View Full Version : Do the Canadians have a chance?

Jul 10th, 2002, 06:23 PM
Czech Republic v Canada
Venue: TC Precolor Prerov, Prerov
Surface: Clay - outdoors

Czech Republic
Iveta Benesova - Klara Koukalova - Petra Cetkovska - Barbora Strycova
Captain: Jan Kukal

Maureen Drake - Jana Nejedly - Vanessa Webb - Marie-Eve Pelletier
Captain: Rene Simpson

Do we the canadians have a chance against the czech's to move onto the world group?

Jul 12th, 2002, 06:36 PM
:bounce: BUMP

Jul 12th, 2002, 07:03 PM
Of course:bounce:

Jul 12th, 2002, 07:29 PM
I think an Under 18 Czech team would win 5-0

Jul 12th, 2002, 07:51 PM
We would have needed a fast surface to beat the Czech...

But I don't think the Czech will win 5-0!

Jul 12th, 2002, 10:11 PM


King Aaron
Jul 13th, 2002, 08:46 AM
I don't think Canada has a chance

Jul 13th, 2002, 10:03 AM
Drake - nothing beyond a steady baseline game... can hit some good angles - but take her off grass and she is hardly formidable. looking towards retirement, and no weapons to speak of.

Nejedly - lost 0-6 1-6 to Wynne Prakusya in wimby. Never seems to make big inroads into any WTA tourneys this year. honestly - she doesn't win all that much! - the way she is going she is going to fall out of the top 150.

Webb seems like Canada's best hope! she has some good results. :)
Pelletier i know nothing of - she doesn't seem like anything special though.

Jul 13th, 2002, 10:08 AM
this will be on clay and Vanessa Webb is a fast court player.

even without Bedanova and Hrdlickova, Gersi, the Czech's would win.
The U18 team i had mentined would be
Barbora Strycova, Eva Birnerova, Petra Cetkovska and Lucie Safarova

Jul 13th, 2002, 07:29 PM
ah! it's on clay!

well, the chances for Canada.....

but Drake can do some surprises!

Jul 13th, 2002, 08:58 PM
The Czechs are gonna win it easily
Their 6th and 7th players are quite better than the canadians

Jul 14th, 2002, 10:51 PM
to paraphrase the old saying... the canadians have two chances...

slim and none

and slim is leaving town!

Jul 15th, 2002, 10:57 AM
also a Libuse Prusova can beat a Jana, Marie Eve or Maureen

Jul 15th, 2002, 11:01 AM
Good Luck Barbora!

Jul 15th, 2002, 11:28 AM
Bedanova? Hrdlickova? Gersi?
why are they not playing?

Jul 21st, 2002, 11:47 AM
they didn't need them......... the CZE under 16 team probably could have won this tie

Czech Republic defeated Canada 3-0
Venue: TC Precolor Prerov, Prerov
Surface: Clay – outdoors

Barbora Strycova (CZE) d Maureen Drake (CAN) 61 60
Klara Koukalova (CZE) d Marie-Eve Pelletier (CAN) 46 63 64
Klara Koukalova (CZE) d Jana Nejedly (CAN) 63 63
Barbora Strycova (CZE) v Iveta Benesova (CAN)
Petra Cetkovska/Barbora Strycova (CZE) v
Jana Nejedly/Vanessa Webb (CAN)

Jul 21st, 2002, 12:08 PM
Pfff TBE and pf @ everybody who says that Canadian team sucks.

Of course when cheering for Marie-Eve she is great :rolleyes: and Maureen is good player other thing is that she has a bad day or that Barbora was simply too good.

Leave them alone :fiery:

Jul 21st, 2002, 12:33 PM
Originally posted by FLL
We would have needed a fast surface to beat the Czech...

Yes ideed, they have a chance! If they play on ice! :wavey: ;)

Jul 21st, 2002, 02:56 PM
Czech Rep leads 4-0
Iveta Benesova defeated Marie-Eve Pelletier 46 61 76
as czech tv teletxt says

Well done girls

Jul 21st, 2002, 03:19 PM
Poor Canada :sad:

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:05 PM
Petra Cetkovska/Barbora Strycova def. M-E Pelletier/Vanessa Webb

6-2 6-3 :bounce:

Czech Rep. - Canada 5-0 :bounce:

Well done, girls! :D

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:18 PM
Marie-Eve gave some close matches, which is a good sign I guess! ;)

I think Czech's U18 players would have won this, but NOT their U16 team. :p

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:25 PM
Vanity ........ Barbora Strycova /Petra Cetkovska would have been in that team ;)

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:34 PM
I don't think so! They aren't under 16. :p

besides, put this on grass, and see what we'd get. ;)

But, I am not a sore loser, I know our team isn't very good at the mo. Oh well :)

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:43 PM
they are eligible to play U16 as they were both born in 1986
so that makes them elibigle :p

oh well next time Canada and GBR should join up, they might win a match ;)

Jul 21st, 2002, 07:36 PM
Barbora and Petra are such a great players.
Have they played Fed Cup before?

I was thinking: they may be 6th and 7th czech player or so...
meanwhile, Argentina had to play v.Hungary with only three players in the team...

Jul 21st, 2002, 11:30 PM
Barbora was nominated for the first time.

Petra has played last year in the World Finals doubles match with Alena Vaskova against Nathalie Tauziat/Sandrine Testud and they lost 3-6 2-6. She was also in the team against Croatia this year, but she got ill and was unable to play.

Jul 21st, 2002, 11:38 PM
Thanks, Jindrich.
I've been looking for that info on czech pages, but... yours is a difficult language.
I've also read that, at the beginnig, she "was nervous cause she thought it was going to be a togh and long match", explaining why she lost her serve in the first serve on her singles match.
She's a great analyst ;)

Jul 21st, 2002, 11:49 PM
Barbora played so well against Drake, it was unbeliveable! And after the match czech captain Jan Kukal said that playing like that she would have beaten anyone except Williams sisters. :)