View Full Version : Fresh faces, new stars...

Jul 6th, 2002, 09:27 AM
Ok- it's another Williams/Williams final;but so what.
I've enjoyed seeing and reading about new faces,
The return of form for some who were written
off by the bandwagon glory hunters were also
simply fascinating.

New faces- How refreshing was it to see the
Greek dynamo- Eleni? What about Daniela?
The return to form of Bedanova? The Russian
Eleni's? Amelie? Els Callins?

Out of the much hyped contenders..I found the
above mentioned to be the highlights of WIMBLEDON
2002. I just wished that the "Winner is great; and
everyone is a crappy loser not worth watching" BS
just stop. Maybe it's just me...but early rounds
were of higher quality and entertainment.

Jelena? Justine? How can you really say that it
wasn't worth it? How can it really be that boring?

It's really sad that everyone makes such a big deal
about the final- when it was a 2 week event.

I have nothing against Venus or Serena winning
WIMBLEDON- I just wished it was against someone
else in a rouser of a mega battle that feature 2 tie breakers
at 3 sets with the third set ending at match point on