View Full Version : Paddled Tennis Princesses

bruce goose
Jun 23rd, 2007, 02:16 PM
It's easy to see why Vaidisova and Ivanovic are poster girls for tennis's future;they both display impressivs skill and they are much healthier role models than scrawny,sickly-looking runway models are.Nicole's only visible physical flaw is her somewhat flat-shaped backside(which is certainly forgivable in light of the rest of her awesome package),and Ana...well,you tell ME if you notice ANYthing wrong.Of course,it is INNER beauty that keeps a woman lovely even into old age but that's a different story...
Anyway,in this week's chapter of the fairy tale,the feisty teenage princesses never even made it to the formal ball.They didn't have to worry about the clock striking midnight because their wicked stepmothers---one average-looking(Henin)and the other stunning(Hantuchova)---had them tucked safely into bed,with barely a whimper of protest,WELL before their curfews.We'll have to see whether or not Nicole and Ana can turn it around during Wimbledon without having had much match success in the tune-ups...or will they simply be laid over mama's knees and spanked again?