Jul 23rd, 2002, 02:50 PM
Just watched the Fed Cup highlight show tonight.

The featured match was Spain vs Germany.
due to the historical FED CUP rivalry between
the two countries. Unfortunately the matches
were'nt that great, well...ASV's weren't . She
lost so many points on stuff that would never
have been a problem in the prime years.

Nice touch showing the Fed Cup draw presentation.
Whoah! What was up with the Spanish Fed Cup
team and designer sunglasses? I give them an
A+ for the fashionable tined ski glasses. :)

ASV won;but she isn't the great player she use to
be. Sad to say.

Marta was on fire. The forehand blew the Germans

The best looking matches were actually..
LOL. the other actually France vs Slovakia
and Austria vs Croatia.

Man, oh man. Was Daniela on fire. The Amelie
match was of such high quality. Amazing looking
shots and a really rabid Slovakian crowd.

The surprise of France vs Slovakia was Martina
Sucha! What was up with her? LOL. She was
running all over the court like the it's a fire drill
or something. Amazing shots. I can't believe this
was the same person that I seen before that looked
bored, meek and timid. Fed Cup does strange things
to people. :)

Croatia vs Austria- despite the scoreline was of very
high caliber. Jelena Kostanic looks like she's been
working out- wow, the legs look like "tour de france"

Barbara Schwartz- what can you say about this person?
Again- playing out of her mind. She doesn't play full time
in the WTA;but maybe she should. I know she was
attending something called Innsbrook School of Economics;but
did she ever graduate? Anyway, I like her. Great tennis player,
good dry humour, and obviously filled with a mind of a banker.
Oh well.

Oh..yeah. Belgium vs Italy. The lesser lights of Belgium
looked like amatuers compared to Slyvia Farina. Sorry, to
say. They looked out of their league on day two.

Jul 23rd, 2002, 08:38 PM
Great review Greenout! :) Just a shame they didn't show more of the France/Slovakia tie, especially the Amélie/Daniela match. (I can't be the only one who would have liked to see more of that one, can I?) ;) :)