View Full Version : Whenever I Go Away, There Are Shocks!!!

Jul 6th, 2007, 08:38 PM
Here I am in Sorrento, Italy on holiday and keeping track of Wimbledon has not been easy due to no Eurosport or BBC news on the hotel TV! Everytime I have checked the Internet it has been shock after shock. First Mauresmo, then Jankovic, then Sharapova, then Serena and her leg, but the biggest of all is Marion and Justine! And not forgetting the men, poor Andy!

I saw Marion at Eastbourne when she beat Elena D. She seemed to have a bit of trouble with her hand, but gosh was she a fighter, AND she was doing the Seles aiee! Her father, coach and her friend were right next to us on court 1.

I am not putting ANY V Cash on the final - anything could happen!!

I haven't been able to see any of these matches but they sound absolutely gripping!

Anyway, even though I haven't seen any of the play, I think the following:

i) Justine had her best chance ever this year. Well done Marion!
ii) Serena will be angrily ecstatic that Marion won.
iii) The final will be either nailbitingly close, or awfully one sided to Venus. But I still daren't call it.
iv) I should go on holiday more often as it seems to always happen that there are cliff hanger matches and much excitement compared to when I'm at home or at the tournament! Justine haters can send me cheques to go away every Grand Slam!

Anyway, Venus has the experience and must be the favourite on paper, but how fabulous would it be if Marion won?!

Although this is the women's board, does anyone else have a feeling that Roger might just get beaten this year? How about an all French Wimbledon - Gasquet and Marion?!

I'm still in complete shock! So I'm off for a large glass of wine!!!!:wavey: