View Full Version : What's your favority Nancy Loeffler Caro match?

Jul 18th, 2002, 04:49 PM
Me? Personally, I have three faves that I can't seem to choose from-

2001-Loss to Erin Burdette in Dothan 6-0,6-0-this one was a real triumph for good ol Nance as she only hit 13 shots over the fence. She finally broke through that 20 shot and under over the fence barrier! Tears were streaming down my face as I watched Nance run up to the net to shake hands with Burdette who was in a wheelchair (she had a case of temporary paralysis-she's fine now).

2000-Loss to Ilke Gers in Mt. Pleasant 6-0,6-0-this was a fantastic match for old Nance as she hit her first shot with the STRINGS of the raquet, this was also the first match she played where she held the raquet by the handle! Kudos to Gers a very talented blind player who also cannot hear for playing a fine match when she wasn't running into the fence.

2000-Loss to Cindy Watson in Midlothian 6-0,6-0-Nance's FIRST DEUCE!!! The first time she ever got to 40 in a game!!! Kudos to Cindy for staying tough despite the fact that she was playing inside of an MRI machine!!

Go Nance!!!

Jul 18th, 2002, 07:21 PM
LMAO! Good thread. :)

Here's my picks...

2001 Quebec City - Nancy def. Karen Fodera 6-1 6-2
Well, no one ever would have thought to look in the Tier III qualifying rounds for Nancy, but there she was. We scouted out Karen, and we managed to find this (http://www.angels-online.com/kfodera.html) page which basically encouraged us to convince Nancy to wear a pair of devil horns and bring a black cat to rub against her cheek during changeovers. It did the trick and Nancy won!

2001 Allentown 25k - Nancy def. Becky Brown 6-1 6-2
This was Nancy's first-ever match win on the tour. That 1983 match of Vicki Nelson-Dunbar vs. Jean Hepner is often wrongly titled as being the longest match of all time. THIS match is the longest of all time, a see-saw battle between two players with similar styles that last over 8 hours. Most of the rallies lasted over 100 shots... the fans were biting their fingernails, wondering whether a point would be won by being hit into the fence, or into the net. Nancy finally emerged a winner at midnight.

2000 Quebec City - Janet Lee def. Nancy 6-0 6-1
This was Nancy's first ever match against a player ranked in the top 120 and boy did she ever acquit herself well!!! She really had Janet trembling in fear when she won her first game of the match, serving at 6-0 5-0. Unfortunately Janet became the butt of many jokes from her peers on the tour for losing a game to Nancy and was so embarrased that she decided to miss the rest of the season to let it pass.