View Full Version : Let me get this straight (venus,serena,henin blah)

Sep 8th, 2007, 04:52 PM
Henin beat Venus in a tennis match yesterday. She played very well and was just better than venus. On the day. Just because she beat venus in one match, doesn't make her the better player because as i said before, if that was true then tian tian sun would be better than serena. Rezai would be better than venus. That kleinova person (or w.e her name is) would be better than justine and radwanska would be better than maria. These threads are either bandwagoning or from williams haters or justine fans rubbing it in our faces (:() and they need to stop. However, at the same time, venus did not play better than justine, dominate her or w.e. I think i know why justine had more winners and it's pretty simple but irrelevant. Anyway, no one dominated anything as it was an evenly contested match but justine had more confidence and rightly so; she's the best player in the world right now. The people (williams fans and justine haters) need to stop posting those threads because the justine fans are always gonna think that shes better and vice versa. These stupid threads from both sides are worthless and pointless so just stop.

Justine fans, us williams fans are always gonna think they're better than her, even if justine had 329083902 slams. Get over it.

Williams Fans, henin beat venus fair and square, its not like french open 03. I can forgive williams fans for being bitter about that coz i sure am (just joking) but she was the better player. Also, Justine fans are always gonna think shes better than venus and serena. Get over it.

Ramble over.

I do love a bit of WTAWorld conflict and drama but now its just getting stupid. :wavey: