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Sep 13th, 2007, 04:47 AM
Has anybody seen any of these in person, or heard anything about them? They're like old antiqued portraits, but instead it's a gortrait because when you look right at it it's an old picture, then you look at it from an angle & it's demonic evil & twisted. I saw that a guy from Good Charlotte I think Joel or Benji, not sure which one they are twins, had all kinds of these lining his walls up his stairwell & thought they were so sick & twisted but in a neat sort of Goth way. However he didn't say what they were called so I searched online for them for fucking months with no luck. Well today I go out to get my dad's medication for him, I pick it up and drop it off at their house while my girlfriend & I were out grabbing a bite to eat; and I saw 3 of them at the local Rite Aid Pharmacy in the Halloween section. I saw it walked out of there and left, went to eat & it played on my mind so I had to go back and buy one. Althou I hate the idea that I paid $10 for a fucking halloween decoration, but I'll leave this pic up year round especially since my girl is into shit like that too. But here they are check these out, they are cool. And should be easier to find since it's time for the Monsters to come out on Halloween! :D


I bought the one called Master Damien D'mon, I think it's so cool. And apparently I got it at a deal compared to the prices online :eek: