View Full Version : Serbian Sensations make another sensation

Ana&Jelena Fan
Jul 5th, 2007, 08:20 PM
Small and poor country where is the biggest tournament 10K futures... Two girls in top5 on WTA and one man in top5 on ATP list on the same time. Two girls in best three on race list, one man in best three on race list... Did any country who has population less than 50 millions manage that ever? Nole, Jelena, Janko, Ana and Nenad make us so proud!!! Thanks. :worship:

Jul 5th, 2007, 08:23 PM
Ajde! :woohoo: :bigclap:

Jul 5th, 2007, 08:28 PM
:clap2: They are all fantastic players :clap2:

Jul 5th, 2007, 09:28 PM
2007 will a year to remember for Serbia
but maybe just as the year of the beginning............

Vlad Tepes
Jul 5th, 2007, 09:39 PM
Ana and Nole are very nice and they fully deserve their ranking and results, I wish them all the best! :yeah:

Jul 5th, 2007, 09:41 PM
I think novak and ana are the sensations of serbia.

Tenis Srbija
Jul 5th, 2007, 09:47 PM
Jelena, Ana, Novak, Janko, Nenad WELL DONE :yeah:
Amazing results this year. You all deserve all best :) Bravo to Serbia also :worship:

And I would disagree with "poor country", we aren't that poor anymore. Stop saying that :o

Jul 5th, 2007, 10:49 PM
It's just amazing!

Well done Jelena and Nole (two of my favourite players) and Janko, Ana and Nenad who are great players as well!

Keep it up Srbija!

Jul 6th, 2007, 07:56 AM
And Bojana Jovanovski is in the last 16 of the Wimbledon Junior Championship!:) :worship:
Though,today she'll play against no.2 seed,but,still,great result for her!!!

Jul 6th, 2007, 08:04 AM
Serba is the new Belgium. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

Jul 6th, 2007, 08:05 AM
Serba is the new Belgium. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)
I was gonna say that :lol:
Good for them, I think Jelena, Ana and Novak are great! :worship:

Jul 6th, 2007, 08:50 AM

Sammy 4 eva!!!
Jul 6th, 2007, 08:57 AM
Well done!!

Tenis Srbija
Jul 6th, 2007, 09:11 AM
Serba is the new Belgium. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

Yup :lol: :yeah:

Jul 6th, 2007, 09:14 AM
Serbia will become one of the top country in tennis, for sure

Jul 6th, 2007, 09:37 AM
Did any country who has population less than 50 millions manage that ever?

well, Spain's got around 40 millions :p


Just Do It
Jul 6th, 2007, 10:36 AM

Jul 6th, 2007, 10:39 AM

Jul 6th, 2007, 04:50 PM
Great success at Wimbledon,too!

Ana in the semis:worship: lost to Venus ,made many mistakes,but,hey,... Venus in great form! I think she can win Wimbledon for the fourth time!

Nole in SF!!!!! What a match vs. Baghi!:worship:

Zimonjic/Santoro in SF!:worship:

Jankovic/Murray in the QF!!!:worship:

15 year old Bojana Jovanovski bt. no.2 seed Pivovarova to make to the QF of the Juniors!!:worship:
Great result for her!

Jul 6th, 2007, 04:56 PM
Nole :hearts:

Leopold Stotch
Jul 6th, 2007, 05:02 PM
It has been another fabulous GS for Serbia. Can't complain.

Not writing Đoković off by using the past tense, btw.

Jul 7th, 2007, 10:02 PM
into last 16:
Tipsarevic Janko :cool: :worship:
Jankovic Jelena :hearts:

junior Jovanovski Bojana:kiss:

3 semifinals:
Ivanovic Ana :hearts:
Djokovic Novak :worship: :worship:
Zimonjic/Santoro (not playing together anymore) :smooch:

mixed doubles title !!!
Jankovic Jelena/Murray Jamie :lol: :smooch: :inlove:

:rolls: :rocker2: :banana: