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Jun 25th, 2007, 03:47 AM
If anyone is interested in playing Fantasy Wimbledon (it's free), it works like this:

You are given a "budget" of 50 million to select 10 men and another 50 million to select 10 women from each draw. The players have been assigned "salaries" based on their rankings, odds to win, etc. You can change your picks all the way up to the first day of the championships (June 25th).

The scoring system is set out so that each player scores a point for every game (not match, but game) they win from competing in the men's or women's singles championships. A bonus 10 points are awarded to players who win a straight set match, 5 bonus points for reaching the semi-finals, 10 bonus points for reaching the final and 15 points for winning the championships.

To sign up to join the group, go to http://www.tffdreamteam.com/wimbledon/, register, log in, and make your picks.

You can't join the group until ALL of your picks are made (you must have 10 male and female players under the budget). Then, go to the 'My Group' section. Enter the joining password (below) into the box on the main 'My Group' page to join the group.

The joining password is: 6819e6f60e084a5fe4f52d32aae803c5

Sorry it is so long, and the process is more complicated (it's a British website) than ole Yahoo fantasy football. It assigned me this password and I can't change it. It will probably be easiest to cut and paste it.

Feel free to send this to any of your friends and good luck!