View Full Version : Every player has its bad days... because they're human. And Justine is one.

Jul 6th, 2007, 06:38 PM
Sometimes, things doesn't go your way. You expect a beating, but instead a humiliation. You think that you hold all the Aces, but lost the game. That's what exactly happened today.

First of all, credit to Bartoli. She played the match of her life, and proved lots of doubters wrong (even me). She deserves her victory (and even possibly the tournament). Making Juju run everywhere, hitting incredible shots, and even make a mockery of the #1 status. Bravo, Marion! It's your time in the spotlight, and make yourself proud! :worship: :worship: :worship:

Now, to Justine. Yeah, you did lost it today. You had all in hand after the first set, but then took a mighty fall and never recover. Let it be a lesson to you that no matter how good you are, there would be one day everything would go against you. Swallow this bitter pill and continue on with life. You've still a long road ahead of you... don't let this one loss affect your entire career.

Whatever happens Justine, I'll always support and stand beside you :hug:. Because, after all, I'm your No.1 fan (in Malaysia anyway) ;)