View Full Version : Congrats to JOSH and Venus

bruce goose
Jul 7th, 2007, 03:51 PM
For those who may be confused,you surely understand the second part;cheers to you,Venus,on another great Slam victory.Of course,it's fairly certain that she won't be able to sustain this pace,then she'll blame her defeats on bad luck,injuries to her eyelashes or not getting to watch her favorite TV show.For now,though,enjoy this special moment in the sun,Venus.
A FEW of you might know that "Josh" is referring to former Australian doubles specialist Joshua Eagle.Why congratulate HIM?Because today he is scheduled to wed one BARBARA SCHETT!!! Now,Josh is a complete stranger to me;he may be a lowly jackass or a wonderful person(hopefully the latter).As for Babsi,she is EXQUISITELY gorgeous and has a shapely backside that can compete evenly with Serena's--and that's RARE for a tall European.To be fair,I must admit the same ignorance of HER character as I have of Eagle's.If she's as beautiful internally as she is externally,then BOY did Josh hit the jackpot!! For those of you who are untrained in spiritual truths,marriage was Divinely intended to be symbolic of the close bond between the Lord and humankind.Let's hope that Babsi and Josh don't follow the cavalier attitude of the modern era and that they will always endeavor to sustain the passion that they have now. --BG

bruce goose
Jul 27th, 2007, 07:54 PM
As a brief addendum to my speculation on whether or not Schett's heart is of similar quality to her outward beauty,let me mention that she apparently spearheaded much of the fundraising effort to raise funds for her cancer-stricken fellow Austrians,the Klemenschit twins.Now the wise among you can surely point out that even scumbags participate in charity work.Some of them use it a way to network with other businesspersons or celebrities,and others undoubtedly try to appease God,and lessen their punishment in the afterlife,because they're aware of how slimy their typical behavior is.
However,you can usually tell a person's character by looking at the whole sum of their actions.For example,my tia's tireless,longstanding efforts on behalf of the homeless in NYC are DEFINITELY not designed to draw attention to herself--or ease a guilty conscience.Only the Lord knows whether Schett is truly pure-hearted in her campaign but,if she IS,this leads back to my original theme.Babsi is super,SUPER hot!!:drool: Even a modestly equivalent personality would make her an AWESOME catch--and make Mr.Josh Eagle one of the luckiest dudes on the planet! --BG