim de Weille

Petra and Ioana Gaspar (know that Ioana hasnt retired)

Amiella Mojzis

Jitka Schonfeldova

Sylvie Sallaberry

Evelina Scalise

Maike Froehlich

Stephanie Testard

Jul 24th, 2002, 12:24 PM
Stephanie De Ville retired last year I think. She played her last ITF event in Amiens (FRA) in March, and hasn't played since then... I e-mailed the WTA last year to ask them if she had retired or not, but they said they didn't know... I guess she's retired though, since she hasn't played in 16 months now.

Jul 24th, 2002, 01:10 PM
the wta doenst know anything about retirement cause they dont care

Jul 24th, 2002, 01:13 PM
Marzia Grossi got to fat, she was enormous when I last saw her in 1994. She only had a top 100 ranking for a few weeks and miraculously won a wta title beating rittner in the final

Jul 25th, 2002, 02:51 AM
3 more
Kuti Kis

rather recent players, but havent heard anything lately

Jul 25th, 2002, 02:58 AM
Habsudova is injured from what I know....
Courtois has retired, even though she did play Antwerp qualifying in February.
Kuti Kis is still out there... her problem was that she got extremely out of shape, gained lots of weight and began losing lots which also eroded her confidence. I think she's still trying to make it back, playing challengers but not having any success yet.

Jul 25th, 2002, 03:22 AM
thanks Vanity, good luck to Habsudova and Kuti Kis then :)

Jul 25th, 2002, 03:27 AM
Catalina Cristea is playing and losing :( in a lot of challengers

Jul 25th, 2002, 03:31 AM
mmmm...Catalina is beautiful!!!! too bad she is not doing better

Jul 25th, 2002, 03:33 AM
Catalina hasn't played since September 2001.

Jul 25th, 2002, 03:47 AM
My apologies, I seemed to remember seeing her name in challenger draws. Im sorry for causing any confusion.

Jul 25th, 2002, 11:26 AM
Courtois retired last year after Belgium's Fed Cup victory.

* However she played the singles qualis in Antwerp (1st round loss btw) & doubles with Elke Clijsters (lost in the QF).
* In 1st round of Fed Cup she played doubles with Els Callens against Australia. Belgium lost the 1st set 6-7 and then play was abandoned (sp?) due to rain. Belgium had won anyway.
* A couple of weeks later she played doubles at RG (1st round loss).
* In Brussels she played doubles with Caroline Maes (1st round exit I believe).
* Last weekend she played the doubles match for Belgium in their Fed Cup tie against Italy, w/ Elke Clijsters. They lost in 2 tight sets (7-5 6-4 I believe) to Vinci/Serra-Zanetti.

So Laurence is currently semi-retired. She only plays the WTA-tournaments in Belgium & Fed Cup. She also plays interclubs in the Netherlands & Germany and she's planning to coach Caroline Maes & help her on the tour :D

This is what I know about Laurence. Hope this helps a bit :)

Oct 16th, 2003, 01:43 AM
Nino Lourasavilli ???

Julie Steven???

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:01 AM
Louarsabishvili and Steven are retired for sure

Catalina Cristea is still active but with very few success

Bucharest Quali Draw
beats Obysovska 62 60
Todorovic 64 62
Michailova 60 62
Main Draw:
1.R: Trifonova 76 26 62
2.R: Jovanovic 26 76 63
QF: R.Topalova 61 64
SF: M.Niculescu 36 26

Athens Chalenger:
Quali Round 1
lost to Lourdes Dominguez-Lino 16 57

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:25 AM
Karina Habsudova played Doubles this year at the US Open and lost in the first round.

When and why did Andrea Strnadova retire? I know she is married to Jason Stoltenberg, the former ATP player.

Oct 17th, 2003, 04:07 AM
Andrea retired like 8yrs ago or something when she married Jason..

im suprised to hear Catalina has been active!!!

Jul 18th, 2004, 03:26 AM
If you are still looking for her, she is coaching in Miami.