View Full Version : Phil Speector - Mistrial (LA Law starstruck again!)

Sep 27th, 2007, 07:29 PM
Mind you, I don't think he intentionally killed this woman.
I think he was drunk as a skunk, he's an old geezer, they
were goofing around in the wee hours of the morning.....
and the gun fanatic Spector, did hand this woman the
gun to fool around with...and accidental shoooting.

But, the guy did do it. Involuntary manslaughter - the
least possible charge for murder - should have been the

Once again, the LA DA blew it....
The silly 'reasonable doubt' given by the defense team...
from suicide, etc., were enough to sway two very lame
jurors who made it a hung jury over and over.

Robert Blake.
Phil Spector.

Sadly, Paris HIlton spent more time in jail than these guys did.

Sep 27th, 2007, 07:32 PM
Old Phil Spector (or Speector as I like to call him) got away with this first case.
He will likely with a 2nd criminal case too. ONly takes one juror to flake out.

But, the family will sue him in civil court, and he will likely lose there.

His young wife will make sure she gets lots of cash to keep him supplied with
silly wigs in his mansion in Alhambra.

Okay, Alhambra is a decent LA suburb...much like Garden Grove or Tustin or Los Feliz...
it ain't Beverly Hills or Westwood or Malibu by any stretch of the imagination.