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May 25th, 2007, 12:35 AM
I think this is an upgrade from last year, perhaps not in overall talent but in fame. Good for the pageant. I suspect they'll be performing Tu amor becasue it is one of their more mellow songs.

From Musicsquare.net ( also confirmed on Telemundo which will broadcast the event as well)

Donald Trump personally invited RBD to perform at the Miss Universe 2007 on May 28th at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

El megapopular grupo mexicano RBD participará en la próxima edición del concurso Miss Universo que se realizará en el Auditorio Nacional de la capital mexicana, el próximo mes de mayo, respondiendo a una invitación que les hizo el magnate estadounidense Donald Trump.

“Recibimos la invitación y ahí vamos a estar cantando con todo nuestro amor”, dijo el integrante de la famosa agrupación, Christian Chávez de 23 años. Por su lado su compañero Alfonso Herrera de la misma edad, comentó que están revisando su apretada agenda de actividades para acomodar su calendario con el fin de presentarse en el evento en el que se elige a la mujer más bella del universo.

Los chicos de RBD estarán de gira por varios países de Europa durante el mes de mayo, por lo que harán un alto para deleitar a la audiencia del certamen mundial, el día en el que entregará la corona de Miss Universo la puertorriqueña Zuleyka Rivera de 19 años.

I believe there are definetly some overrated contestants by the media ( Serbia, Tanzania,USA, and Korea) Miss USA looks like a cheap beer model, I actually believed she could go far when I saw her at Miss USA but they have done her makeup and wardrobe all wrong throughout the pageant.Korea is beautiful but her face looks too standard to me. My top 5 to win are:

1. Paraguay
2. Mexico
3. Japan
4. Greece
5. Phillipines

A bit overrated but probably will be strong
1. Tanzania
2. Venezuela
3. Korea
4. Serbia
5. Angola

Love them/hate them (depends on where you see them and what you ask them)

No one is talking about them but they could be strong

1. Antigua and Barbuda ( great interview, nice face)
2. Guatemala
3. Lebanon
4. Aruba ( don't like personally but I can see her doing well)
5. Brazil ( SEE ABOVE)

If they make the top 15 the Miss Universe pageant is losing credibility faster than we thought
1. Denmark
2. Russia
3. USA
4. Spain
5. South Africa