View Full Version : Cheers for Osterloh,Dulko,et al.

bruce goose
Jun 23rd, 2007, 08:29 PM
Although the sport of tennis is quite star-driven,it's fun to see less-famous players such as Greta Arn win their first tournament;one can only imagine how thrilling that must be.Earlier this year Gisela Dulko blew several match points in losing a tourney final to Sybille Bammer.She did her best to smile at the post-match ceremony but it was obvious that she was crestfallen so it was uplifting when she eventually won her initial title.

One of our members has a Lilia Osterloh photo posted next to their name so I did some research and discovered that: 1.Her birthday is four days after mine(with a few years displacement);2.She MUST be at least fairly smart as she attended Stanford.Apparently she enjoyed this experience as her listed residence is in the Bay Area;3.Maybe her most impressive attribute is that she is a Kurt Vonnegut reader.Vonnegut was a superb author who exposed the illusions and injustices of communism back when it was in fashion ideologically.Lilia made it all the way to the semi-finals of Quebec City last year.Hopefully she'll get her moment--or even better,momentS--in the sun as Arn and Dulko did. ---BG