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May 26th, 2007, 07:01 PM
This year's pageant is seeming to go down the drain more and more....

From Global Beauties.com

5/25 - Mauricio Islas to judge finals: Mexican actor Mauricio Islas will serve as a judge during the live telecast of the Miss Universe 2007 competition on Monday. Islas was called to replace hairstylist Ken Paves who is no longer in the judging panel.
Meanwhile, former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco, who was supposed to be a special guest at this year's telecast -and would get a special mention in the 20th anniversary of her crownong- declined the invitation and will not attend, according to her publicist. Bolocco has been dominating the news after photographs published in tabloids unleashed a scandal about an alleged unfaithful relationship with Carlos Menem.


Here is the link to the article, I will provide a quick translation:

Génesis Rodríguez, de 17 años e hija del popular cantante Jose Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma‘ es la manzana de la discordia para el actor mexicano Mauricio Islas, quien está a la espera que la fiscalía de Florida (Estados Unidos) presente o no cargos en su contra por haber tenido relaciones sexuales con ella, estipulado como delito aunque sea de mutuo consentimiento.
Si la fiscalía presenta cargos criminales, Mauricio sería sometido a un juicio con jurado y si es encontrado culpable, podría ser sentenciado hasta a 15 años de prisión.
El abogado defensor del actor, Richard Sharpstein, está confiado que el caso no pase a mayores, ya que la joven aceptó que dio su consentimiento para estar con un hombre mayor.
Islas, de 31 años, fue arrestado en Miami el 12 de agosto acusado de haber violado la ley que estipula como delito un acto sexual con una menor de 21 años, por considerarse que una joven de esa edad no tiene criterio para mantener este tipo de relación.
El actor fue dejado en libertad condicional tras pagar una fianza de 7.500 dólares (19 millones de pesos).


Genesis Rodríguez who is 17 and a daughter of the popular singer Jose Luis Rodríguez is the apple of discord for Mexican Actor Mauricio Islas who is waiting to see if the state of Florida ( United States) attorney’s office will present charges against him for having sexual relation with her, stipulated as a crime even though it may have been through mutual consent.

If the attorney’s office presents criminal charges, Mauricio will go through trial with a jury and if found guilty could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Islas’ attorney, Richard Sharpstein is confident the case will not go further because the young girl gave her consent to be with an older man.

Islas’ 31, was arrested in Miami August 12 after having been accused of violating the law that states as a crime having sex with someone under the age of 21, for being considered that a young girl of that age is not able to maintain that type of relationship.

The actor was released on condition freedom after having paid $7,500 U.S. in bail.

Islas is obviously not in jail and I believe they came to some agreement later on but couldn't the Miss universe organization have found someone better to judge?

May 26th, 2007, 08:00 PM
I remember that scandal back then, two or three years ago I think? though I do have to say that Genesis was known for having a wild life, where were her parents in all of this? :confused: and now both work for the same company , Telemundo :o Miss Universe is turning into such a trainwreck :drool: so many scandals left and right. :eek: I might actually watch it :eek:

May 26th, 2007, 09:23 PM
oh this is so retarded stupid ass laws shes already 17 and gave her consent i hope they dont press charges