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Sep 16th, 2007, 06:33 AM


The "Race" is a year-long competition to see who is best at picking WTA tour event winners.
Like the tour, the "Race" continues right up to the WTA finals.
Come and join "Race the Game"
you donīt need to commit for this Game, just post your picks and you are in

How to Enter:
Pick two women for each event.
One pick MUST be 8th seed or unseeded
if you pick a seeded player, please post her seed # behind her Name
just post your picks here in this thread

you can change your picks til deadline as often you want, but please donīt "edit" your original post - please post new
you can also change your picks til "Late Entry Deadline" but then it will count as "Late Entry"

What if my picked player withdraw late?
withdrew is a part of the game
so donīt post any replacement picks before one of your picks withdraw
if your picked player withdraw after deadline it is bad luck for you.
so take this in consideration when you post your picks.

you get points if you picked the Winner or the Runner up at a Tournament

Grand Slams: maximum 100 points - but never reached so far
IndianWells+Miami: maximum (TBD)
Tier I: Winner 10 - Runner up 5
Tier II: Winner 8 - Runner up 4
Tier III: Winner 6 - Runner up 3
Tier IV: Winner 4 - Runner up 2
Tier V: Winner 2 - Runner up 1

"Late Entry" Rule:
each player can make a "Late Entry" 3 times per year.
"late entry - Deadline" is 24 hours after regular Deadline!!!
no "late entries" at Grand Slams



Tier II - Winner 8 points - RunnerUp 4 points

Deadline: Monday 10th September 11pm CET
Late Entry Deadline: Tuesday 11th September 11pm CET