View Full Version : Interesting 2007 Grand Slam Facts

Sep 9th, 2007, 09:35 AM
Here are some Grand Slam facts about the Grand Slam events in 2007:

* All Grand Slam winners had previously won their respective titles before.

* Serena Williams was the only player to makie the Quarters or beyond at all four GS events.

* Justine Henin was the only player to make the Semis or greater in each attempted GS events that she entered. She was also the only player to make the Semis at 3 GS events.

* Justine was the only player to make two GS finals in 2007.

* Justine did not lose a set en route to her two GS victories.

* Serena and Venus were two points away from bowing out of their respective GS tournaments in the third round. Serena was 16 35 against Petrova and Venus was 62 36 35 against Morigami before staging comebacks and winning the overall tournament. Serena was also two points away from losing against Shahar Peer in the quarters.

These are just some facts that I can recall as quite significant this year. Feel free to post some of your interesting facts about this years GS events.