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Jul 19th, 2002, 06:17 AM
I have really changed in the past couple of years and so have many of my opinions.
I have come to admire Martina Hingis's agility and her technique on the court, I have come to praise Venus's athleticism and power, and I have honored Lindsay's sportsmanship as well as her admiration for the game of tennis.
However some things haven't changed:
I still love Amanda Coetzer most of all in her trying times as a pro, I'm still full of praise for Maggie Maleeva's heart as well as her fellow country women, who improve the game in Bulgaria, more and more as time passes.
most importantly I still admire the game of tennis as much as i did when i first picked up my very first tennis raket at the age of six.

Here are my old and my new artists of the game all in one.

1) Amanda Coetzer
Currently falling in the rankings, she never gives up hope of accomplashing her goal of winning her very first grandslam. Standing at just 5'2, the South African princess has came to be known as the Little Assasin. Perhaps the fastest pro on both the womens and mens game, she sprints on the court as a gazzelle.
Today she is quite a bit slower then she was at her prime, a tadbit more tired too but that doesn't stop her from competing day in and day out with her fellow WTA pro's. Said to have a huge heart and a great pair of legs, she has suprised us time and time again, by winning the #3 rank as well as numerous victories over #1 rank legends, like Steffi, Monica, Martina H, Lindsay, Arantxa, and even Venus.

more to come including pictures, biographies, Venus, Martina, Mary, Monica, Maggie, Lindsay, Anna, Silvia and many more of my fave pro's , my fave pictures of them, and many more of my opinions and perspectives on them and how they have changed the exilarating game of tennis.

From Big Babes to small assasins to tennis.

Jul 21st, 2002, 11:16 PM
Like this, Stan ;)