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Jun 1st, 2007, 04:33 PM
Patty is in the 3R vs Knapp

1r Schnyder def Sucha 2-6 6-2 6-1
2r Schnyder def K.Bondarenko 6-3 6-2

Martina's Fan
Jun 2nd, 2007, 04:19 PM
3r Schnyder def Knapp 6-1, 4-6, 7-5

next round vs Sharapova

Jun 2nd, 2007, 08:47 PM
Patty showing some great frome lately.

goodluck vs Sharapova

Jun 3rd, 2007, 09:13 AM
ALLEZ Patty !

Jun 3rd, 2007, 05:21 PM
come on patty! oh my god what a thrilling match against sharapova!

Agassi Fan
Jun 3rd, 2007, 06:46 PM
She lost, and she had 2 matchpoints! (((

Jun 3rd, 2007, 09:18 PM
Somebody delete this thread. :sad:

Patty Choker
Jun 4th, 2007, 01:21 AM

Jun 4th, 2007, 05:09 AM
Ohhhhhhhhhh Patty!!!!! So damn close!!!!!!!! Great effort though.....she almost got by the bitch.

Jun 4th, 2007, 06:53 AM
Cheers for Patty. Her match against Maria yesterday was one of her best. I think she just lacks the fighting spirit sometimes and she is not a "killer" like Maria/Serena etc.

On the other hand, i read an interview with her from after the game, and she is truly a queen for expressing the way she did and how she supported Maria even though Maria pulled out a nasty trick on her.. (or so it seemed)

I had the chance to meet Patty in Israel last month and she is a good and modest person. I wish more people were like it...

Jun 4th, 2007, 07:55 PM
@ iquales78 she doesn't lack the fighting spirit but the killer instinct.
Also a bit of self belief to take risks at the big points.
I still love her game though but this is how Patty plays.

Jun 6th, 2007, 11:18 AM
Roland Garros 2007 4. round
Maria Sharapova vs. Patty Schnyder 3:6 6:4 9:7
part 1 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v1.htm)
part 2 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v2.htm)
part 3 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v3.htm)
part 4 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v4.htm)
part 5 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v5.htm)
part 6 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v6.htm)
part 7 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v7.htm)
part 8 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s1_v8.htm)
part 1 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v1.htm)
part 2 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v2.htm)
part 3 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v3.htm)
part 4 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v4.htm)
part 5 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v5.htm)
part 6 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v6.htm)
part 7 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v7.htm)
part 8 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s2_v8.htm)
part 1 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v1.htm)
part 2 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v2.htm)
part 3 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v3.htm)
part 4 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v4.htm)
part 5 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v5.htm)
part 6 (http://members.chello.hu/sanyiszucs/ms/html/MS_PS_RolandGarros2007_r4_s3_v6.htm)
from here ImaVeggie's video