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Jul 19th, 2002, 08:21 PM
I've already posted this thread to Williams Tennis Association
but it my apply to everybody. (just trying to help)

Removing the Sircam Virus

If you have e-mail, it is almost sure you received at least one e-mail containing the Sircam virus over the past two weeks. We have received, on a single day, more than 226 e-mails containing this virus.

This virus is one of the worst that have already been invented. When the computer is infected, it sends, without your notice and without using your e-mail program (because it has its own SMTP server), e-mails with the files existing in the directory C:\My Documents attached, with the virus in them. It sends Doc and Xls files, and in general these attachments are big, jamming the e-mail servers and clogging your mailbox. As this virus is large (it has, at least 150 KB) and it is added to the Doc and Xls files (that can also be large) it is not rare to receive infected files of more than 1 MB.

Someone who has a limited mailbox size - 1 MB, for example - is dead: it is enough to receive about 5 infected e-mails to have their mailbox completely full and the server stars rejecting all messages sent to them.

The problem is that the virus can send extremely confidential information, since it sends any attached file.

And it is not only that; the virus can erase everything from your hard disk, in case your computer is infected on the day of the activation of the virus, that is October 16.

The best preventive solution is to have a good and updated anti-virus, besides demanding from your access server that an anti-virus solution is installed. The good access servers have anti-virus running in their e-mail servers and, therefore, automatically erase messages sent by computers containing the virus.

In network computers, this virus is a terrible menace, because it can spread itself through the network, that is, if one network computer gets infected, it is enough for the virus to spread itself to the other computers in the network.

Symantec has made available an excellent Sircam detection and removal program. This program, called FixSirc, can be downloaded for free at http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/FixSirc.com.

Attention: To run this program, you should disconnect the computer from the network, in case it is connected to one, that is, remove its network plug from the computer network board. You will only be able to install the computer back in the network after having removed the virus from all the computers in the network.

To run this program in Windows ME, you should first disable the System Restore utility, that is automatically activated during the installation of the operation system. To do this, right-click the icon My Computer, and choose the option Properties from the menu that will appear. Next, select the Performance tab. Click the box File System and, following, select the Troubleshooting tab. After that, just check the box Disable System Restore. Click Ok and restart the computer. After running the program and removing the virus from your computer, you can activate the System Restore utility again, by going the same way to uncheck Disable System Restore.

>>> I didn't know it, but someone send me that ugly virus .
thank god , i get rid of it
you can download this anti-virus here >>>


Jul 20th, 2002, 02:39 PM
so did you find any sircam in your computer?
just need some feedback.