View Full Version : UK TV-alert: Maria in Transworld Sport (San Diego 2007)

Aug 12th, 2007, 08:54 AM
(Transworld Sport may be televised in other countries, but the details in this message are specific to the UK.)

There are 4 points from the San Diego final between Maria Sharapova and Patty Schnyder in this week's Transworld Sport, which is repeated with sign-language at 03:40 BST on {Friday night/Saturday morning} on Channel 4.

The tennis was 27 minutes into Sunday's broadcast of Transworld Sport, so I recommend 04:02 as a safe start-time for timer-record (the repeat is 5 minutes shorter than the original broadcast), and 04:14 as a safe stop-time - or 04:21 if you want to catch a documentary about the Williams-sisters that follows immediately (at the beginning of this feature, there's a glimpse of Maria at 14 by a swimming-pool, throwing water at the camera).

The points they showed from the San Diego final:

* Schnyder serving 1-3 (0/40): Schnyder hit a deep serve down the middle; Maria hit a short forehand return; left-handed Schnyder hit an off-backhand close to the sideline; "one-dimensional" Maria hit a sliced backhand crosscourt onto the sideline; Schnyder hit a very acute short-angled crosscourt forehand onto the sideline and about thirdway up it, pulling Maria way outside the tramlines - but from this position she hit a brilliant backhand winner into the left-hander's backhand-corner!

* Schnyder serving 2-6 5-3 (40/15): Schnyder hit a big serve out wide, forcing Maria into the tramlines to hit a defensive forehand lob-return long. Schnyder ran to her chair, pumping her fist.

Sue Carpenter: "Sharapova's powerful groundstrokes see her take the opening set, but Schnyder, who beat three top-ten players en route to the final, takes the second."

* Schnyder serving 2-6 6-3 ?-? (unmarked score): Schnyder hit a big serve down the middle to draw a short backhand return down the middle from Maria; left-handed Schnyder hit a loopy inside-in forehand just inside the sideline, pulling Maria outside the tramlines to hit a short-angled crosscourt backhand; Schnyder hit a forehand down the line, but with heavy topspin it sat up nicely for Maria to take the initiative by hitting back behind Schnyder with a short forehand down the line; Schnyder hit another short topspin forehand down the line, and the reigning US Open champion pounced on it with a blazing forehand winner down the line, just inside the sideline.

* Schnyder serving 2-6 6-3 0-5 (30/40): Schnyder served out wide; Maria hit a short-angled crosscourt backhand; left-handed Schnyder hit a loopy forehand down the middle, and Maria sealed victory with a magnetic off-forehand winner onto the sideline. She savoured her victory with a slow fist-pump, as her father Yuri Sharapov did likewise in the stands.

The next shot was of a smiling Maria holding a Waterford-crystal trophy as the eternal San Diego champion (the tournament has been dropped from the WTA Tour schedule for 2008).

I am very happy and relieved that Maria has finally won her first title of 2007, because it was very hard to see where her next title was coming from after she couldn't even win Tier III Birmingham on grass. But from what I've read, her shoulder is much better (though not completely healed), and her serve is once again the weapon it was in 2003-2006.

1r bye
2r + Tamarine Tanasugarn, 6-1 6-3
3r + TATIANA GOLOVIN [13,DF], 6-0 6-3
qf + Sania Mirza [DF], 6-2 6-1
sf + ANNA CHAKVETADZE [3,EF], 6-3 6-2
_f + PATTY SCHNYDER [11], 6-2 3-6 6-0

This puts a very different complexion on the way her career is going, and her chances of successfully defending her US Open title - which will be very tough, but I do feel she has a fighting chance now.

The haters who gleefully proclaimed that Maria was "done" at 20 are going to have to put up with many more years of her success, I think.

Dr. Andrew Broad