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Il Primo!
Aug 8th, 2007, 07:49 PM
I'm, you're, we're fucking sick of hearing of these supposed cakewalk draws Maria always has (according to the haters).

Shepster ( :worship:) posted two flawless answers. I thought of a way to record them so this thread should be a good idea. Each and everytime someone biased talks about it, just use these two wonderful posts. You won't lose too much time to prove people wrong.:p

You can't comprehend the concept of seeding, if you're going on "top players" you can't compare the Williamses draws because they're not seeded in the top 2.

Aussie Open. She's #1 seed. Mauresmo #2. Mauresmo gets Kuznetsova in her semi, Sharapova gets Clijsters. Mauresmo gets Zie Zheng in the 3rd round and the winner of Sugiyama/Schiavone in the 4th with Vaidisova/Dementieva in the 1/4. Sharapova gets Garbin in the 3rd, IVANOVIC in the 16 and Schnyder/Chakvetadze in the 1/4. Maursemo has 1, count it, 1 match easier than her.

French Open. She's #2 seed. Henin #1. Henin gets Santangelo, Bammer/Li, Serena/Safina and JJ/Vaidisova. Sharapova had the highest possible seed in the semis (Kuznetsova), quarters (Mauresmo), got Schnyder in the last 16 (harder than Bammer/Li) and Dulko before that. Henin had one match harder.

Wimbledon. She's #2 seed, Henin #1. Henin gets JJ in the semi, Shazza gets Mauresmo. 1-0 Maria. Quarters Henin gets Serena, Shazza gets Kuznetsova - 1-1. Last 16 Henin gets Schnyder, Shazza gets Venus. 2-1 Maria. Henin gets Poutchkova 3rd round, Maria gets Sugiyama. Henin gets one match harder.

Notice a pattern here? Now comparing to "top players" like the Williamses would be ridiculous because they are not SEEDED as high so have to EXPECT tougher opponents earlier. Compared with the other SEED of her ranking, Sharapova has had consistently the tougher DRAW.

Okay, I'm going to go through this very carefully for you. If you are seeded 1-4 you get 5-8 in the quarters. If you are 1-4 you get 13-16 in the last 16 and you get 25-32 in the 3rd round.

US Open last year she was #3 seed. She got the #1 seed Mauresmo in the semis instead of Henin. Quarters? She got the #5 Petrova when she could have had Kuznetsova, Schnyder or Hingis. Last 16? She again gets the highest seed, Mary Pierce over Schiavone, Groenefeld and Ivanovic. Only "easy" one she got was Likhotseva in the 32. Yeah, how DARE they give Sharapova such a cupcake draw, they were just *pandering* to her.

Early rounds in that tournament? Henin-Hardenne got Camerin, then King/Molik (wildcarded). Dementieva got Granville and Tu/Laine. Mauresmo got Barrios (qualifier) and Vinci/Shaughnessy. Maria got Krajicek and Loit/Pin. Check the rankings at the time :

Krajicek 36 (highest ranked non-seed)
Camerin 45
Granville 56
Barrios 131

-1R Maria has the hardest possible draw of the top 4 seeds.

Shaughnessy 47/Vinci 88
Laine 58/Tu 81
Loit 67/Pin 92
Camerin 70/Molik 203

- 2R she has it no more difficult than Henin.

*If* the only criteria for having a "cupcake draw" is not having a Williams in your half then Maria has only had 1 non-cupcake draw out of the last 4, but that isn't the criteria. Compared with the other top players at the US Open she had one of the more difficult passages through. So Australia then?

Ranked 62nd. Clijsters got Bardina (ranked 48th), Kuznetsova got wildcard Moore (914th!!!), Mauresmo got Perry (ranked 44th). Out of the top 4, considering you're drawing ostensibly from 33-128 in the world, who got the cupcake draw there? She could only have drawn Schnyder, Hingis, Petrova or Dementieva in the quarters and only have drawn Ivanovic, Hantuchova, JJ or Schiavone in the 4th round. Tell me how Mauresmo's draw of Schiavone/Dementieva was *any* tougher than Ivanovic followed by Schnyder.

Doing the French and who she could have got she got Loit, 41st!!! in the first round, 3rd round she could have got Bremond, Santangelo, Venus, Stosur, Vakulenko, Muller, Dulko or Safarova - NOT drawing Venus does not = cupcake, that only means she missed the toughest possible draw. 4th round Schnyder/Peer/Dementieva/Li, getting Schnyder is not cupcake. Serena/Ivanovic/Mauresmo/Vaidisova in the 1/4ers, she got Mauresmo, that's not cupcake. You claim :

Yet she DID have Mauresmo, Kuznetsova, Myskina, Ivanovic - and if you're using BARTOLI as a tough draw on clay, note she had Hantuchova in her half too. The only thing you're convincing me of here is that you only think a draw is "cupcake" if you don't get the hardest possible one. Sharapova's draws have been no easier than other players *in her seeding bracket* have received. We don't even need to go to Wimbledon...

Aug 8th, 2007, 08:29 PM
Good idea, no matter how hard her draw is there is always a bunch of bloody idiots who bitch about them being "cupcake".

Aug 8th, 2007, 10:04 PM
Maria could play the world #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 in a single GS and someone would still claim she had a walk in the park because she didn't play #9.

Get used to it. Ignoramuses seldom stop to consider facts. They believe what they want to believe because it helps them feel better about their players.

Aug 8th, 2007, 10:18 PM
He made good points, but I just always felt largely that the two main reasons players like Sharapova get accused of easy draws is because they don't lose often and if you're seeded high enough, you obviously deserve to be there, so they deserve the easier draw than the #29 in the world. The #29 has more to prove. The #2 can prove it in the quarterfinal or semifinal against a top opponent.

That could be just me though.

Aug 9th, 2007, 01:59 AM
To Hell :devil: with all the haters....their all just jealous of Maria & her success. :worship: In the end we know they will be eating there words....like a plate of SHIT that there speaking of.

Aug 9th, 2007, 04:08 PM
Good post on the nonsense so often spread about Maria's draws.

In fact since 2004 Maria has consistently been on the tougher side of the draw in the slams. I haven't time to go into detail ATM, but the simple fact is that in virtually every Slam since Paris 2004, the eventual champion has come out of Maria's half of the draw!

How can they be "cupcake draws" when the Champion comes from Maria's half!