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Jul 19th, 2002, 04:40 PM

Fury at Agassi tot Mohican

TENNIS star Andre Agassi got a volley of abuse from wife Steffi Graf — after giving their baby a MOHICAN haircut.

Nine-month-old Jaden Gil has thick hair which is usually cut by ex-Wimbledon champ Steffi, 33.

But when she had to dash out, Andre was asked to clip Jaden’s fringe and back.

Instead of using scissors, 32-year-old Andre went to work with an electric razor — and got a bit carried away.

One pal said it was the first tiff Steffi and Andre had had since marrying last October.

He said: “She had a fit. The kid now has no hair — just like his old man.”

Jul 19th, 2002, 04:43 PM
Originally posted by GogoGirl
He said: “She had a fit. The kid now has no hair — just like his old man.”[/B]

Sorry but LMAO @ The last line! :p

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Jul 19th, 2002, 04:48 PM
I see that this article came from the most reputable paper in Britain (except maybe The Star), I wouldn't dare take it as anything but the absolute truth ... LOL @ the title of the article (after I got over my initial fear that is).

Jul 19th, 2002, 04:50 PM
Mary Carillo was the one who told this story during wimbledon and as far as I know Steffi only said I was away for 10 minutes!
and Jaden was already bald in Paris so it must have happened before!

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Jul 19th, 2002, 04:52 PM
I don't think andre is ever allowed to come close to his hair though;)

Dawn Marie
Jul 19th, 2002, 06:55 PM
What a great super couple!!!

Jul 19th, 2002, 07:16 PM
perhaps jaden's idol is a certain mr beckham!!

Jul 19th, 2002, 11:13 PM
irma you are right about Mary C. I thought I had heard something about this boo-boo blunder by Andre - but I had forgotten that it was good 'ole Mary that passed the tidbit along.

I remember the 10 minutes part too now. That sounds like Steffi doesn't it? Can we not imagine how fast she can take care of certain errands? She is and always was the Speedy Gonzales type.


Steffi leaves the house after kissing both of her babies' goodbye.

Andre: "Bye honey. Be careful."

Andre: "Okay Jaden - let’s go. We have to move quickly because your mum is a fast mover. She will be back before we know it. Matter-of-fact - she could have been a great Mile runner at the Olympics for Germany if she had decided to go that route. She was viddy-viddy quick around the tennis courts too - so we have to hurry."

Andre puts Jaden in his high chair and goes to get his clippers.

Andre: Okay son this will not hurt. You just sit back and relax - and be a good boy for daddy."

Jaden: Thinking to himself as he looks at his dad: "What in the baby wipes does dad have in his hand? And more importantly - what is he going to do with it?"

Andre: "You ready Jaden? Hang on boy - because here goes."

Andre turns on the clippers. Jaden gets excited and smiles when he hears the noise made by the clippers - because he thinks they are going to play a new game.

Andre: "We have to move fast here son - because knowing your speedy mum - she will be back in a flash."

Jaden: Thinking to himself: "Uh-oh dad is going to be in trouuuuuuble - because mummie does not cut my hair the way da-da does.

Andre: "We are almost there son. Almost finished."

Andre: Thinking to himself: "Uh-oh what I have I gotten myself into? What have I done? Something tells me Steff will not be too pleased and happy as a lark with my master plan. But what can I do now - because I am almost done?"

Andre: "See all finished. We are all done Jaden boy. You did good son. Let's go to the mirror so you can see for yourself how good you look."

Andre goes to a mirror and tells Jaden to take a look-see at himself.

Jaden: Thinking to himself: "OH NO! What in the baby oil has da-da done to me? Yikes!"

Steffi just getting back - comes into the den. Let's just say that she was none to pleased.

Steffi told her mother about it later that evening.

Steffi: "Mother (in German) do you believe Andre would do something like that? He is crazy. And besides - he could have cut Jaden with those clippers. I am just beside myself w/all of this. I let him have it good. I will never speak to him again?"

Mother Graf: "Now-now Steffi. You may not see it now - but there is some good that has come out of all of this."

Steffi looks at her mother and frowns up her forehead.

Mother Graf: "The good thing is this: Andre has learned his lesson - and you never have to worry about him doing such a thing again, because he has gotten it out of his system. After all, you did tell him to cut the baby's hair. What Andre did is quite charming and funny if you really think about it. Jaden's hair will grow back soon you know?"

Steffi: "He had better not ever do it again. If he does - I will swat him across his bottom and then give him a time-out to remember. After all, they didn't call me Fraulien Forehand for nothing."

Jul 20th, 2002, 10:26 AM
:D :D :D Funny story :) :) :)

Jul 20th, 2002, 10:28 AM
LOL! hehe;);)