View Full Version : Tennis as mixed martial arts

Oct 5th, 2007, 02:13 PM
Misleading title.

The point of the analogy is that mma doesn't lend itself to longtime champions. Holding the title, in any weight class, for four or five fights is LONG time. Similarly, women's tennis has evolved into a sport where it's very hard for one player to dominate all the others. There are too many players who can beat the best with an inspired performance.

Bartoli over Henin at Wimbledon. Radwanska over Sharapova at the US Open. Kateryna Bondarenko over Ivanovic this week at Stuttgart.

It's one thing to have two or three players who can any given tournament. It's another to have 30 players who can gameplan their way to beating the best.

Or maybe, as good as Venus and Serena and Justine Henin are, the just aren't in the same class as Navratilova or Graf or Evert. Maybe the difference IS that ability to show up with your 'A' game match after match after match.

Oct 5th, 2007, 03:50 PM
or maybe the "middle" players of today are better than the "Middle" players graf, evert, and nav had to play..... its not like the big 3 lose to many girls outside the top ten. the careers of the "older" generation is complete so its easy to overlook their loses but all of them lost to players the "shouldnt" have but in the big picture noone remembers those loses just like people wont remeber justine losing to bartoli 15 years from now...