View Full Version : What is most likely to happen over the next weeks??

Jul 19th, 2002, 08:55 PM
What is most likely to happen??

- Monica becoming #3
*very close between her and capriati, she's playing stanford and can try to beat her SF appearance

- Daniela breaking into the top ten
*sandrine's gonna lose a lot of points from now till the end of the year, she doesnt have a lot to defend, and so many players have too much to defend.

- Lindsay Davenport falling out of the Top Ten
*too many points to defend

- Martina Hingis falling out of the Top ten

- Kim dropping down the rankings
*a lot of points to defend

- Jelena dropping down the rankings
*too many tournaments

- Amelie and Justine getting higher in ranking
*not too many points to defend and others falling