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Jul 16th, 2002, 10:09 AM
it's driving me nuts when people in here are talking about "elena" without mentioning the surname. why? because there are sooooo many of them, you never know who they're talking about! ;)

Jul 16th, 2002, 10:13 AM
so true :p and anna/ana too

Jul 16th, 2002, 10:16 AM
Elena Dementieva?
Elena Likovstva (spell?)?
Elena Baltacha?

Jul 16th, 2002, 10:41 AM
Elena Bovina
Elena Tatarkova

Jul 16th, 2002, 10:44 AM
& that Elena Koulikova or whatever

Jul 16th, 2002, 11:59 AM
Elena Makarova

Jul 16th, 2002, 12:18 PM
koulikovskaya is Evgenia ;)

you mean all these

Elena Baltacha
Elena Bovina
Elena De Mendoza
Elena Dementieva
Elena Gancheva
Elena Juricich
Elena Karakeke
Elena Kovalchuk
Elena Krutko
Elena Likhovtseva
Elena Makarova
Elena Mitrofanova
Elena Petrucciano
Elena Pioppo
Elena Poliakova
Elena Ryabatseva
Elena Salvador
Elena Stojanova
Elena Tatarkova
Elena Tudor
Elena Uzunova
Elena Vianello
Elena Voropaeva
Elena Wagner

nudge nudge ;) ;)

Jul 16th, 2002, 12:44 PM

oh dear...

thanks, tbg :wavey:

throw in some jelenas and one eleni, and you've got an army pf players. :D

Ted of Teds Tennis
Jul 16th, 2002, 02:36 PM
The Boiled Egg wrote:
Elena Poliakova
Don't get her mixed up with Estonia's Ilona Poljakova! :D

Jul 16th, 2002, 02:42 PM
:eek: :eek: So may Elenas :eek:

Jul 16th, 2002, 03:25 PM
*runs away from all the Elena's*

Geez, I didn't know there were THAT many...

Jul 16th, 2002, 04:17 PM
I am impressed, "Eggen", I did not expect you to mention the Usbek players Mitrofanova and Ryabtseva.
Two more here: Elena Brioukovets (UKR)
Elena Lavrenova ( Azerbadjan)

Jul 16th, 2002, 04:45 PM
don't say you want the Anna's as well -----Ana's and Anna's
Plus the Anne's and Annabels

here they are ;)

Ana Alcazar
Ana Catarina Nogueira
Ana Cecilia Trevino
Ana Cetnik
Ana Corbett
Ana Friganovic
Ana Gaspar
Ana Glorio Osorio
Ana Isabel Medina
Ana Ivanovic
Ana Jaen
Ana Jovanovic
Ana Maria Mora
Ana Maria Simanca
Ana Maria Sismondini
Ana Maria Zuleta
Ana Martin Ramirez
Ana Maslesa
Ana Milena Ramirez
Ana Paula Novaes
Ana Paula Saviole
Ana Salas
Ana Skafar
Ana Timotic
Ana Vrljic
Anna Alexeeva
Anna Anikanova
Anna Bastrikova
Anna Chachua
Anna Dolinska
Anna Erikson
Anna Eugenia Nefedova
Anna Floris
Anna Font
Anna Gerasimou
Anna Gil Mares
Anna Hawkins
Anna Koumantou
Anna Kournikova
An-Na Lee
Anna Marcovich
Anna Mogilnicka
Anna Pogosova
Anna Powaska
Anna Rynarzewska
Anna Sabrina Ferrari
Anna Shchupak
Anna Smashnova
Anna Spivakovski
Anna Tchekvetadze
Anna Vines
Anna Zaporozhanova
Anna Zarska
Annabel Blow
Annabel Ellwood
Annabel Youthed
Anna-Lena Groenfeld
Anna-Maria Foldenyi
Anne Banffy
Anne Keothavong
Anne Kremer
Anne Laure Baraldi
Anne Perez
Anne Plessinger
Anne Rocio Lopez
Anne Stueckle
Anne Yelsey
Anne-Gaelle Sidot
Anne-Laure Heitz
Anne-Laure Le Guennec
Anne-Laurence Bilenne
Anne-Marie Hogan

Anna and Maria are the two most common

Jul 16th, 2002, 04:55 PM
as I said before:


I'll certainly never call my daughter an(n)a or (j)elena. unless I want her to become a tennis pro and make me loads of money... :D

Jul 16th, 2002, 05:14 PM
I think the Anna's beat the variations of the Maria's ;)

Maria Adelaida Agudelo
Maria Alejandra Garcia
Maria Alejandra Vento-Kabchi
Maria Alessandra Termini
Maria Alvaro
Maria Angela Ferreria
Maria Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo
Maria Boboedova
Maria Claudia Negri
Maria Cristina Bentivoglio
Maria Del Mar Ceron
Maria Djordjlo
Maria E Lopez
Maria Edna Godoy
Maria Elena Camerin
Maria Emilia Salerni
Maria Eugenia Brito
Maria Eugenia Rojas
Maria Fernanda Alves
Maria Fernanda Landa
Maria Goloviznina
Maria Gusheva-Geznenge
Maria Jesus Sol
Maria Jose Argeri
Maria Jose Gaidano
Maria Jose Lopez
Maria Jose Martinez
Maria Jose Sanchez Alayeto
Maria Kirilenko
Maria Kondratieva
Maria Kravchenko
Maria Kunova
Maria Letizia Zavagli
Maria Lorena Alcetegaray
Maria Nieto
Maria Pandele
Maria Paola Zavagli
Maria Pavlidou
Maria Penkova
Maria Perez Garcia
Maria Pilar Sanchez Alayeto
Maria Sharapova
Maria Teresa Ruiz
Maria Teresa Scott
Maria Virginia Francesa
Maria Wolfbrandt
Maria Zivcicova
Mariaan De Swardt
Mariam Ramon-Climent
Mariana Conde
Mariana Correa
Mariana Diaz-Oliva
Mariana Lopez Terribile
Mariana Macia
Mariana Mesa
Mariana Soledad Esperon
Marianna Junqueira
Marianna Keranen
Marianna Macia
Marianna Quintanilla
Marianna Weschenfelder
Marianna Yuferova
Maria-Paz Jiminez Barques
Marie Combemorel
Marie Vrba
Marie Yamabe
Marie-Ange Koami
Marie-Eve Pelletier
Marie-France Lord-Andrade
Marie-Gaine Mikaelian
Mary Pierce
Mary Quasney
Mary Rebecca Barry
Marylene Losey

The Crow
Jul 16th, 2002, 05:21 PM
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa :eek: :eek: :eek: *leaving*

Jul 16th, 2002, 05:23 PM
no, I won't call my daughter maria neither. :)