View Full Version : Sania is improving BUT NOT beating the top players yet

Sep 1st, 2007, 07:44 PM
Sania Mirza had a good summer she is now number 27 and I hope she can move up in the rankings. Sania has lost weight gotten into amazing physical shape she has improved beating a lot of top 20 players but not the best players. Sania still only has one WTA tour singles title yet I think she has at least six or seven WTA doubles titles. Sania needs to start to win some events. I don't care if its tier III or tier IV or whatever but she's got to start winning more titles. Sania is doing the smart thing playing a lot of doubles and having a lot of success in doubles. Sania clearly has the game to be top 20 at least.

However, I watched Sania's second round match with Granville and I do not like her serve its all arm and not enough leg extension. Sania needs a better serve if she wants to even think about the top 10. I definitely believe Sania can be a top 20 player she's had great wins this summer over several top 20 players but she has not beaten the best players like the Polish teen just did today. And I understand the hype Sania is getting because she's the first woman from India to be doing so well in pro tennis. One thing I don't get Sania is an excellent doubles player yet she doesn't seem to have the courage to take the skills she has from doubles and apply it to singles. Sania's lost today was very easy and very quick.

Sep 1st, 2007, 07:56 PM
When it came to Sania losing today it had nothing to do with her serve.

It had more to do with her lack of a gameplan.

A lot of player's strengths have become a weakness for them against Chakvetadze.
One in particular is the forehand crosscourt.

It's impossible to outhit Chakvetadze with that shot but regardless many players will try to do so anyway, Petrova, Mirza, Venus.

You have to use variety to disrupt her game.
You have to mix up deep shots with angled short shots.

Justine, Hingis, and oddly Sharapova seem to understand this and this is why they have done well against her.

Mirza needs more variety for her shot selection in a rally.
If she can do that then it will be easier for her to come and finish off points at net.

Sep 1st, 2007, 08:01 PM
Yes you got a point Sania does need more strategy but I still believe she needs a better serve. Tennis is all about holding serve and breaking serve. Sania will be top 20 I definitely believe she will get there. However, for Sania Mirza to get to the top 10 she does need more strategy and she needs to take her excellent doubles skills and apply it singles. Sania had a good summer though I hope she can finish the year in the top 20.